Sixtees Mein Pehla Experience

By : Gupta.Prem760
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Hi readers, this is Prem prakash Gupta from Punjab. This is my first story and is a true story. You people don’t believe that now I am 63 years old and this homosexual experience is my first one which happened about two months back. About me I am 63 years old retired teacher. I am a dark and still active baniya. My height is 5.7”, average built. I always remained sex maniac, but always thought about females and always had sex experience with females only.

Though I didn’t have many extramarital sex experiences (4 times I had sex outside wedlock)., but I always remained sex maniac, I could never control my feelings, whenever I came across any lady of any age group. I have many instances of rubbing genitals with ladies. Some enjoyed it and to others I made it look like accidental contact.

People who know me very well use to talk behind me about this habit, anyhow at this age ladies they don’t suspect anything fishy but I am enjoying my life there is a person named Ramesh Garg in our neighborhood. He is about 10 years younger to me. A person with 6 feet height, good mustaches, average built with macho voice, but his habits are somewhat different. He use to sit in company of females, his walk is somewhat like ladies. He usually stays at home, as he is landlord and has given money on interest. He is good friend of mine.

Though people talk about his feminine characters and sometime they taunt me also that I must have fucked him, I tell people that I am not interested in males, if you want to connect me, please do connect my name with any female. I never felt anything wrong with him but till 2 months back. 2 months back we group of about 10 people went to a religious tour. There at one place we had to stay for a night. We took 3 rooms 2 rooms with 4 beds and 1 double bedroom.

We 2 were staying in that double bed room. I never thought anything wrong about anything. I wear cotton homemade underwear which is very loose and comfortable. At night after dinner I took bath and came out in my underwear as we were 2 males in the room, so I decided to sleep in UW only as I was use to at my house. But I noted that Ramesh was constantly looking at my groin region and was somewhat restless, but I was comfortable so I ignored.

Then he took bath and came out in white cotton homemade UW only. I noticed his body his legs were thin and hairless. His chest was also hairless and his boobs were larger than normal male nipples, maybe he was 54 years old so due to age his boobs enlarged. I was feeling for any lady after looking at his body. He was looking at my groin area constantly with greedy eyes. I don’t know why his looks made me horny and my penis became semi erect.

I controlled myself and went to bed. He usually sleeps in shorts which he took out but not wore and he also went to bed in his UW only. I was thinking with my eyes closed that may be people’s perception about Ramesh is right. After about 30 minutes as I was about to sleep, I felt a hot hand on my right thigh. I felt bit uncomfortable, but thought may be Ramesh is in sleep. I ignored and my male ego didn’t allow me to remove his hand. And what more I was enjoying his touch. After 2 mins his courage increased and he moved his hand up in my UW.

Now I was sure that it is intentional but why I should stop him, I thought. My breath increased. He knew that no male will cry if his penis is being touched. He moved further up. By this time my penis became totally erect. As I never allowed my sex desire to diminish, mine was quiet big at the age of 63, it is about 7” and girth is also good. He noticed my erection and by seeing this he became fearless and he caught my 7” erect penis firmly by putting his hand in my uw.
He whispered,“wow what a tool Guptaji, tabhi to ladies aap pe marti hai aur aap ko aapki harkato se rokti nahi. Kaise maintain kiya is umar tak? mera to jawani me bhi itna bada nahi tha”. I spoke,“Garg yaar kya kar rahe ho, kya yeh achha lagta hai”. He spoke,“Gupta ji aapki mardangi ko to 4 chand lag jayege aaj kyoki aajtak aapne ise sirf ladies pe ghisaia hi hai. Aal jab ek mard ko har tarah se chodoge to aapki mardangi to badegi hi .kyo manjoor hai”?

I didn’t know what to answer ,as I couldn’t say no, because if I do it can raise questions to my Mardangi. So I said Ok. Garg maine kabhi kisi aadmi ke saath kiya nahi. I don’t know what to do. He smiled and took my tool in his mouth after quickly removing UWs of both of us. I was lying straight. He lie opposite to me and started sucking vigorously. I can’t tell u the pleasure it was giving me; I never had in my life.

 I regularly fuck my wife and once my maid and 3 of my colleagues. Neither of them had given me such pleasure because no one sucked my tool properly, as forcefully I tried my wife to suck my tool, but as she didn’t like sucking, it never pleased me. But today I was in 7th heaven. He was taking it completely to his throat. I saw his erect penis in front of my mouth I was looking at him enjoying sucking.

