Sucking Is Such A Pleasure

By : Anielkpics

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Hi Guys, this is Aniel with the second story of my gay life. I have written my previous experience under “Childhood Experiences”. After my first experience, I didnt have any chance for gay sex nor was I eagerly looking for it. But a chance came unexpectedly.

I was in 10th std and used to go for tuition to my class teachers house. It is a single BHK flat and had a big balcony. You can see the bedroom from the balcony. Mam sometimes go out to attend marriage or other functions and this is the best time of our life as we join together and play. We were about 10 students in the class including girls.

All of us play together but only a group of 3 guys do not play with us but they go into the bedroom and lock it, saying they want to study. This was usual. One day, no body else were there in the class. It was only me and those 3 guys. As usual mam went for a function and these guys closed the bedroom door. We never bothered about these guys being alone in the room so nobody wanted to know what exactly they are doing but since I was alone, I just wanted to check them.

I went to the balcony quietly and saw that the windows are open (poor guys didnt know to do things properly). I peeped in and was shocked to see what was happening. Two guys were sitting on a single chair with one spread his leg wide and another sitting within. The guy’s ass was touching the other guys dick and he has closed his legs so that he could feel the ass with his dick.

The guys at the back and put his arms around the other guys waist and was caressing it slowly, occasionally touching and caressing his dick. Both had their eyes closed and am sure were in heaven. The third guy was sitting few inches away looking at them and masturbating. I was turned on by this and started thinking about my past experiences. I couldnt wait to barge in and jump on those guys and have a rough sex but thought of seeing what else they do.

I waited for about 15 mins and they arent progressing in any way. These were 7th std students so its quite possible that they do not know much to do but just enjoying the tickling feeling when someone touches your dick. Growing impatient. I called out one of the guys name, Balu and everyone got scared. They tried to hide what they were doing and he stood from the chair immediately.

He was the guy who was enjoying the ass of another guy with his dick while caressing the other guys dick. They just stood there knowing nothing to do. I just asked them “What are you doing?” as if I was shocked to see them in that position. They tried to say something but nothing escaped their mouth. I asked them to open the door and I moved away from the window to reach inside the room, all they while thinking of this opportunity and how to use it carefully and completely.

Once I was inside, I asked them the same question, “What were you doing?”. No one could say anything but just put their heads down in shame. I asked them who is responsible for this, and the other two pointed out to Balu and said “Anna, he is the one who taught all this to us. We do not know anything. Please Anna, do not tell it to anyone”.

I looked at Balu in anger and asked others to move out of the room. I told them that I need to talk to Balu about this personally. I asked them to leave to their home right now. It was just 7 PM and mamma would return only by 10. I had 3 hrs in hand and a guy to do whatever I want. I was happy that I have someone at my command and he would do anything to please me at this moment.

Here is how our conversation went

Me: Balu, do you know what you were doing?

Balu: Yes anna, I know and I am sorry

Me: Who taught you all these?

Balu: One of my cousin came for a holiday and taught me during his stay here

Me: Do you know its wrong?

Balu: Yes anna, but I am very much addicted to the pleasure and cannot get away

Me: If you are addicted to the pleasures, then how come you think its wrong?

Balu: because everyone thinks that way including you and that is why you are questioning me

Me: No, there is another reason for me to question you

Balu: What?

Me: Tell me what you were doing?

Balu: (hesitating) I was just touching his

Me: Is that all you know?

Balu: Yes anna, I just touch and feel it.

I was getting horny by this talk. I was talking in a voice of seduction and he was getting comfortable slowly. I got a hard-on under my pants and it was paining. It needed some attention and so I moved more into the subject. I kept a hand on his shoulders and told him

Me: There is nothing wrong in this. You do not have to listen to what others saying, just enjoy your life in whatever way you wish to. It is wrong only if you have friends who turn you in when there is trouble like those 2 guys

Balu: What do you say then?

Me: What you need is a person like me, who can keep it confidential and can teach you more

At this point, Balu understood what I am and started smiling.

Me: Touch my dick Balu

Balu started feeling my dick outside the pants and started caressing it up and down. I just had both my hands on his shoulder and looking at his eyes. A little precum came and it was showing on my pants. I did not want my pants to get dirty so I asked him to remove my pants. He did it. Then I asked him to remove my underwear and he did that too. He say my dick of 4″ but straight at 90degree and he asked

Balu: How come yours is big and straight?

Me: It would be for everyone as they age.

Balu: But mine is limp and flaccid

Me: I will teach you new things and your dick will also get hard

He was caressing my naked dick.

Me: Have you sucked dick?

