On A Vacation With Family

I previously wrote a story called, spending time with Kathir. This is my second story that I am writing. This is a true incident that happened when I went on a holiday with my relatives and it a continuation of my pervious story also.

My family and my both of my uncle’s families decided to go on a vacation out of town for a week. In my family it was my dad, my mom and me. One of my uncle’s side there is my uncle Kathir and his wife and then on my other uncle’s side it was my uncle Vel, his wife and his two kids Suresh and Kumar. Suresh is older than me by one year and Kumar is younger than me by one year. Since we are similar age we didn’t have problem getting along with each other. We were close.

We stayed over at a hotel. We got 3 rooms together. One for the my mom and aunts and one for my dad and uncles and the other one for three boys. We went to the hotel and unpacked our bags and we decided to get shower, get ready and then to go eat outside. I went into our room to get ready. My dad came in and checked on us and to see if we needed help. Suresh was in the washroom getting a bath. Kumar wanted to use the washroom after so I told him he can, so he was waiting beside the washroom. As soon as Suresh came out, Kumar went in. I was helping the boys with their bags. Suresh said he will wait downstairs near the lobby. I was waiting for Kumar to come out of the washroom and when he did I told him that his brother was downstairs and if he wants he can go wait downstairs. Kumar got ready and left downstairs. I put my phone on the charger and went into the washroom to take a shower.

As I was in the middle of showering, I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t know who it was. I asked “Who is it?” they didn’t answer. They were still knocking on the door. I guess they didn’t hear me. So I wrapped myself in a towel and went to open the door. As I walked toward the door, someone was trying to open the door with a key. I thought it was Suresh because he was the other one to have the door key. When the door fully opened I saw my uncle Kathir standing there.

I asked “What are you doing here Kathir and how did you get the keys to our room.”
He said he saw Suresh leaving and he got the keys from them. He said his room washroom there was a delay and my dad and my other uncle are taking so long.

I said he can use the washroom after I finish showering. Kathir said, we can speed up the process by taking a shower together. I laughed at him and said he can wait until I came out. Kathir turned around and locked the room door from inside so no one can open from the front. I told him to leave the door open because my dad would come to check on us. Kathir said my dad knows that he is here so he will not come.

I ran for the washroom and Kathir pulled me towards him as I was about to run to the washroom. He hugged me from behind and whispered into my ears “shall we have some quality time again.” I tried to escape but he was holding to me strong enough. He moved his hands along my chest and toward my stomach area. He grabbed my dick with his hands and started to rub it in his hands while I was in my towel. I couldn’t help myself. I just stood there helpless. When he was rubbing my hands my dick grew. I couldn’t control it. I told him to stop and leave the room. He took me to the washroom and locked the washroom door. He got undressed and stood there naked.

I said “I am sorry I can not do this, please leave the washroom or else I am leaving.” I said in a angry voice.

He was shocked and said “What’s wrong Santhosh, I thought you liked to spend time with me.”

I said “Forget about whatever happened last time, I don’t want that to happen. Please leave the room.” I turned around to leave the washroom. When I took the step out of the washroom door, I slipped and fell on the floor. I lied there with my towel lose. Kathir ran towards me and tired to help me up. I was in pain. He carried me toward the bed and helped me lay down on the bed. He called my dad and told him that I fell and I was in pain.

My dad and everyone came, I was just wrapped in towel and a blanket over me. Everyone was there questioning my uncle as to what happened. I told them to leave as I just wanted to take a rest. My dad said he will stay and take care of me and he told the rest of the people to go eat at a restaurant.

I said to my dad that I will be fine alone and told him to go with others. He said he is not going to leave me alone and go. My uncle Kathir said he will stay with me, and told my dad to go with others, because my dad knows the places in this city.

My dad agreed and said he will bring food for me and Kathir. I said I will be fine alone. But my dad said I had to stay with Kathir. I didn’t want to argue with my dad so I said ok.

They all left and Kathir locked the door and came sat next to me. He said in soft voice “I am sorry.” I didn’t know what to say. I said its ok nothing to worry. I was in pain and I asked him to see if he can find me any pain relief medicine. He found a pain relief cream. I tried to put it on my back on my own and I couldn’t. Kathir asked if he can help so I said ok. He helped me turn around and when I turned around my towel got lose and Kathir said “Why are you struggling, you can just take off the towel” I was in pain and the towel was not comfortable around my hips so I took it off. I laid there with my bareback.

Kathir applied the cream on my back and massaged it. It felt good. I was little relieved. He asked if I was feeling any pains anywhere. I said also on my leg. He asked where on my leg and I showed him its on the front of my leg and above my knees. He turned me around and massaged my legs. His soft hands made me feel I was in paradise. It felt so good. He asked if he can remove his t-shirt as it was getting hot. He removed his t-shirt and took one of my lungi and wrapped himself.

Kathir then massaged my legs and I was feeling the pressure and he started to massage my leg higher and higher. I said that’s enough. But Kathir didn’t listen he took my dick and rubbed it in his hands. My dick grew and he put it in his mouth and started sucking it. I was trying to move but my back wouldn’t let me, but soon it felt good. He was sucking my dick and I started to mourn. It was feeling good. He knew I am starting to like it. He continued sucking me. Then he lay near me and started sucking my nipple and started jerking my dick.

He forced me cum in a while. I felt tired and closed my eyes. Kathir asked if I was ok. I couldn’t even reply to him. I was in back pain. He put his hands on my chest and rubbed my chest with his hands and he said everything would be fine.

Soon there was a sound on at the door. Someone was knocking at the door. Kathir pulled the blanket up and covered myself and put on his lungi and t-shirt and walked toward the door to open. It was the room service boy and he just came to ask if everything was ok and if we needed help. Kathir said we were fine and we will call if we need anything.

My uncle was still in a sexy mood. He closed the door behind him and started stripping his clothes. He got on the bed naked and massaged my back. I got to say after his massage, my back pain was gone. It felt good. I told Kathir that my back wasn’t hurting anymore. He was happy to hear. He flipped me up and he lifted my legs up.

I said “What are you doing?” with a curious voice.

“Nothing, just relax” said Kathir. He put his dick inside my ass and pushed in hard. I screamed and he said not to make any sound, because there could be people walking on the hallway. He covered my mouth a little and told me to bit his hand if it hurts. He started to rock in and out. He pushed his dick back and front for a long time then took his dick out and then started to suck my dick again.

He was good sucker. I was feeling good. I never stop him when he is sucking my dick. It always felt good for me. He then started fucking my ass again and after a while was about to come. I told him to not to come inside me. He took his dick out and came on my legs.

He cleaned it up after and put his clothes on and got me new sets of clothes so I can wear and get ready before rest of the people come back from their lunch. As soon as we finished cleaning, rest of the people came back. They brought us food for my uncle, Kathir and for myself to eat. I will continue with this story in the next story. If you guys like my story people email me your comments to / / Thank you.