Searching For Gay Partner

By: Naveennambu

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Hello friends, I am very happy to share my experiences through this site to all. I’m Swaroop resident of Rayalaseema. I am now aged about 50 plus at present I am staying at Hyderabad. Let me say about my early age. While I was teenagers, I used to play with my friends. My friends were naughty one and now and then they used to exibit their cocks and used to compare with the others the lengh of the cocks and enjoy.

I used to see their cocks but never tried to exibit my cock to others since it was only one inch. All used to force me to open and exibit my cock. On my refusal, by force they open my nikker and on seeing it they used to laugh at me. I could not able to stand there and I used to run. During night times I could not able to get sleep since the incident took placed on that day realed before my eyes. Days passed for two years. My dad passed away and I and my mom remain without protection.

Mom used to work in rich people houses for our livelyhood. Due to poverty I couldnot able to go school and started doing work here and there to get money. One day one hotel owner called me to work and promised me to pay good salay on seeing my work. With the permission of mom I started working in hotel. The hotel starts from 5.00 am and ends at 10.00 pm. In middle he used to give permission of one hour to take rest. The owner of the hotel was nearly 45 years and having huge body.

He was very rough in nature and also bodyly. He never used to wear underwear. On lungi he used to work throughout day. Now and then His tool appears when his lungi gets separeted but he immediately adjust it to its original position. His name was Suraiah, widower not having children. Actually he was not from our town, came from some other place and started hotel here. He was black in colour and appears to be ugly in personality. But his tool was very strong, lengthy un cut.

I used to wait to see his cock. Days passed and one day one of my co-worker told me that he was gay and had contacts with children. It may be the reason for he kept employed in his hotel. I prentended before him as if I am fear but my inner soul felt happy. On that movement I tried to move closely with him. Gradualy I became very close to him and he used to purchase clothes and gives money when ever I need Mom felt happy.

The hotel owner one day asked me to inform my mom that my presence was required at night times also and when ever there was no work I can go to my home. On hearing this mom permited me to stay at hotel during night times also. That day I stayed night with him at hotel at about 10.30, there were no workers in hotel. He called me to his room when I went there he was nude sleeping on cat as soon as I enter in his room he called me by raising hands towards me. I was waiting for that oppertunity.

I went near his bed and sat on my knee before him. He said that he knows that I was also gay likes cocks that too big ones. He pulled up and shown his cock. It was erected and may be 8 inches above. The head came outside of skin and the hole was also big just like small finger size. The area was fully covered with big jengle. His balls were also very big. He took his tool in his hands and shown to me and said do you like it. I could not able to talk but I moved my head.

He stood and taken my hand into his hands and hugged me. He kissed me this was the first time that seeing lovely cock and also manly touch to my body. It was a pleasent feeling which cannot be explained. It seems that totally female qualities entered into my body. He placed one of my hands on his tool. On my touch it jumped up. He said that his cock was very eager to enter in my asshole. On hearing the words, my body felt heavenly I bent down and kept his cock in my mouth.

Ohhh!!! It was big and my mouth was not able to take it. I sucked its head smoothly and then forcefully. He lefted me and kissed. He removed my cloths one by one and made me nude.

He saw my cock surprisingly and holds it in his hand. I couldnot able to control mysel and made cum on his hands. He simply ate it and said it was so tasty.He sucked my nipples one by one and it was a pleasure for me. He said that my body was totally female body and it was so smoth and my lips were very tasty.On saying that my body was female body, I felt very much happy. I said to him I loved him so much and waiting for this movement. I want permenently with him and asked him to promise to look after me properly.

He made a promise and asked me to satisfy him whenever he requires me. I too promised him he took me in his hands very easyly and placed me on cat and made me to show my ass. He sucked my ass hole and fucked with his fingers for a while and then asked me to drink brandy because my hole was too small to bear his cock I too said yes. Both of us taken drink and he made me dogstyle and fucked me throughout night and made me to eat cum for two times.

At about 5.00 am we got up and both made bathing nude. I sucked his lovely cock and asked him to cum and he cummed into my mouth. I ate it happily. Next Sunday I went to my home and said to my mom that I got my partner and i want to stay with him here in after with out fear. First my mom expressed angry but later on said that you had done good thing since you cannot satisfy woman and blessed me.