Encounter With My Cousin Jai

Thanks to all ISS readers for the encouragement. Im back with another episode of my experience hoping that you will like this too. Here is my sex exciting encounter: After the two years tryst with Velu, there was a complete change of scene after the summer vacation and me joining school in another town, to be with my aunts(dads sister) family (reason: my dads relocating on transfer). One of my cousins, Jai, eldest of four brothers, was of my age and in the same class , kept me company.

He was lean, taller than me by 2″, long oval faced with bony structure and flat chest, as against my chubbiness, but intelligent like me. We were meeting after 5-6 years and I was quite shy to begin with, Jai, who was an outgoing type, was helpful in all aspects since the environment was quite new to me. We were sharing the room upstairs for studies, bath and sleep. Everything was going smooth as silk, with my academic and extracurricular excellence and in coping up with the situation both in school and play.

However, I was feeling miserable, literally like a fish out of water since Velus sex-play was totally missing, though I pretended to be normal. One fine morning, as Jai and myself were having bath(usual practice among us cousins), I observed him scanning me as if he was seeing me for the first time and I felt quite odd and fishy. When I asked him for the reason, he said nothing, but continued his scanning for few more days. I demanded for an answer and he came out with the truth that he was admiring my fleshy chest, juicy(?!)manhoods

Outline visible through the wet loincloth(Kovanam) covering the private parts and the sprouting pubic hair Shocked by this, I told him to shut up and get ready for school.  Later that week, one Sunday afternoon, I was reading a book lying on the bed, but did not know when I slept. After half an hour or so, I suddenly woke up to find Jai, sitting by my side and intently watching me. I observed him with eyes half-closed and steady breathing for few minutes in curiosity. As we were alone in the room, he inched towards me

And started feeling my crotch over the fabric and becoming bold as I did not move, dug his palm deep into my shorts to catch hold of my dick. He was disappointed as I was wearing thongs(as per my dads orders!!!) and left the room hurriedly & totally shocked when I stirred a bit. This continued for a couple of days more and I became restless after knowing his intentions (his burning desires, awakening of mine too after dormancy for a couple of months!). I did not wear my thongs that night and as I expected he played with my dick more freely,

To my relief and pleasure. Both of us were hesitant to come out in open, but next morning, as we entered the shower, I took the lead and asked him, “Last night, you were afraid of playing. How about now, Jai? I wont tell anybody, ok?” We were almost naked but for the thongs and now I removed the covering and left the dick free for him to see. He was looking at it greedily, still hesitating to touch.. He got out of his shyness and gripped the tool after my encouragement and blurted out, ”

Both of us are of the same age, but your dick is bigger and the pubic hair is already sprouting as against my smooth hairless pubis!” I smiled and asked him to stop and wait until night. Jai closed the door behind him after homework and dinner that night and was looking at me full of urge & lust. . My goodness, I did not dream that he would be afire with so much horniness and desire in mind and that too I would be facing such a sexy encounter so soon.

When I was satisfied that things were fine, both of us got undressed completely and tucked inside the blanket, with our hot, naked bodies rubbing against each other. I stopped him as he hurried to catch my semi hard dick and kissed him on his thin sweet lips, thus surprising him. He responded immediately and we were French kissing for nearly 10 mins. Pushing me on the bed, he slowly licked my chest and suddenly caught hold of the padded breasts with cherry red large oval areolas with prominent perky already hard nipples.

He sucked my nipples vigorously taking me to heights of joy. Slowly, I caught hold of his 5″, thin slender cock was with reddish conical head fully covered by the foreskin, whereas my longer and thicker 6″ cock with mushroom-like purple head half covered by foreskin was in his palm. Now both of us, burning with desire, did not look back, but engaged ourselves in lip kissing for few more minutes. I cut him short as he was commenting, “ravishing beauty, youre”, “so soft n silky lips”, “beautiful, suckable breasts n nipples”, vivacious body, ”

