Meeting In A Marriage

Hi, my name is Sameer, I had introduced myself already, I wrote my first experience. And now I’m telling you again a real experience. I live in Gwalior, for any contact or meeting pleas email me / /

I’m not too slim but looking good. I’m versatile n having a great personality. 1 year before, me and my family arrived Goa (imaginary name) to attain a relatives marriage. I were too excited to attend such marriage because m going to meet my brothers n sisters and other family members whom I dont know about them n havent seen yet. I reached there after 3 hr of journey. I’m writing this as this is now present for better understanding, I reached there n m looking very bad due to this journey.

I go to my brother house, there r many members whom I don’t know, some r young n some r old. there r 2 guys just of my age, I’m just 19 now n that time I was just 18. Both r cute n looking sexy. one is longer than me , n other 1 is like me, I like the 1st one, longer one, he is too slim, his waist size seems to be 28, he is white, but not too than I’m, like the way he is, but didnt talk to him because I don’t know him, after attain marriage all sisters n all brother are talking to me(gappe shappe) he came n sits quietly, when I’m talking suddenly he replied some answer n when he is talking

I answered, in this way we both r talking about each other, their likings, n many more, I’m interested in him but didnt know that he is also interested in me. next day we both r working in a marriage family n he told me that he has to go to his house he needs something n he told me to come with me he needs help. I went with him. I went to his hose, there r no one in it. he was finding something n I asked what r u doing, he told me that he is finding something n u be please sit down somewhere, I did. I said to him that I have be freshen now, he showed me way, when I

Untied my pants he was watching at my shots, I didnt get it, I have done, n I came inside room, where he sit on a bed, I was tiding my pant n suddenly he came to me near n thigh me with his hand from back site, I like this, but I said what r u doing with no expression on my face, he told me that he likes me very much (me too), n he kissed me, I slap him n he cried n sit on floor. I was thinking that he is going to seduce me. He said he loves me n want to spend some time with me. I asked what do u mean, he kept silent n was crying.

I smiled n lift him up, he stand up there n I kissed him on his lips for just a while; he exclaimed n said sorry yar. I said nothing happened I know u like me n me too like u, by hearing this he smiled n stopped crying. I asked how do u want to spend your time with me. Again he kept silent. So I hold his hand n put it on my dick. Now he smiled n said really, I said yes dear. Now time for some enjoyment. He removed all my clothes but not shots. Same I did. Now I kissed him very badly for 15 min, n we came on 69 position.

He remove my shots n see my cock, it was not erect that time. he took it in hand n open my cocks foreskin, there is pre cum, n said it’s not big, I said m just 18 yr old yar n having 5-6 inch long what do u want more. n i removed his shots, there was a long but not thick dick was there, like a snake, he was sucking my cock when it get erect very badly n I were enjoying n were moaning aaahhhh……oh my god…aaaaoooohhhh……, deep inside.

He was taking my full dick inside his mouth n I was also trying to suck his, his huge cock uncut. after sucking I came into his mouth, his moth get full of my cum n he drank all of it, n he also came in my hand, I were masturbating him. I said were too good, he kissed me n said I love you Sammer. I said can we go now home, he suddenly said no..noo…..noo…..not now n grab my cock n suck it suddenly, again I moaned n asked now what, he said with a smile…”kya tum mujhe chodoge apne lund se”.

I was surprised. I don’t like gay sex too, but m were doing for my new friend, I said I cant yar. No please. he said no Sameer I love u, please do it 1 time only n grab my cock n start sucking it very badly, I said ok. I’m too horny that time to fuck a man first time. his ass was too tight but red in color full of hair, i use some oil there also on my cock n just put it into his ass, he screamed, i said ” nahi to main dala bhi nahi hai teri gaand main tu abhi se chilla raha hai”. he said first try your finger.

I fucked him for 20 min by my 3 fingers 1 by one n by all three together, now he is ready, i put it into him suddenly, half of mu cock inserted in his ass n he screamed very badly. i put it out n went to his mouth n put it into his mouth n forcedly make him to suck by grabbing his hair, n said “chudna hai to dobara mat chillana, nahi to main apna lund teri gaand main nahi dalunga”. he said ok. Again i put it into his ass, this time i made it successful but due to pain he started crying.

I fuck him 20 min in doggie style n he continuously were crying. then i removed it tell him to laid down by facing at me, i lift his legs, n put mu thick cock in his ass again n started fucking him with a great speed. this time he didnt scream n enjoyed every moment, suddenly he said ” jab tumhara cum nikle to lund bahar nikaal lena or mujhe muh m de dena”. i liked it. after 20-30 min i came into his mouth with lots of cum n laid down with him. he started sucking my cock for 5 min n i said ” ab or kitna chusega”. he said” bas 2 min or”.

And after sucking he masturbate again himself on my stomach n put his cock inside my mouth. after 10 min, we cleaned each other n get dressed again. he said” tune itna mota land dal ki saali puri gaand fat gayi or ab tak dard kar rahi hai”. I said” tujhe pasand bhi to h mera lund”. n he kissed me on my lips. We went out, n after attaining marriage i came to my home, n realized that I’m liking him. And for next experience I again came to his city. Now I’ll you this story in next sequel. I live in Gwalior, for any contact or meeting just email me at / / I’m a good sucker n good fucker, n likes to get sucked n fucked. Good day