Losing It

By : Arnavjoshi

Hello folks, I am Arnav and this is my first post. I have been an ISS reader for quite some time, and finally found some time to share my own experiences. I am fair, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, average built guy. I get attracted to both the sexes almost equally. I had my share of luck with girls, about whom I’ll tell some other time .This time I’ll tell u a incident which confirms that I am a bisexual.

This thing happened to me about a year back. I used to take coaching for my ca course in Gwalior, I rented a single room in the cheap corner of the city as I had a fixed monthly allowance from my family, I had to compromise on one thing or the other. I like costly cloths so I used to spend light on rent and transport. More often than not I would take lift from a stranger as it was free of cost.

I did the same on that Saturday evening, I was waiting for someone going in my direction, it was not more than 5 minutes when a guy on a bike, with his helmet on stopped on my call, He took off his helmet and I had a strange feeling looking at his fair complexion light pink lips and flowing hairs, He smiled at me and asked where I wanted to go, I told him the place and he said he was also going in the same direction, something inside told me not to go with him but I was too much attracted to him .

I had never been intimate with a guy and I was not sure what I wanted from him. He told me he has some sort of problem with his leg so he will not be able to drive with our combined weight, so I offered to drive. He hanged his helmet on the helmet lock and sat on the bike after me. You would think I knew all the way where this was headed but everything happened so fast I barely had time to think.

So finally I was driving with this guy sitting back, he asked me my name and told me his, ‘Pranay, As the traffic was heavy, I had to apply breaks often which would thrust him on my back and he would grab my waist with both his hands. Initially I considered this as a normal reflex action but when he slowly slid his right hand on to my thigh, I was sure he was a gay. This aroused me a little but I was also scared,

I just kept driving, now a bit slowly so I would not have to apply sudden brakes , but this didn’t stop him, he grabbed my waist and touched my ass with his fully erect organ and started sliding his hands under my t-shirt. I quickly stopped the bike and said I will go on foot from there, He smiled mischievously at me and asked if I would like to see his apartment, I knew if I said yes

Now, I will certainly be fucked by this big guy tonight, He apparently sensed my dilemma, he grabbed my hand and made me sit on his bike and drove without any difficulty, I smiled to myself as he had apparently no problem in his leg. He stopped at a nearby medical store and I knew why he did that, I had the option of silently slipping away but I choose to stay.

That was a strange feeling, waiting for a guy to get condoms to fuck you. None of us uttered a word during the short ride to his apartment. It was on the first floor, I stood beside him as he unlocked his door, feeling like a girl nervous before her first fuck. He made me enter first and quickly bolted the door, I could never forget that sound, it was the sound of my submission to lust.

I was stopped by him in middle of my thoughts, he forcefully pressed his body against mine, he pinned me to the wall and started kissing my neck, he started getting closer to my lips as an impulse I turned my mouth away, he held my face with both his hands and forcefully planted a kiss on my lips, I did not let his tongue enter my mouth, he let go of my face and started kissing my lips softly now, this time

I responded back and kissed him hard, he didn’t miss the chance and quickly slid his tongue inside my mouth, we kept kissing harder and deeper, suddenly he turned me towards the wall and started pushing his cock against my ass, he kept rubbing it and I started moaning like a girl, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid his hands inside, I was electrified by his touch. He knelt down and made me lift my legs so that he may get rid of the jeans, he stood up and removed my t shirt,

I was only having my jockey on, he turned me to face him and told me to suck him, like a loyal bitch I went down on my knees unbuttoned him took out his cock and started licking it, he held both my hands and pinned them to the wall and teased me with his cock , then held my face and slid his cock inside my mouth and started stroking it, I sucked him hard , I sucked him deeper and deeper,

I sucked him forever. Suddenly I felt a rush of warm fluid inside my mouth, I started to spit it out but he didn’t let me, he held my lips tightly and told me to swallow it and I did. Then he kissed me again and lifted me in his arms. He took me to his bedroom and threw me on to the bed. He quickly undressed himself and came towards me, I was lying there with my face buried in the bed, he came

And removed last of my clothing, my underwear and started rubbing my ass. He kissed my ass and then my waist and then my back, he over turned me. I was still not looking him in the eye. He started whispering in my ears “you are a girl tonight, don’t be ashamed of anything just enjoy the night, we may never meet again so u have nothing to hide, just do what pleases u”. That whispering had quit an effect on me,

I completely forgot my identity and I was a girl now. I like being dominated, I like speaking softly and I like cock. I looked him in the eye and there was lust, he wanted me, he wanted to fuck me and I loved that. He moved quickly and made me sit in the doggy position. He started slapping my ass and I moaned like a girl then he fingered my ass hole. Slowly at the start and faster with every stroke.

Then he inserted two fingers and I felt pain first time that night which was nothing compared to what was to follow. He applied some lubrication on his fingers and my hole and inserted his fingers again and stroked me violently and I started screaming. He went for his jeans to get the condoms. He came back with the condom on and some kind of oil.

I worried how this big cock will fit in my ass. He again made me sit in the doggy position and started lubricating my hole, I wanted him inside me but I was also afraid of the pain. He started pushing his organ slowly, and suddenly with a thrust he pushed whole of it inside, I screamed with pain and tried to get his cock out but he held me very tightly. Now we were not in the doggy position,

I was flat on the bed with him on top and his penis fully inside my ass, I screamed but he won’t let me go, the Pain became bearable after some time and I started moaning instead of screaming. He loosened his grip and started stroking him. Slowly he increased his speed. I tried to masturbate but he grabbed my hands. He started stroking harder and harder and I started screaming again.

He fucked me four times that night, once without condom. Both of u slept naked when I woke up it was 12 noon and felt the taste of his come in my mouth, I quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth and noticed love bites all over my body specially on my chest and neck, my ass hurt too. I took the shower quickly and took one of his underwear as I couldn’t find mine. I took my bag kissed him on the lips and left.