A Young Chaps Old Man Fantasy

Dear all Hope u enjoyed my story with an old man. I am a 26 year old (bi) man I am working in Dubai. I like both men and women. Dear Readers after reading this story please send feed back to this id / / I like the company of old people very much(especially 50+ people)

Here I am going to narrate an imaginary story of mine with an old man.

One day I was reading a book while sitting in the balcony of my house. Nobody was there in my home all people were gone out to visit relative house. After some time I hear a van sound next to my gate I saw the van with full of house hold items the door was opened and an old man came out he is in the middle of 56 or 57 a good looking fellow white in color and his hair is almost became white and he is chubby.

I have gone down and introduced myself after that he introduced himself that he is working in a private firm and got a transfer to this area and he is going to stay near to my house so I welcomed to him when I enquired about his family he replied he is unmarried. The Potters kept all house hold items in his house in a well manner after some time I said bye to him and left to my home and I started reading remaining part of the book that time I saw the old man was allocating something in his room and he was wearing a half trouser only.

By sitting in the balcony I got a clear view of his room and him also his body color is whitish without hair and chest is also grown extra it seems like a lady’s boobs while walking it started to jump up and down and his navel ring is also firm because he is having little more belly. Days are gone and we became good friends and I used to call him as Uncle we used to go outing and other things.

One day when nobody is there in my house I was lying in the sofa by wearing only boxers and reading a sex book which I got from my friend oh that story was too hot and my dick is started to erect I inserted my hand inside of my boxer and started to fondle my dick when it became its full size 7 inch I slowly pulled out my smoothly shaved dick and continued shaking it after some time when I am going to come I moved to the bathroom and I ejaculated all my sperm in to the toilet.

I cleaned all my body and come out from the bathroom and started to watch TV. I heard my door bell is ranging and I opened the door that was my neighbor uncle I welcomed him in my home and we started talking in the middle of these he saw the sex book which I forget to keep in back to my shelf he took that and I felt ashamed in front of him. Then he came near to me and said no need to be shy these are the normal thing what people do in this age and uncle also done the same when he was young and till continuing. He offered me some sex book with color pictures every day he used to give me new book when I enquired about this he replied that he is still reading this kind of book.

One day he came in to my house and said that he is going to his village and invited me also I was very excited to see the beauty of his village. I took permission from my family and we started our journey in his car after a few hours we left the city and reached a lonely place we were too far from the town and hardly to find any house or shops. When the car is going by the side of the forest uncle stopped car and said we will remain our journey after taking rest we sit inside the car.

Uncle opened the dash board and took two sex book he offered one to me and he also started to read the other one the book is containing lots of picture and hot stories I started reading the book when I see uncle he is also busy with reading book when I turned a page there was a picture of two matured men enjoying sex each other they were holding each other dick and fondling I felt something new and asked about this to uncle then he answered that that is what called gay sex and he explained to me all.

After hearing all my dick started to erect under my trouser after some time I felt something on my thigh I saw uncle hand in moving towards my zip when I stopped him he slowly removed my hand and said he is going to show me how to enjoy masturbation he slowly opened my zip and started to rub on my dick over my underwear I felt some kind of good feelings because this is the first time another person touching my stuff uncle inserted his hand inside my underwear and hold my bare dick after sometime he took my hand and kept on his thigh and guided me to do the same when I kept my hand in between uncles thigh I felt a huge bulge under his trouser I slowly inserted my hand inside his pant and I was surprised that he was not wearing underwear.

He ordered me to take out his dick I obeyed him and I saw first time a grownup mans hot erected dick again I wondered about its size it is almost 8.5 inch thick white cock I started shake his dick in the meanwhile he took my dick out of my trouser and pressed so hard I felt a good pleasure after some time I said to uncle that I am going to cum he took one tissue outside and shakes my dick in a fast manner I squirted much more cum than usual in the tissue uncle cleaned my cock and said to shake his also I started the same way which uncle done with me he filled my hand with his hot cum and he was closing his eyes and enjoying the pleasure. This is the first time I am sharing with a man and I experienced it good I thanked uncle to make me to happy and he said that he is going to teach me more lessons about gay sex and we continued our journey.

Next morning we reached uncles village and we drove our vehicle towards uncle’s house all the way to his home I couldn’t find out any vehicle except ours it is a remote village still people are following traditional aspects. We have reached the main entrance of uncles house it is in the middle of a estate and it is separated from other plot with a huge wall nobody can assume what is going on inside and even they can’t enter in side of the estate except the main gate the gate is also locked always so that much privacy is there. Reached in the courtyard and get down from the car I take a look around the house is one of the old constructions and looks so good all the estate were covered with full of trees even sunlight is not entering directly and I saw a pond in the yard with full of water we kept our luggage’s and took rest for some time uncle came near to me and said that we will have a bath in the pond he gave a towel to me and said to remove all the clothes.

