Becoming His Mistress

My wife and I were out with my friend Raja and his sexy wife. We were at the disco and were quite drunk but having fun dancing and drinking. The girls decided to go to the loo. Raja and I were sitting quite close together. He is about 45 and big built, very masculine guy. He is very fond of me though I am much younger and quite delicately built.

He was very drunk and looking at me in a very strange way.”You are so cute man” he said in a very drunken way. “You are my best buddy” Saying this he pulled me to himself and hugged me. I was a bit uncomfortable in front of so many people and tried to extricate myself. But he held me tighter and then suddenly kissed me on my cheek. I could feel myself feeling quite warm and good, cause I liked him and always saw him as someone who takes care of me. I could smell his masculine fragrance and I felt very attracted to him.

I gave him a quick hug in return and felt his hardness against my belly as I did. My knees felt weak. I was not sure about whether his gesture was just affection or more. At that moment the girls returned. I reluctantly moved away from him. But now for the first time I had a different thought about my dear Raja. I felt very loving and feminine. The disco was closing and we decided to go back to Rajas home and continue the party.

We drank some more when we got and I think Raja was getting horny cause he was grabbing his wife and kissing her quite a lot. Soon it was late and my wife and his wife decided to go to sleep. I was not ready cause I was feeling quite horny. Raja said “let’s watch a porn film” I was ready for that..Oh yeah! So we went to the TV room and he set up the movie. As we were watching I saw Raja getting a hard on and he started stroking himself. I was turned on too seeing the pretty babe getting pumped by a big older stud.

Actually the guy was quite attractive and the girl was moaning with ecstasy as she took his cock in her ass. I had thought of how that might feel and had once or time even dresses up in my wifes clothes pretending to be taken..It was quite a turn on. I was fantasizing now about being in this man’s arms and I had not noticed that Raja had taken of his pants and was now in his underwear and stroking what looked like a good-sized cock. As I turned to look at him I saw he was not looking at the screen but at me. He was actually leering his eyes were red shot but he was smiling.

Hey why don’t you get comfortable? Take of your jeans, youll be more comfy” I thought about it and said “Why not?” Secretly I think I wanted to see if he is interested in me. So I took my jeans of peeling them of my smooth soft-skinned legs. Now my legs are quite shapely like a girl and I saw that Raja was staring. “Come sit here yaar” he said indicating the bean bag he was on. As I stepped toward him I tripped and I fell on his lap. He grabbed me and completely enveloped me in a bear like embrace. My senses reeled as I smelt his strong masculine odor and my cock just became so hard.

I was taken aback by my reaction. He was probably just being playful and wrestling me but I instead felt protected in fact loved by this man even if it was in a friendly non sexual way. I help don to him and then realized that he was turned on too! He could not hide his erection and that he was pressing it into my soft warmth. I think I moaned with desire just then as I inhaled his sexual scent. Suddenly he was nuzzling my neck and I was running my fingers through his curly hair. It felt so good. I felt so desired, so wanted as he began whispering shockingly intimate words of desire and lust.

We must lock the door” I said suddenly realizing that the wives were still here. He was beyond caring and would not stop..I pulled him away smiling lovingly and said “wait my dear” and got up to lock the door. As I turned I saw him gazing at me, his eyes wandered over my slender waist my long smooth legs and then stopped on my now bared breasts, soft, flat with hard long nipples.”My God you are beautiful”. I had never been appreciated in this way and it felt so good and warm. I felt weak at the knees. He pulled me to him and

I went willingly flinging myself into his strong arms and then he kissed me! O God it was heaven I was in love! I molded myself into his body wanting to feel every inch and responded to him, kissing him back with a desperate ferocity, moaning like a bitch in heat. I was afraid I would come even without him having touched my now raging little cock. I tore of his vest and kissed his hairy chest and belly hungrily, seeking his taste, his smell, his warmth and touch. I was moaning softly, all pretenses gone. He pushed me away and my heart jumped a beat, was he going to stop now? Please no I thought. He pushed me onto the bed.

