Rainy Day Fun

Rainy day in Punjab, business calls needed to be completed so I had to be out, I was in 1 of the big cities and after finishing 1 of my calls I am waiting for an auto, here the public transport system is nonexistent so sharing autos and jeeps are the best way to travel.

I am waiting and I spot an auto coming towards me, I flag it down in the pouring rain and it stops, the back side is completely full the only seat that is left is near the driver, I hesitantly take it as I know it has a potential of getting me even more wetter than I am.

After the auto starts to move, I notice a young sardar driver driving this auto, I look at him and he smiles back, sends shivers down my spine and I make an immediate connection with him. The journey continues and he unloads passenger by passenger, I get the opportunity to go sit in the back of the auto, but I do not do that.

It is still raining outside and we near my destination, now there were only me and him, I get a sudden idea to engage him for the rest of the day and use him as a personal auto-wala for the rest of the day, I make my offer to him and he readily accepts. It is a too good an offer for him to refuse as he would get time to rest and make as much money as he would ferrying people around all day.

I go ahead with my meeting and come back; he is waiting right below the building where I had my meeting. I get into the back and tell him my other destination and we make way to that place, in between we make small talk about where I was from and what I did and some talk about him and ages and marital status, I find out in this conversation that he has had a failed marriage and is living alone in this city and his parents are living in the village and handle the farms and agriculture.

I learn about his dreams to become big and he is treating this failed marriage as a temporary setback in his dreams, I appreciate his dreams and respect them a lot and encourage him not to let his dream go. These talks have cut down the time it would take waiting to reach the next destination. I tell him about me and tell him that it is a challenge finding places and good company in the later part of the day when all the meetings and business is over.

He offers me to take me around the city in the evening once I am free from work; I take him up on his offer and fix up a time to come pick me at the hotel at around 8ish today. I head to my next meeting and then the next, during the journeys to these places I find out quote a few things about this guy who is being my charioteer for the day. I make an offer to him to be my charioteer for the rest of the days I am here in his town, would make my day more productive if he is there to guide me on my destinations.

I briefly explain to him the plan for the next day and he makes a route plan where we would be more efficient in terms of lessening our travel time and clubbing meetings in areas which were close by.

It is nearing the end of my day and I tell him to head to the hotel, I look at my watch and it is 6:30 and he asks me if that offer of him taking me around town still stands, I tell him it’s a definite yes and he should be at the hotel at around 8 so we can go have a couple of drinks and have a nice dinner, I was just thinking to myself that what would an auto-wala know about the night life as he was a man of limited means. I was to proven completely wrong.

I go to my room and take a nice long hot shower, fresh up and put on a nice pair of clothes, I pour myself a nice drink to cut the time till the time Sonu (Named Changed) comes to pick me up. I get a call from the reception that Mr. Sonu has come to pick me up, I grab my keys and head down to the reception and fail to recognize him, he gets up and comes pats me in the back, I turn around and am dumb found on what I see, he looks amazing, unlike his auto-wala looks I saw him in the morning, he is wearing a smart turban, he is wearing nice jeans, good matching t-shirt and nice pair of shoes, he smells amazing, he has put on some amazing intoxicating perfume, my dick gives itself a small rise, I am aroused by his looks.I come to my senses and he gives out the sexiest smiles I have seen, he asks me what would I like to do, I unknowingly and unintentionally say I would like to do you, and I realize what have I said, he smiles but lets the statement slip. I tell him that he is the best guide and judge here, I would like a nice drink and then a hearty meal then after, a movie or a mall hopping would also do. He suggests we go to a bar that he likes a lot and then we can have dinner at a very good restaurant and then catch a movie afterwards if I was not too tired.

We head to the bar, it is an amazing place, not to loud and not too dark, I am still dumbfound and make a note not to judge people from their appearance or their profession, we have a fun time, order a few drinks and I am a little bit high, my leg is touching his leg and he intentionally or unintentionally starts to rub my feet with his, the place is semi dark so we can see each other facial expressions.

I see his and he is smiling, I think he knows what I actually want, after a few more drinks , I ask for the bill and I see him giving his share of the drinks he has had, I say no and put my foot down and refuse this gesture of his, he insists again and I refuse completely, he has a feeling of obligation in his eyes but I tell him to cool it and we head out again and takes me to his favorite restaurant, we are travelling in his auto and I feel obligated to ask him the amount for the fuel as well as any expenses he has incurred for the evening to come pick me up when he could be making money for himself.

I ask him this and he makes a face as if I have asked for 1 of his kidneys, after seeing this face and the effects of the drinks earlier I laugh, he breaks into a laugh with me. I pat him in the back and we get to this restaurant, we eat to our stomach’s full and again the bill comes, he again asks to pay for his part and I refuse, he feels again that I am not doing something right, but I let his protest ride off and ask him the plan for the rest of the evening, I look at my watch it is 1 am already and I have another hard day of work tomorrow. Also I have to let Sonu go home and rest if he wants to ferry me around town tomorrow.

I tell him lets end this day and head to the hotel and call it a night, on our way to the hotel he casually asked me if I wanted a girl to fuck, I told him that I did not require it. He insists me on getting a girl to keep me company for the night, I refuse all his offers.

