An Unexpected Experience

Heres the beginning of the story of my life which is not only memorable but unforgettable. I and my dear friend Prakash (name changed for privacy) were in class XI then. We were very close and used to do school or tuitions together always. He is my dear, closest friend till now.

That day we had our chemistry tuition but when we reached we got to know that our teacher had some urgent outing, so he wouldnt be able to take our classes that week. We became very happy because of that unexpected vacation. Then he proposed, ‘oye, shall you go to the cafe? I have some work with the syllabus. I said, ‘Okay, lets go, We went to the cafe and got into a cabin. Smoothly we started with our work and just after we completed everything he said, ‘We have much time left, umm.. shall we watch porn? I said, ‘Dont ever ask about that. Abbe just do it, man!

We laughed, and started searching for good porn. We were watching and getting hot. As the videos were going we were feeling someone taking our cocks on. sshhhh…oh my! man, what the hell! I just wanted to do anything to free my tool. Ohhhh, Well, we paid the cafe and set for our houses. But my darling (Prakash) proposed, ‘Oye, lets go to my home.

Why? I objected Abbe, nothing its just he continued. Okay babba, lets go. I replied. Then we entered his house, and saw that nobody was there. Okay, thats all we had, lets party! Lol! Then he told me to wait until he washes his face etc. I was sitting on the sofa. There was a book on the table, I grabbed that and sarted reading. I dont know what it was but I just drownen into some fantasy.

Everything was so vague but still I was feeling some sort of incomplete as if Im so alone. I couldnt count minutes that suddenly Prakash came and gave me his t-shirt and shorts and told to change. I was jerked, and, before I could find my tongue he exclaimed, ‘hey, what is it? Whats wrong? You okay? I fumbled, said, ‘Yeah, I mean, Nah, what happened? He said and I just jerked out everything I felt. He just threw himself on the sofa, beside me and said, ‘Yup yaar, its some sort of lonely!

Meanwhile his hand held mine and I could not keep my nerve. I just hugged him, I held him and wished this to be never ending. But I had to release him. He left the sofa to bring some water. I held his hand from behind and called “Prakash!”, my voice shaked a little, and he just jumped over me and our lips were caressing each other. His tongue thrushed into my mouth, I let it and felt like being in heaven.

I held his cheeks with my hands and said, “Je taime. Ne me tuez pas, sil tu plait!” (I love you. Dont kill me, please) and he kissed me again on my lips. Irresistively we took out our shirts and trousers. We were in our underwear only. He was lying on my chest hovering his hands there. I was coarsing his hair, both of us quiet, silent. We were just feeling the situation.

We were dedicating each other. Then he lifted up his head and started rubbing his face on my shoulder and he was panting like hell. He makes me lie down on the sofa and pulled out my underwear. I did the same to him. Oh gosh hed really got a huge cock. Now we were nude, completely given to each other. He held my erect cock and towed me to the bed. Thrushed me there and took my tool into his wet and warm mouth.

I was moaning in pleasure, as if reached to the 7th heaven after some minutes of that suck I lifted his head and kissed o his lips and proposed for a 69. I really loved to suck his 7.5″ cock (mines 7.3 perhaps) then he reached my chest, and started sucking my nipples like crazy. It seemed that hed eat them! I got an orgasm. Thanks to him for that top pleasing feeling.

After that he took his cock and applied some oil, and also applied that on my asshole. Oh my godddddd! It felt so horny that someone else is touching and rubbing my hole oooohh, please never stop! Well, then he started rubbing his hard erect cock on my hole and I was just in heaven! I never thought it could be so beautiful. Then he pushed his dick and as it was sliding in I was feeling pain. I almost screamed.

He said, ‘itd be okay and pushed his whole tool into me. You know, the pain got five times sharper, and I closed my eyes, stopped breathing. Then he pulled out his thing and it was also very pleasing. But after some more pushes I was enjoying and getting horny very much. He was fucking me, his dear slave. No! Darling

In tandem he was sucking my nipples lying over me after sometimes of that devine he got harder and increased the speed. I knew he was going to cum and really he unloaded himself into my hole. Oh boy! It was like hot lava flowing through my anus! Hot pleasure!

Then I jerked my penis and he took it into his hole, uuumm my god I never ever got such pleasing moment before even while masturbaating. I was full of devine love and pleasure. I was just fucking him and after some times I also scattered my sperm into his hole. I got another orgasm.

Then we were lying holding each other. I was hovering my hand over his chest. I asked we must leave. Your parentsd come and he said, No darling, this night is ours. They wouldt come today. We shall go school together tomorrow. It made me happy and we continued loving each other the night. Friends please email me your comments. ID: / / Thanks for reading