Barsaat Ki Raat Dost Ka Bhai Sath

Hi Iss readers. how r u. m glad that u chose my story. i m introducing a real life experience with u all my iss readers. my name is Sameer n i live in Gwalior. i m 19yr versatile guy with charming personality. i m looking here a friend of my type. any reader who want to talk to me or want to meet me, plz email me / /

There r 3 character in my story, me, my friend, n my friends big brother.

my Friends name is Malik n he is my clg mate, his big bother is a gym instructor name here the story begins one day my friend Malik came to my house for some college work. he said, that his brother have come in the city n joined a gym as gym instructor, now we can join gym at lower rate. we both were happy.. next day i went to Maliks house to meet his brother m say hello (i already knew him n he was also know me).

When i entered into room, i get shocked n saw a muscular man exercising in only franchise. lots of sweat came out of his body n the heat produced by hi body was also experienced from far. he is slim, athletic body, 6 packs , quite muscular chest. i dont have a muscular chest. i dont know what happened to me when i saw him in his shots. he then came near to me n said hello Sammer how r u, n hug me tightly, in this condition unfortunately my hand touched his dicks nip with his shots. he felt gr8 n he hug me tightly more than previous n my hand get to n fro by touching his dick. that time i didnt get it that whats going in his mind, but i get a little that he was enjoying me.

Later Malik n me joined gym, we workout together with no shirt, where Usmaan is a instructor. he sees me. i hardly loose any chance to make him aware that i need him. i always give him green signal. when ever i workout there i removed my shirt to show him my parts, sometimes when there were too hot, i also removed my lower. n he was too smart also. he also gave me same signal. showed his muscular body one rainy day malik n me did our workout n we were quite late for home. Usmaan stopped us n said Mailk u

Go n Sameer be here i need your help in moving machines n for this ill give u some tips. i said ok. Malik went out. i did the same as Usmaan told me to do such. then i said to Usmaan now give me some special tips. then u know what he said, he said..if u want to show me something then show properly. i were shocked. my heart beat raises. dhak- dhak-dhak-dhak. then he came to nearer to me n says in my ear, i know u need that tool in u. just say yes or no. he was my Friends bro, i cant do such thing with him so i said no. then suddenly he grabbed my cock from outside of lower n jerked it slight slightly. i moaned.

By hearing this he smiled n i said ok do what ever u want to do. he then told me rest here n put your fingers inside your hole as much as u can, ill be here in 2 min, he went out n just came in 2 min. 4 condoms n ky jelly was there in his hand. i surprised n asked why 4 condoms he said 2 for me 2 for u. i surprised n asked what do u mean. he said he is a versatile guy n also like to get fucked. i was very happy. then he asked me to remove my clothes. i replied no. u remove my clothes.

Then he let me lay on a bench was removing my clothes. first he remove my shirt n hold my nipples very tightly n licking it. oh my gosh….440 volt. then he remove my lower n put his hand on my cock. oh shit what was the feeling n he was continuously licking my nipple. he then hold my cock, it wan not erect n 4″. he then sucked it when it was not erect. it felt amazing to get sucked a no erect cock. he took my upper part of the cock which is leaking precum n he just put his tongue inside my foreskin n open it in his

Mouth n sucked it very hardly, in just few seconds he mad me erect of 6 inches. then he removed his clothes n i saw a totally muscular nude man whose tool is hanging like a cantilever beam. oh gosh…. the size of 10 inch with great thickness then i hold his hot hot rod , my two hand couldnt full fill his lenght. he is uncut. the precum dropped down slowly slowly then without wasting time i sucked hi cock. oh, the hot rod went inside my mouth slowly slowly. it was like heaven. after 20 min of sucking to each other e

Then stopped me n said stop dude, other wise ill cum into u, n i dont want to cum no. i got him. then he told me to fuck me(Usmaan) first. i replied k. he sucked my cock last time very hard to make it too hard n i use 2 condoms together. he is a man, n he has a man hole. i finger my 3 finger inside hi hole, without any pain, then i put the upper part of my cock in his ass in doggie style, i like doggie style too. in only 2 jerk i make it possible n now m totally inside his ass, he told me that there is a little pain just,

You keep working, oh the hot red ass, like cherry or strawberry. i fucked him like a bitch in in 10-15 min i came. he suddenly removed my condoms n sucked my cock to drink my cum. i moaned loudly now stood up n said m done, i sucked his cock to make it erect again n he said to me to get lay down by your back side n facing to me, he used ky jelly into my ass by his finger, his only one finger felt me too. what about the long cock. oh shit. he grabbed condoms on his tool n tried to finger me.

Then he suddenly gave a jerk, n his only upper part get inside me. i scram loudly aaahhhhhhh…..he just put my lower into my mouth. i cried. now i realized that when i fucked my cousin how he felt. i asked him to remove it plz. he removed it n i touched my ass, oh there was blood, n i scared, now what happen, he told me not to woorr, it ‘ll stop, then without telling my he suddenly jerked hi cock n it get inside my half, no i scream very badly aaa…….noo…….ahaha……no……please then he jerked slowly slowly, in in 2-3 min i felt good.

He said, what to ride heaven, i replied y not sure. then he opened my legs more wide n put his hands on my chest n start fucking me.. ahahh….oh my god, its like a horse fucking me. i forgot all pain n he increased speed ahahahahahahh…….n suddenly removed hi dick from ass in removed condoms to n put its tool just in front of me, then he suddenly cum a lot of semen on my face or in my mouth with a great voice oh yeah……..then he put his cock inside my mouth, cums are now coming drop wise, n it is not erect fully.

He kissed me, n we get ready to go home. he told me that u r good husband and a good wife. n told me to take care of your ass for some day n be relaxed, nothing will happen. from that day we sex in 4-5 days in a month now, do u like this story, its not a story dude, its my real life experience, Usmaan is not here, he went to other city for job n m alone here, is there any body who full fill his place. my name is Sameer. contact me, emails are mention above.if u like this experience plz comment it or rate it.