We head to the hotel and he drops me at the gate, I take a chance and ask him to stay over for the night as it was already late and he can go home early in the morning, he thinks about my offer but asks me that if I needed him tomorrow also, I said absolutely yes and ask him if he has an extra paid of clothes and toilet kit here, he says he always keeps an extra pair of clothes and a fresh up kit with him for emergencies. He agrees to my offer to spend the night at the hotel. We head to the room and as soon as I enter the room Sonu locks the room and gives me a hug.

I m also high on the booze that we have had and I also push into the hug, I smell his man scent and immediately get a hard-on, he notices it and slowly I can also feel his dick stand. He breaks the hug but has his hands on my shoulder and thanks me for treating him like a human-being and showing this much compassion towards him, what happened in that instant but I moved my face forward and he responded, our lips met and fireworks went off inside of me. Wondering what just happened, this is the most intense kiss I have ever had.

I break it after understanding what has just happened. Stand there and smile at him, and he does not stop, grabs my head and kisses me again, I hesitate a little but give in at the end. Our tongues meet and sparks fly, it’s an instant connection between us. This kiss lasts, we r tongue kissing, and sucking each other’s tongues, deep, we break off this kiss and he immediately goes for my neck, kissing and biting it. He pushes me on the bed and takes my top off and goes for my nipples.

Bites and sucks each nipple turn by turn, giving equal attention to each of them. I am in seventh heaven and my happiness is indescribable. He passionately goes from my nipples to my belly button and then to my erect dick from the outside of my pants, I tell him to let up and give me a chance to satisfy him also. He tells me that my turn will also come but right now I am his and he is in control.

I say yes sir and submit to his actions. He takes my belt off and then unbuttons my jeans and take them off in 1 swift move, I am only in my undis, now he walks away from me, I feel half satisfied but he in turns gives me a striptease, he slowly undresses himself, starts with his shoes, then removes his big turban, leaving the small 1 on him, then he takes off his t-shirt, he is doing all this in a nice erotic manner, throws his t-shirt at me and I smell it, it is full of his man scent and I get an even bigger hardon.

I notice it is raining outside now and we can see and hear lightning and occasional thunder. The weather outside has turned romantic and passionate and so is the weather and the mood inside of my room, Sonu is stripping in front of me and has taken off his t-shirt and thrown it to me. Now he slowly un-belts his pants and then the button and then the zip and slides them off slowly, from a distance I can see that this sardar is well endowed and has a monster hidden inside of those undis.

Slowly he takes off his pants and then returns to me, starts to kiss me from my mouth to my dick and to my feet and then back to my dick, my dick is rock hard and I take my hand and feel up his dick and know that it is also rock hard, he bites and chews my dick from the outside and it’s an amazing feeling, he gives me immense pleasure and I hold the sides of the bed really tightly as I cannot hold it any more, I tell him if he continues this I will cum, he lets go of my dick and now steps away again, he turns on the tv and puts on a music channel with a nice number.

I get a nice dance from him till the time I cool down, he takes off his undis and throws them to me. I smell them and they r filled with the most intense man scent I have ever smelt, its erotic as hell, I give out 1 of those loud ahhhhhh of satisfaction. I see his erection is almost 8 inches long and uncut and thick, the pink top of his dick is sticking out of his foreskin and is tempting, I get up from the bed in attempt to give it a suck as it is becoming too much for me to control, but he pushes me down ordering me to lay there and enjoy the show.

I do as I am said. He catch hold of his dick and then shakes it in an erotic dance and moves to the rhythm of the music, again comes close to me and strips me completely naked, exposing my 7.5 inch uncut white dick, he grabs hold of the dick and devours the entire thing in 1 swift move, his beard is tickling my balls and its feeling amazing, in swift moves he goes up and down and up and down and is giving me the best blowjob I have ever had.

He does something new to me which is rimming not a lot of people like it and not a lot of people want it done, he leaves my dick after giving it a blow for 2 mins and goes to the toilet and gets a wet towel, raises my legs and exposes my asshole and cleans it thoroughly from the outside and in with his fingers and the towel, his fingers in my asshole feels like amazing, he keeps my legs in the air and rims my asshole, slurping and licking all the saliva his tongue is leaving.

This rimming goes on for about 5-7 mins and I am throbbing and have a huge hardon, he leaves my asshole and comes back to my dick, he again leaves my dick after sucking for 2 mins and gets a pack of condoms from his bag, he unrolls 1 and puts it on my dick, and then lubes it up with his saliva, plays with it for some time and sits it and places it on his asshole and then inserts it deep inside, the lubed cock slides into his ass completely. He sends out a ahhhhhh, I know he has done this before as he is not in as much pain as a virgin is.

He then starts his pumping my dick hard up and down and up and down, this goes on for about 2-3 mins and I announce to him that I will cum as I have held it all evening long, he gets off my cock and slips the condom off and starts to suck me, he tells me to let loose in his mouth only. He sucks me for about half a minute and I explode in his mouth, having stopped myself cumming all evening this explosion was big, spurts after spurts of cum erupt into his mouth and he swallows and swallows each and every drop that comes out of my cock. Keeping my cock in his mouth till it became soft; I can see he is still hard as a rock.

I tell him to let me return the favor he declines and tell me that there are more nights and days that he can be satisfied with, he collapses on my chest and we sleep.

I have a smile on my face knowing that these remaining days here are going to interesting and fun, evenings and nights are going to be even more exciting and fun than I would have imagined.

I knew this night would not end this soon.….more to continue

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