My Gay Experience In School

By : Kamanking

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Hi friends, I’m a big fan of this site, I’m a 22 years old from Chennai, though I’m not a gay, I like to expose my feminism through my body, I’m a dusty colored 5.8 ft tall fat chubby boy, I share all the asserts of all pretty girls, boys will love to see me cause of my lustrous lips, plump men’s breast, delicious big and curvy ass. I’m gonna to narrate my first gay experience during school days, I studied in a boys school, the only people for the boys to sightseeing is sexy lady teachers,

Other than that no fun for us, all boys are like a real sex starving animals, unfortunately (fortunately) they are attracted to me because of my shape, they love to see me whenever I walk r run, they never hesitated to look my ass r tits whenever I pass, they even slap my ass hard r pinch my nipples on the whole I was treated like girl. My friends used to tell me that I would look like namitha r kushboo (actress) if I wore a saree (I love wearing sarees).

Coming to the story, the incident happened during my public exam days, my friend and I was asked to stay for a chemistry special class after the school (since we both are below average students in that subject) our chemistry teacher is real sexy women, she has all girly gifts in a extra size we used to call her as Shakila, due to her size ( I was referred as her junior) on that day she wore a transparent yellow saree and blouse (black bra inside, which got revealed due to transparency)

We sat in a chest high study table and she sat in front of us.

She asked us to read some chapter in organic chemistry. I was sitting in front of her and my friend sat beside me having a good view of our hot looking sides, this made him feel hot, adding fuel to it, and she leaned on table by pressing her huge bust against the table. My friend turned red hot he couldn’t control his feelings, so he quickly came very close to me,

I was not aware of this, since I was concentrating on my book, suddenly I felt a hand moving around my thighs and moving towards my side buttocks, I felt awkward of this, he didn’t stop he started to massage in an intense manner, he nearly reached my center part and pinched me hard, I gave a silent moan( I don’t want my friend to be caught to the teacher) he slowly kept his other hand in my hips and moved towards my shirt’s third button and removed the button,

Slowly he inserted his hand and grabbed my tits as fast he could, a shock wave passed through my body, I felt offended at that time. His intense of pressing become harder and harder.On the sudden my mam got raised from her seat, he quickly removed his hand from my shirt, she slowly walked towards the door swinging her lovely ass (this sight made both of us horny). On the sudden my friend jumped on me like a tiger on dear and gave me no. of kiss on my face,

I quickly pushed him, but he couldn’t control he fall on me and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips, he moved one hand on my tits and other on my ass, I lose my control and began to enjoy. We stopped by hearing the sounds of footsteps of my mam and moved away. After that I couldn’t able to concentrate, his touch and kisses made me feel horny, thankfully we didn’t had any contact till the end of the class, but

I find his starving eyes looking on me like the tiger is looking on its prey to hunt, he turned his focus completely on me (from my extra large beauty mam) I also noticed a rise of tent in his pants, he was restless, moving here and there, taking his hands and adjusting his zip in regular basis, I was bit afraid and nervous of what he is gonna to do after the class. The class was over at 6 in evening; just as my mam went out he gave a loud slap at my back,

I started to move quickly out, since it is late evening very few people are there in school, we had a toilet at the corridor end, he ran towards me and took me towards the toilet, and began to kiss me(or eat me like a hungry wolf), I had a big lower lip( like Angelina Jolie), he started to bite it as hard as he could, I couldn’t able to do anything, he began to smooch me like anything, I quickly pushed him and ran towards my cycle stand, to take my cycle and run from the place

And but due to my overweight I can’t run faster than him, but I managed to reach the cycle stand, when I searched for my cycle key, I found it got lost, I don’t know what to do, I just saw my friends arrival swinging my cycle key in his hands. He came closer to me and began to talk, he said sorry for the way he did to me, he also told me that he turned mad on me and gave me a gentle kiss in my checks

And told me that he is in love with me ( I have never seen such kind of scenes even in cinemas) at that point I couldn’t do anything he came near to my ears and told me I need you badly, I got struck, and he gave me my keys and pleaded me to come to his house. I said ok with confusion, he came and sat in the front bar of the cycle and showed me the way of his house, even while riding he was no quiet, he was caressing my front part. It was an apartment,

I left my cycle near the gate and went on holding his hand, we reached the lift, thankfully no one was there, he came close by keeping his hand in my butt and gave a lip lock, now I started to enjoy. He took me to his house (everyone went out for a marriage) he quickly switched his system in his bed room and showed some of gay clips to me, it looked awkward at beginning but I enjoyed, on the sudden he came forward with just his boxers,

His toned sculpted body(for the first time I saw his body) his abs made me crazy, I also saw his tent in his shorts, I just saw some blowjob scenes, I quickly kept my hand on his hard rod, it was so hard and big(it also made me feel hot now by imagining it) probably 8 inch, this time I lose my control and pushed him in bed I quickly removed his shorts and began to lick it like a dog, though it was salty, it was wonderful, I become mad took his entire rod in my mouth.

Oh! It was amazing, he started to enjoy. I turned in to slut, I didn’t able to leave it, it went for 15 to 20 min. he lost is control and unloaded his love juice inside my mouth, I drank each and every drop of it, I licked and cleaned it by myself, now it was his turn, he made me naked, I really felt like a shy girl, he came near me and started to chew my nipple, it felt amazing, he turned me in quick manners and began to eat my ass, on the sudden we heard the calling bell, sound and we began to look for our dress. With this I’m gonna to stop and continue in next story till then bye, send your feedback to / /