I did as he said and I saw that uncle is undressing in front of me he removed his shirt I saw his upper body and female like chest also I felt bulging my dick inside the towel uncle also wore towel and took soap and oil also we moved towards to the pond suddenly uncle removed his towel and entered in to the pond now he is wearing only his underwear by seeing this my dick is started to erect uncle said to remove the towel and enter to the pond I did as he said still my cock was in the full shape it is visible from outside uncle sat on the stone in the pond and asked me to sit on his lap I did as he said he started hugging me from the back while doing this his soft body were pressing to my body he started to kiss on my neck and I can feel that his dick is erecting in between my thighs.

Sowly uncle inserted his hand inside of my undies and took my dick on his hand my dick grown larger than ever few minutes later he asked me to change the position I turned and sat on his lap face to face at this time he come down and started to fondle my chest and I kept hugging him in the seating position itself uncle removed his underwear and he removed mine also now we both became naked and keep hugging and fondling for another few minutes later uncle asked to massage his body with the oil and he said that he will show me how to massage he took some oil on his hand and applied on my chest and all over the body uncle started to press gently all over my body especially my nipple side and chest after some time he started to apply some oil on my back side and while massaging he applied oil in between my ass crack he started to fondle my butts and I feel very good he guided me to do the same with him also when my oily hand reach near to his breast he took my hand and place over his breast and said that he was noticing that I am staring his breast it is so soft like a ladies boobs I got a feel to lick it and drank all but I didn’t I moved my hand from his breast to his soft belly and applied some oil in belly button he poured more oil in my hand and asked to massage his dick

Oh God my body is started to produce heat because it was the first time I am seeing a matured mans naked body by doing all these uncle is making me ready for a gay sex I took few more oil and applied on his butts slowly I moved my hand to his butt crack I reached near to his ass hole and I massaged there firmly and slowly Inserted my finger in his ass hole at the same time uncle hugged tightly by that time my dick placed in between his thighs and he hold it strongly my first time hugging with an old men nakedly reach me in the pleasure of heaven after that he took soap and applied all over the body especially on my dick and I did the same to uncle also we cleaned soap from our body and become fresh then he guided me on the grass near to the pond without wearing anything we lied on the grass and uncle said that he is going to teach me the new lesson.

Uncle said just imagine him as a mature lady and I am having sex with her. Uncle started to act like a lady and begin to teach me as a new boy in to the sex he moved near to me and kissed on my cheek and slowly guided me near to his breast he lift his lady like breast and inserted in to my mouth I licked his firm breast and started to fondle other one we both started to enjoy in the same time he started to fondle my dick I started to produce my pre cum uncle slowly applied to all over my dick I offered a small bite on his nipple and licked it firmly slowly I shifted one hand on his dick I felt his pre cum and spread all over his dick after some time we lied on the grass.

I moved to his belly button and I licked all over his soft body and inserted my tongue in to his belly button I climbed over his body and again licked his boobs our erected dicks were pressed each other and pre cum spread over the body we hugged each other after a few minutes uncle said that now it’s my turn to act as a lady and he started to lick my nipple my dick started to shivering like anything uncle moved down and kissed on my tummy and slowly he moved near to my thighs and said he is going to teach another lesson.

Suddenly he took my dick and slowly inserted in to his mouth but I was stopping to do this and uncle said to relax and enjoy what he is going to do slowly he took all my dick in to his mouth his saliva and my precum smeared all over the dick oh damn this is new to me and I was enjoying like anything I started to lift my hips slowly he moved to 69 position now his erected dick is hanging near to my face I caught it and started to shake asked me to lick it with a little bit hesitation I licked the tip of his dick I tasted his salty precum suddenly uncle pressed against mouth and his dick entered in to mouth and I was in the line and started to lick and suck firmly on the other end uncle made me to reach heaven my dick was enlarging in his mouth between this I said to him not to spit his cum in my mouth and I do not like that and uncle replied to me that he do not want to do anything that hurts me.

I started to fondle his balls while sucking few minutes later I said to uncle that I am going to cum and I removed my dick from his mouth it was swollen like anything due to his sucking he get down from my body and said that he likes my cum on his mouth and he asked me to stand he stand on his knee in front of me and took my dick again to his mouth he was moving his head front and back while doing this he inserted his finger in to the ass hole I said to him that I am going to cum and uncle ordered to shoot in his mouth.

I kept my hand behind his head and give one more press my dick touched his throat and I squirted all my cum in his mouth uncle was enjoying this very much and I took my dick from his mouth and he signaled me to lie down I lied on the grass and he spitted all my cum from his mouth to my dick and he applied all over my dick and my belly again he climbed in me and inserted his dick in my mouth he started to move front and back the whole dick in my mouth when uncle felt that he is going to cum he took his dick and shake well and he shot all his cum on my belly and chest he hugged me tightly ours cum smeared all over the body and we took rest in the same position for some time after that again we entered in to the pond and helped each other to clean the body and once again we took bath and became fresh.

Uncle said no need to wear any dress because no one is going to see us we returned back to home and kept naked through the day and decided that not going to wear anything when ever our dick erected we continued hugging and masturbation also at night we had food and plenty of red wine also after the dinner we moved to bed room uncle carried a bottle of chocolate cream along with his and said he is going to teach more lessons of sex we entered in to the bed room it is a huge bedroom and a nice waterbed on the floor .

