With The One I Love

Hi beautiful people out there. This is my first story out here and if it’s appreciated, I might write more on this site. I’d use anonymous names here, Mine is Parth and his be Nakul. So, here we go. I am a pretty simple guy. I look just about normal, brown skinned and normal height. There was nothing special about my life, same as everyone. Until one day I met this guy through one of the online dating sites. I was going through various profiles, and I found this one. A perfect profile with his pictures.

A tall, fair guy with a gym built body, or in a nutshell, with looks that could kill. After seeing his profile, I left him a message with my pics, without any expectations of a reply, considering the difference between him and me! And I did get a reply from him. He seemed perfectly ok with my looks and so we chatted. We chatted for weeks and weeks. And then, there was love in the air. We would talk via cam and he would tell me how much he loved the color of my skin. Then one day, while our chatting, he told me that he loves me. I said yes. Things were beautiful, we talked all day.

One fine day, we met each other and began the dating period. We would sit for hours in coffee cafés for hours and do all the talking. We would hold hands and a walk late at night, go movies. He used to drop me home on his bike, and I would hold him tight. Hold my man! Can never forget how it feels. Holding on to someone feels top of the world, as if you’ve got everything you ever wanted or dreamed in life and all the romantic movies come true. It was finally time to take the relationship to next level. We went to his place one night after a late night movie.

My parents knew I was out for a night at friend’s place. And I knew it was finally the night. We changed, got into his bed. I was having my coffee and he took a soft drink. Nakul played a DVD in his player and we started watching this movie, “Just a Question of love” on his LCD. He started holding my hand and I was getting goose – bumps all over my body. We put the empty coffee mugs on the side table and started getting into the quilt. Now his hand was moving upwards. From my palm towards my chest. He was caressing my smooth chest and I was enjoying, though nervous.

Since, it was my first time and aren’t we all when it’s out first time?! Now he started getting near me. His hands were rubbing my entire body and his eyes were sexy and wanting for more. He now started kissing my forehead. I have never found anything more romantic then this. And he finally kissed me on lips. I have never been kissed before. A deep passionate kiss, with our tongues in each other mouth. He kissed me for more than 15 minutes. And then I started kissing his neck, ears and forehead. While kissing his neck, I slowly removed his vest and started licking and kissing his arm pit.

For that very moment, there was nothing important for me, then the scent of his sweat on his arm- pit. I kissed and licked his chest and stomach for more than 10 mins and he was holding me tight from my head. In the meanwhile, he removed my vest and started rubbing my back. I started pulling down his pajamas and licking and kissing his thighs slowly and his moaning increased. Though I am no pro at it, he seemed to enjoy. I have always fancied under wears, and now I had, my man in a underwear in – front of me, and he was all mine. I licked his under wear. He was rock hard under that. I licked and kissed him and he was moaning more and more.

He enjoyed that and so did me. I slide down his underwear and there it was, my first cock. Rock hard, brown rod. I began with top loose foreskin. Sucking and licking the foreskin. He was moaning and moaning even louder. I began to push the foreskin down and take it in my mouth. I wet my mouth from my saliva and started sucking his cock. It was more than 8” long. At first I took less than half of it to avoid throwing up, it being my first time. And then I started sucking more of it. When I took all of it in, it reached down my throat and I felt like vomiting.

He put his hand on my head and increased the speed of sucking. Gradually, I started enjoying it and his moans were becoming louder. I sucked his cock for a long time. then me made me lie down and undone my clothes. It was the first time someone had seen me naked and I was, for a moment embarrassed. He licked my entire body from chest to thighs giving me goose bumps and my small body hairs harder. He licked my chest and bit my nipples and made me shout doing that. I bit them and licked them. It was pleasure in pain.

He then started with licking of my perineum, the region between my cock and asshole. My hair were hard and the feeling was awesome. Then was the turn of my ass- hole. Nakul began with licking it and putting his tongue inside it. He was fucking me with his tongue and I was moaning loud. he finally took out a condom. I sucked his cock for five minute and wrapped the condom and his 8’’ long hot dick. First he entered his one finger into my ass and did it in and out and then he repeated the same thing with two, then three and the pain was become un tolerable.

I was shouting and moaning loud. he made me lie on my back, put my legs on his shoulder and started applying his spit on my ass hole, fucked me again with his fingers. Finally, he kept his rock hard dick on the opening of my anal and slowly started to push it in. I was unable to take the pain and started moving backward. He then took me into his arms and gave me a long deep kiss telling me I can do it. The way he kissed me gave me the courage to do anything for him. I again lied in the same position and he hold me from my shoulders.

He started pushing his cock in me and I was shouting loud in the mid – night, calling out his name and moaning. It was more than half in me. He gave a fast push, and I shouted so loud. It was all in me, and I was almost in tears. I was sweating and shouting as he removed and again pushed in his cock. He fucked me in this position for over 10 mins and then he wished to do it in doggy style. I bent for him, and caught hold of my long hair tightly and fucked me, fucked me hard. My hair were paining, and ass was burning with pain and I was still enjoying the feeling.

He finally removed his dick from me, removed the condom and started jerking. He came on my face and then started giving me a hand job. He jerked my dick till I came. I shoot my cum on my chest. He took both the cum in his mouth and started kissing me. That was the sexiest kiss of my life. We were tired, he took me in his arms, and we slept in his bed. We cuddled all night long and there seemed to be no place on this earth as secure as his arms. I woke up next morning early and made him breakfast in bed. After breakfast, which was my idea, he proposed a oil massage in sun. his living room get the perfect sunlight in the morning so we he played some good Bon Jovi and Bryan Adam’s music and we gave each other a oil massage.

We lay there listening to music and looking into each other’s eyes for hours. We took bath after that together, in his bath tub lying in his arms. I gave him a blow – job again there and he said, I was perfect by now, ahem ahem.. Lol! We spent the entire day together, since he took leave from work. We saw many movies, talked and talked. And finally it was time for me to leave home after a romantic dinner. As usual, he dropped me home on his bike and kissed me good bye. That was my first story on this site. If you guys enjoyed it, maybe I’ll put up more of these. You can write to me at / / or leave a comment hear. Don’t forget to rate the story guys. Take care everyone! J