You are my sweet little pussy” he said as he bent and took my yearning nipple into his hungry mouth. I screamed as he sucked me hard and s he sucked my tits he found my now open lubricated ass pussy with his fingers. He was now mad with lust and love too. I felt like a desirable slut as he finger fucked me and sucked my tits simultaneously. I was tossing my head side to side moaning groaning …”O do me baby do me do me, don’t stop baby , it feels so goood! Ahhhhh”

He stopped and kissed me on the lips. He did not seem very drunk now. He looked into my eyes and said” Are you ready to be my woman?” As he said that my cock jumped and my heart skipped a beat!. What was he saying? “Once I fuck you, you may want it more and more! More than you want a woman. You may not be able to satisfy your wife”. I was mad with desire for him. I had forgotten about my wife even my life. I press myself to him and murmured. “I want you Raja, I want you very much, please make me yours please fuck me”

He was just waiting to hear that. He smiled broadly and kissed me ” Good girl” And I thrilled with his calling me that. He lifted me in his arms and laid me on the bed. He was soon between my legs kissing my thighs and then my calves and then tonguing my toes. I was delirious with desire and now love. Yes what was feeling was a deep love for this man who I have already loved as a friend and support. He moved us and then spread my ass…”So sweet man, you smell so good, so much like a girl” And then he was tonguing my crack my pussy and tongue fucking me to new heights of ecstasy. I was completely in his spell now ready to serve my man in any way he wanted.

He was opening my virgin ass up and soon was inserting one and then two and three fingers with a lot of lube…I bit my lip as he entered me with his fingers…it felt good and I realized I had been denying myself for so long. I wanted this man so much I realized. I turned around and pushed him gently on his back and marveled at the sight of this 6 foot tall body, barrel chest and heavy in the gut. A profusion of hair covering his chest and crotch descending to powerful tree trunk thighs, Oooooh he was simple delicious!.

I kissed him all over and then took his majestic cock into my warm small mouth stretching my lips to get it around his huge tool, it tasted wonderful and felt even better. I felt very right doing this and maybe that’s why he said” Baby you are a natural” I winked at him and gazed at his face as I sucked hi..He was groaning now, grunting and whispering words of lust…”Yes you slut, cock sucking cunt” ..I felt so good that I was making him so happy. Suddenly without warning he whipped me of his cock flipping me easily on my back and flinging my legs on his shoulders, spreading my pretty butt and thrusting his giant rod in one fluent motion deep into me.

It felt like I was split in two and I screamed. And then he was holding me, tender words of love, soothing me and helping me get used to his monstrous organ deep in my small delicate body. I was whimpering tears running down my face.”Oh darling it hurts Oh please be gentle” “I will my sweet love, I will my dear ” he said. I held on to him willing the pain to go away and miraculously it seeped away leaving in its place a warm wet fullness. He began moving in me gently at first and my love canal welcomed him deep in my feminine bowels.

I moaned with love, desire, and an unbridled lust And then he took me like a lover like he owned me ..And he did! I felt the rising wave of my orgasm, and I spurted mu juices on my belly, screaming my love for him. He kept fucking me with deep powerful, masterful thrusts and I was in a trance as wave after wave of anal orgasms swept through my trembling body. Never before had anything like this happened to me. Never before had I been so totally dominated by a sexual high that lasted this long. I knew I was changed forever. I would never be able to go away from this new life.

Raja was taken aback by my complete and utter surrender to his sexual supremacy. I clung to him moaning. I was in love with him. And he knew it. “I am yours darling” I said. “please let me be your woman” It was a big decision and we decided to give it some time. In the meanwhile we are seeing each other regularly. We go off on weekend visits and make love from morning till night. It is wonderful being a woman and particularly a woman for Raja