Uncle kept all stuff near to the bed still we are in the position of naked he said that we will take bath before moving to bed uncle opened the cupboard and took hair removal cream and we both entered in the bathroom he said we will remove all the hair from our body and make it smooth we applied cream each other body especially on dick and ass crack I took special care to apply creams to uncles boobs and other parts we waited some time and removed all hair with the help of a wet towel now uncle is looking like a real lady we filled water in bath tub and added lots of foam we both entered in the tub I lied on uncles body we hugged each other he cleaned my dick and ass also after that we came under the shower we cleaned our body and became fresh.

We moved to water bed without dress uncle took honey bottle from the safe and keep it aside and he switched on the TV and inserted a disc it was a gay film in that an old man is seducing a boy by seeing my dick again become hard same time uncle fondling his dick near to me and I also started to fondle mine suddenly scene from the TV got changed and the old man was inserting his huge dick in to that boy’s ass hole and he was enjoying like anything uncle said this is the lesson he is going to teach how to fuck also when the movie finished he took the honey bottle and poured in to two small jar and kept aside and he is dropping little by little on his tits and asked me to lick oh that was amazing.

I moved to him and slowly took his honey filled breast in mouth uncle was mourning he started to make some noise then he took the chocolate cream bottle and applied to other breast I eagerly moved for that slowly I moved downwards uncle filled his belly button with the mixture of honey and chocolate cream I dipped my tongue in that uncle said to do the same with his dick also moving downwards I took honey filled jar and kept in between his thighs near to uncle’s dick slowly I hold his fully erected cock and dipped in to the honey filled jar and applied all over his dick including his little balls I licked from downwards slowly and his honey dick inserted in to the mouth mixture of honey and uncle’s pre cum aroused me very well.

I was moving my head front and back uncle caught my butt and started to caressing and caught my head and pushing his dick deep in to my throat once he is going to cum he took his dick from mouth and shot all his cum on the floor and his satisfaction was in high and his dick is shrinking but uncle understood that I was on the top of the thirst he told me to lie beside him he started to fondle my dick very softly and I was sucking his honey filled nipple again and again uncle’s pre cum was dipping on the bed around 20 minutes later I came to know that uncle’s sweet dick became harder and harder and it started to vibrate then he slowly moved from me and poured 1 full jar honey and one bottle chocolate cream over my body and he applied all over the body

I was covered with this all over my body from neck to knee and he climbed over me and started to lick very madly all over the body especially my nipples and he moved to my dick and inserted in to his mouth he played with my dick long time uncle left my dick and it was vibrating and pre cum was flowing like anything while seeing this uncle took all in his mouth and he moved to the honey jar and kept in between my thighs and lifted my both legs back ward my butt was spread uncle dipped his hand in the jar and applied around my ass hole and he inserted his finger in to my hole he filled some honey in to my ass and he moved to there I was surprised when I saw uncle was licking my ass hole and drinking the honey he inserted his tongue inside my hole.

I was in the peak of the pleasure when my ass muscle became soft uncle took one packet of condom he took one out and inserted in to his erected dick when I enquired about this he said that he is going to fuck me and no need to fear uncle came near to me and again he lifted my leg he kept tool in my ass and slowly he started to stroke he was pushing in slow motion my ass hole became large and uncle’s dick entered in to my ass I felt little bit pain but uncle managed that slowly he inserted whole dick in my ass and slowly he increased the pace of stroke I got the pleasure of fucking he continued for another few minutes and then we changed our position to doggie style while doing this style uncle caught my dick in his hand and shake very well later uncle took his dick from my ass hole and sat on the bed and asked to me to sit on his lap face to face he positioned his dick to my ass and I climbed over that easily his dick entered inside fully now.

I was sitting on his lap and he was riding me meanwhile I licked his one boobs and fondled another boob with my hand he continued stroking with the same position few minutes later we lied down on the bed and uncle climbed over me and started to stroke very fast he shot all his cum inside my ass hole inside the condom and he collapsed on me after shooting we lied some time like that uncle slowly removed his dick and removed the condom and he took another condom and said to me that it’s my turn he hold my dick and inserted condom he lied on the bed and spread his leg he hold my dick and kept on his ass hole and asked me to push.

I slowly pushed and he was helping by pushing my butt oh god it was a nice pleasure in my life first time I am inserting my dick in ass hole slowly all my dick entered in his ass and I can feel the hot I started to stroke while stroking I hold uncles dick and shake well it again erected well I bent forward and took his dick in hand and continued stroking uncle started mourning with each stroke he inserted his finger in to my ass hole it aroused me well I given him deep stroke I took my dick and we moved to the table uncle bend forward and hold the table his firm ass came into a good shape I started to stroke him behind we continued another few time later we moved to the bed uncle asked me to lie on the bed and he climbed over me and positioned my dick to his ass hole I felt a strange feeling he started to move.

I shot all my cum inside his ass hole. And I fulfilled my desire.I am expecting a uncle like him

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