Balu: No

Me: Do you want to suck mine?

Balu: No, I do not think its hygienic nor have experience in it

Me: Hygiene is out of question when it comes to sex. I will show you how good it is and you can return the favor

Saying this, I started unbuttoning his trousers and underwear. I saw a small, cute, white dick and a ball sack bigger than it. I removed my pants & underwear which were around my knees and knelt down in front of him. My face was in front of his dick. I started to just burry my face on his dick and balls. I thought not to use hands so that it would be interesting. After some time, I started licking the entire region.

I had asked Balu to hold his shirt up so its not bothering me. As he was holding it up, I could see his navel region which was plumpy, deep and round like a girl. I also started licking his navel, alternating between both. After a round of licking, I took the balls in my mouth and was sucking it like hell. He let out a moan and was sounding like a women in ecstasy. I was sucking and licking the balls without using my hands. His dick was on my face and balls in my mouth.

By now his dick was hard and I showed that to him

Me: See Balu, I have made your dick hard. That is the magic of using your mouth on the dick

Balu just looked at me for a moment and before I could finish saying what I had to say, he pushed my head to his dick with his hands. I realized that he is addicted to one more thing. Since his dick was still small, I could not use my hands and shag so I took it in my mouth directly and started sucking it. I could easily take it in my mouth and started sucking. I kept my hands on his thighs and was sucking his dick.

He closed his eyes and had his head up. I stopped sucking and asked him to open his eyes and look down in my eyes. I was sucking with my eyes open and now looking straight into his eyes. It gave a different feeling as we could communicate that both are enjoying, through our eyes.

He moved his hands from his waist to my head, holding my hair. He started moving his hips to my thrusts and after few seconds I stopped sucking but just kept my mouth open. He was actually mouth fucking me. This went on for about 10 mins and finally he came in my mouth.

I did not like it so I spit it out. He let out a loud moan, his thigh muscles stiffened as he ejaculated. He was panting very hard and couldnt stand any more. He sat on the bed and says me spitting his cum out. He said sorry and I said I need revenge. He understood what I meant.

I stood up and sat beside him and told him how I wanted to be enjoyed.

Me: Balu, How was it?

Balu: I have never enjoyed so much, anna

Me: Now do you know the how good it is?

Balu: yes anna

Me: Want to return the favor?

Balu: defintely

Me: But I need it differently

Balu: Tell me

Me: I will lay on this bed, I want you to kiss every part of my body for sometime before you start sucking

Balu: Okay anna

I removed my shirt and asked him to remove it as well. I lay on the bed and he was besides me. I asked him to come on top of me. Our chests and dicks met. I opened my legs so that he is inside me. He started kissing my forehead and move to eyes, nose and cheeks. He skipped the lips but I held his head by hair, he shouted a little in pain and I used my tongue to lick his upper lips and suck it.

My other hand was caressing his ass. It was a plumpy ass and pounding that would be an ultimate fun, But for now, we were concentrating only on sucking the penis. He went to the neck and that was like magic. It was so good that I started moaning like a girl. He then started sucking my nipples one after another. I was in great ecstasy and moaning little loud. He moved to my navel but I pulled him up and asked him to suck my nipple for some more time.

I asked him to use his tip of the tongue to just touch and lick the nipples. I t was so awesome.

After the navel, he moved to the dick finally. He did exactly the same say I did. First, the ball and then the dick. Since mine was also not that big, he could take the full in his mouth. As I was lying on bed i could not thrust so I spread my legs as wide as possible, held his head by hair and pushing it.

I have dreamt of talking dirty in Tamil while someone is sucking my cock and this dream has come true. I started talking dirty while he was sucking.Dei naaye, sappu da, nalla sappu da. Porambokku naaye, enna da paakkure nalla umbhuda. Thevidya payya, naan undha sappunella da, neeyum nalla sappu da. Nallaa potta maadhiri sei da.”

I was repeating those words until I was getting high. I increased the speed as I was nearing climax and he couldnt take that speed and was choking. Finally, after a min of rigorous sucking, I exploded in my mouth completely. I held his mouth so tightly that he was struggling to breathe and spit out the cum. He had to give up and swallow it. I then let him out.

He initially was like crying but I consoled him saying this is what sex is all about, either you give what your partner wants or the partner gets it by force.” He said all the enjoyment he had has gone now because of this. I told him we have much more to do. It was already 9:30 and I could expect mam anytime so we dressed up and went to the hall. Waited for mam and when she came, we went to our home. We started having sessions whenever possible and once we had a girl join us. I will write about it later. Mail your comments to / /