Excellent and wonderful cock etc. and suggested that we get into action. I pushed him on the bed and spread his legs to reach his cockpit. He obliged readily and eagerly and next moment, his manhood found its way into my wet mouth for sucking pleasure. I gave him a full throated sucking and each time, he convulsed and moaned, ” vidathe da, chellam, romba nalla irukku. Innum vegamaa oombuda. mudal thadavayaa anubavikkirenda, nee super-a panreda,

Enge kathukitte,solluda, (Ohhhhh! What a great feeling, I swear! First time someone is giving me the heavenly delight, love you, dearest, Yesssssssss, mmmmm, shhhh, Ahahahaha, , excellent “) at the same time arching his body, kicking his legs and digging his fingers onto my back. Once or twice, his force was so much that his soles hit my ribs forcefully. He shouted more when I stopped sucking and I felt amused.

His hands were constantly on the back of my head, forcing for deep thrusts. Ten minute or so later, I lifted my head to ask him if he had ever cum. He said, “YES, but now, not until I have a taste of yours, OK?” So, I got up and pointed out that it was his turn now. Settling in between my legs, he began his dick-sucking on me with passionate kissing, slow and steady breast-kneading and incredible nipple sucking, rendering me breathless and excited to the core. He worked his way down to the dick.

His tongue caressing of the slit and collar region was superb. Licking and sucking the cockhead patiently, his wet mouth engulfed the dick up to the base hitting the floor of his mouth and gagging him several times. He moved his head up and down the shaft, sending magnetic waves of thrill and pleasure. He made me convulse every time and send my butt into the air and suffocating him at the same time. So excellent BJ his was, that I was unwilling to let him free.

I was slowly getting into orgasm and he was taking me higher, higher up in the air to another world of delight. I stopped him now fearing that I would cum any moment and lifted my head to ask him if we could try something else. He asked, “What else?” I told him “in a mthematical way, da, Enna puriyelaya?” He was reminded how we used the mathematical signs like “because”(to denote nipples and cock), etc.

He laughed, but “What new symbol you are referring to”, he asked. I told him “parellelogram now”, Purinchuda? No, he said, ” Youre confusing more now!”. I drew a diagram and explained how we would connect like the parellel lines are being connected. His face brightened and asked me,”Is it really possible?” YES, I continued, made him lie on his back climbed on him with my head near his crotch, such that my dick was in his mouth.(We were not aware of 69 -ing during our time!!!) Now we started sucking the dicks simultaneously for about 15 mins.

My vigorous sucking force made him hotter, thus suddenly arching his body to inform me of the electrified feeling all over his body radiating from the cockpit. Suddenly, he shot out thin watery cum, in spurts all over my face. and collapsed on the bed absolutely tired and trembling. But he recovered quite fast, started shaking and sucking my cock vigorously for a couple of minutes more. When I shouted in between my teeth that I have reached the crescendo, his jerking became more rapid and in no time, my man juice was spurting out in bouts, splahing on his face, neck and chest.

He said, “Yours is sweet smelling, thicker and copious than mine!” By now, it was more than an hour and a half since we began our play. We were totally spent and tired. We cleaned ourselves and became presentable. Drinking a glass of water, we settled on the bed and were recapitulating whatever we had done that night. “Ok, Jai, What made you think that I would accept your proposal for this sex-act as were together only since two months?”,

I asked. “Just intuition, my dear. I was attracted by your graceful features and endowments from the day you arrived and I made up my mind to go ahead with my plans of feeling yours even if you had shunned me after the first try! You see, how lucky Im!” he exclaimed.”One more question, is this your first endeavor?”, I probed. “Yes, for real but I had fantasized it with one of our classmates whom you know very well. But he spurned me away!! So, I got you and was lucky,

Youre such a seducer, my pretty dove, ” he continued, “OMG, what a fantastic lover you are, you sent my desires and urge afire with your dexterity, to the perfection and in the most incredible manner. Im glad you can teach and treat me more and more”, showering kisses nonstop.

Slowly I extricated myself from him and cautioned to be calm so that none of the other family members suspected us. Cuddling each other and muttering ‘sweet nothings,we slowly drifted into deep sleep, assuring for more feats in future and at the same time thanking my stars for the favors granted to me, when I had lost hopes of finding a partner to play with! No doubt it was a wonderful night to remember and rejoice.