Once a thought came to my mind of taking it in my mouth but my male ego stopped me. His was about 5”, not very thick and not rock solid. I took it in my hand started rubbing it. He increased his speed; he was taking my penis in and out of his mouth and licking my balls too. He was taking care of my balls and bat. I started moaning and I firmly caught his balls and pressed hard and he cried and said Guptaji dheere meri jaan hi nikaal di.

I said Garg kamine tu to Kisi expert randi se bhi badiya chusta hai saale agar itne maaje de sakta to itne saal kaha mara raha tujhe tera baap dikhai nahi diya. He said Gupta ji meri nigaah to bahut saalo se thi,Par kabhi mauka hi nahi mila. jab bhi aako UW mein dekta tha tabhi ander jaa ke kela choos choos ke khata tha. Maine mohalle ke 20-20 saal ke ladko ke sath 2-3 baar kiya hai lekin aap jaisa koi nahi.

Wo Saale to abhi se hi fuss hai. pehle to khada mushkil se hota hai phir 2 min mein hi jad jate hai. Aap kya khate ho? Baat karte karte he exploded in my hands and made my hands sticky. I cleaned my hands by rubbing it on his thighs and tummy. He said mai to hath mein jhad bhi gaya aur aap ko to pehle se choos raha hoo. He increased his speed. I started sucking his chest and bitting his nipples. He moaned and said Guptaji aap bahut bedard ho. I said saale mard bedard hi hote hai aur tu meri randi hai apne kaam pe dhyan de bol mat.

After about 10 minutes more I exploded my load in mouth. To my utter surprise it was in such large amount that I never thought that I have exploded this much on my honeymoon either. He started drinking it. I said kutte yeh bahut kimti hai iski ek boond bhi waste nahi jaani chahiye. He said he is not going to let a single drop to get waste. In about 2 minutes he drank whole of my load. And sat down I was exhausted.

He said Guptaji have you ever tasted your own cum. I said no. he sat and came to me and started smooching me. Though he was being fucked by me, but physically he was much stronger than me. He caught me from hair and started deep kissing me. In his mouth there was some of my semen which came to my mouth? It tasted salty. I tried to get out of his grip but it was so strong that I couldn’t.

He put his tongue in my mouth and was kissing me strongly. I started enjoying his this act also. By his tongue excitement raised so much that during his smooch of 5 minutes my penis again became erect and exploded. His powerful grip was making me feel secure in his grip also. So I enjoyed 2 parts of sex which I never did in my life. He left me and while cleaning his lips said: sorry Guptaji I am always there for you for fuck.

But I always wanted to deep kiss you and suck your lips also and wanted to exchange our saliva also. Which you won’t have allowed so easily. So I have to use force. My lips were bleeding due to his powerful kiss. He said sorry, Ab aap mujhe chod lo. I said I have cummed twice during short time it won’t be possible for me to fuck you. He smiled and said I am not going to let this lifetime opportunity to go by without being fucked by you.

Don’t know if we will get another chance like this or not. By saying this he took my tool in his mouth again and to my surprise in 2 minutes it was rock solid and was larger than ever. Then he came in doggy position and gave me some oil from his bag to apply on my penis and his ass. He said I have allowed only 2 people to fuck his ass in whole of his life. But they were also not that big they were around 6.

So it might hurt a little. I put some oil on my penis and his ass and tried to put it in. his ass was tight and it took me about 3-4 tries to get in .when it entered he cried and so do I because it hurt me, but after 2 minutes he was moaning laud. I was also enjoying it very much. He said Gupta ji now I have become your slave as I have never seen someone sexually so strong at this age. After about 5 minutes.

I came down and exploded in his ass. Then slowly I removed my penis from his ass. Then we slept completely naked over each other. Now at the age of 63 I have enjoyed all forms of sex with a macho stronger man than me. I enjoyed this night more than any night in my whole life. In morning we woke up took bath and got ready. I asked him that u are quiet powerful, you could have fuck me also forcefully why you didn’t.

He said the pleasure one get by sucking cock and by being fucked is much more than what you got. I can fuck my wife anytime and as many times I would like to, but I didn’t let this opportunity of being fucked by you. I did what I wanted to. I sucked your cock. I was fucked by you. I wanted to taste your lips which you wouldn’t have allowed so easily so I did that forcefully. Then we left the room and went on with our tour.

I was thinking whole tour that is it more enjoyable to be bottom than being top, as told by Garg. Anyhow this enjoyment was also more than enough for me. May be I can get other side of it some other time. But for that I have to suppress my big male ego. Now 2 months have passed but we didn’t get any other chance. But that night has opened a new chapter in my life. If you people liked this story and interested in me mail me at / / Thanks.