Unexpected Fun With My Cousin

Hi, readers. This is Naresh, 23 old guy with average physic from Chennai. I am a regular reader of ISS and its gay stories. Before 2 years, I even dont know what is gay sex until I saw my cousin who is distant relation to me and happened to met him recently. He is very handsome and got very good body. Not too muscular but gym toned body. I was surprised to see him after a long time with a manly face and body.

He came and hugged me and said that he missed me a lot. My parents asked me to show his room as he is gonna stay for few days here for some work. I happily put my hand over his shoulder (Wow! he got tight arms and broad shoulder) and chatted about our old days. I showed his room and asked him to refresh. I dont know what happened to me after seeing him, I felt something strange in me.

I sighted many girls in my school days and also now in my office but nothing disturbed me like this.) After a long thought, I came to know that I not a straight but Bi-sexual person Rajesh called me from outside (Oh! fuck I forgot to tell his name, his name is Rajesh) and asked me to accompany him to his shopping. I went with him in his bike.

We went to that famous shopping mall where he purchased some stuffs and he took a condom when I was turning around that side looking for some deodrant spray.. He thought that I didnt see that and then we finished billing and come outside and had a lunch in a hotel. We had some chat on the way to our home. After reaching the home, the door was locked. A neighhour gave a key and said that my parents were in hurry as one of our relations from my fathers side was dead and has to go urgently.

We unlocked the door and I asked Rajesh to get refresh and I will go and purchase some bread to prepare bread toast for our dinner and I went out to buy it. After I came to home, the door remained unlocked and rajesh was laid over the sofa with wet body and a towel wrapping around his waist. I noticed that towel didnt cover his parts. I was shocked to see his cock in erected position dancing in the air.

I dont know what happened, called him by his name and asked to cover him and went to my room to freshen up. While washing my face, his erected cock was coming over my eyes and thought what a stupid am I, I may have go and help his cock with my mouth as he may not react negative for that. I washed my face and while wipping my face, I saw Rajesh lying in my bed but now without towel.

Wow, his cock is around 7 inches and thick. I feel like go and suck his cock and make him cum on my face. I was so happy to see him naked in my bed but even thought I had some feelings and asked him what he is doing in my bed naked. He didnt react to that. I came closer to him and asked him again with some high tone.

He suddenly pulled my hand and I fell over his body, he kissed me in my lips holding my face with force. I tried to pull myself back by cant come out with his powerful arm. Soon, I too enjoyed it and stopped to resist and then he pulled me in the bed and came over me and kissed me in my lips for some time. Then he moved to my neck and sucked my nipples for some time and came to belly and sucked me there.

Wow I felt like that Im cumming, and then he unbuttoned my pant and unzipped it, pulled it down. He placed his lips on my cock covered with my boxer. He sucked my dick without pulling my boxer and I cummed in my boxer. Now he pulled my boxer down and sucked my bare cock and ate all my sperms. He even sucked the sperm in boxer. He said that my cum is tastier than any others. Now he pulled the shopping cover and took a condom from it.

He put a condom in his dick and pulled my legs upwards and opened my bare butt.I was scared and told him not to fuck me as I didnt do that before. He said that it will be painful first few pushes and I will enjoy after that. While saying this he pushed his dick in my hole. I screamed like hell and told him to take it out. He said that he just started and only his head gone inside and there is lot more.

He pushed his dick again, I was shouting like hell and neighbours can hear my shout. He pulled a bedsheet and put it in my mouth and continued to fuck me again.. It was painful for me first but then it became so enjoyful and pulled bedsheet out of my mouth and let out a soft moan. He was laughing at me and said that you are such a bitch enjoying the fuck. I was angered by the word bitch from his mouth and warned him if he speaks like that again

I will not let him fuck me anymore. He got convinced and kissed me over my lips and continued to fuck me by placing his both hands on my chest and pulling my nipples. It continued for 15 minutes and Rajesh let out a moan and I came to know that he is going to cum. He cummed inside me and pulled his dick out of my asshole. I feel his cum inside me dripping outside. I liked that feeling.

He lyied beside me by kissing my cheeks and asked, did I enjoyed it. I told him yes, I enjoyed it and want to do the same to him. He said okay and sucked his whole body, his cum dripping dick. I felt like vomiting by the smell but he pushed my face over his dick and fucked my mouth. I took the condom from his bag and I started to fuck him. By my surprise, my cock went into his asshole easily with out any force and asked him about that.

He said that he had many gay friends in Trichy and got fucked many times. I was surprised to hear that as his father is strict like a policemen and how did he get dared to have fun like this but I didnt asked him about that but asked him later and it shocked me. I will tell that in my next story I fucked him for long time and it took some time to cum as I did cummed many times before Rajesh fucked me.

We continued our fun till my parents came home and he was married now and got a child but even now we enjoy whenever we get chance. From the day onwards, Im sighting both boys and girls with good looks if you like my story, you can mail me at / / both Guys and girls are welcome.