Travel To Pleasure

Hi, his is Krishna (/ /) doing my final year college studies. Im a fair, chubby (not fat obese) guy 6 feet tall. The people I know always say that Ive a girly body structure and they poke me teasingly. Yeah it’s sometime embarrassing to have such a breast like chest. Ok let me describe my first story here. This happened when I was in 12th std holiday vacation. I was to travel to Bangalore for my vacation.
I planned to travel by bus since it was overcrowded a got a seat at the last row of the bus. There were two other guys at early thirties present in the five seated row (other end two seats was occupied with some heavy luggage) journey started as the bus taking a steep turns the guy at my right (Paul) caught hold of the grip in front of the seat by caressin my breast with his elbow. I was shocked but he was grinning looking at my breast.
I’m wearing a T- shirt exposed my breast structure clearly to him. I felt embarrassed. He started to repeat the same at few other turns. I felt bad. So I leaned back hearin songs in my phone. Suddenly he groped my breast I shouted in fear. So Paul took his hand immediately but the guy left to me (Kumar) saw that and grinned and said why are you afraid of silly insects? To calm down the co passengers I was quite for sometime.
Then Paul came closer to me and said don’t worry dear I assure youll enjoy as much we do while he was talking I found somethin on my thigh. It’s Kumar caressing my thigh over my trousers and his hand was explorin my thighs. He pinched the inner thighs softly. It turned me on. I enjoyed closing my eyes. Meanwhile Paul slide his hands inside my T shirt was pressing my tummy, my breast and pinching my nipple and screwing it.
It pained but i enjoyed it and later Paul raised my T shirt and sucked my right nipple hard. I was enjoyin to the core on seeing this kumar did the same with the left one. Simultaneously Paul pressing my tummy and Kumar holding my cock and I wanted to groan due to pleasure but was quite due to crowd. Then both of them took my hands each and placed it on their moderate sized cocks orderin me to give hand job.
I was doing more than as I was told they keep on sucking, biting and squeezing my nipples and caressin the whole body. I was tremblin out of pleasure. They were doing till we reach Madurai when we reached Madurai Paul asked me to get down and to stay this night with him. To which I denied as Ive to go to Bangalore. He pleaded and said hell give a thousand rupees. I denied but Kumar said hell also will give a thousand rupees and will give travel expenses.
I wanted to enjoy sex to the core agreed to stay. It’s not a problem as I havent informed about my travel in home. We got down the bus and Paul booked a room in a big hotel. I went to room and washed myself as per their order after a couple of hours they came to the room wit condoms for each and a pair of lingerie for me. They asked me to dress in bra and panty.
The bra fitted well but the panty was tight when I came out with lingeries Kumar said “you look like an angel especially with no hair on your Body. I was blushed within moments kumar plunged into me kissing my lips hard making my lips to bleed, biting my ear, neck and finally my breast out of nowhere he tore the bra and pinched hard my puffy nipples making it to turn red.
Then he sucked it hard suddenly I had a terrible pain on my nipple. So I pushed him away seeing my nipple. I found blood coming out and he said don’t worry dear you are lactating and he came to continue but I pushed him away due to pain. So out of anger he slapped me and began to suck the milk from my nipple. Soon it was a pleasure worth to die. I enjoyed it Paul silently observed it by strokin his cock.
I called him to join as one of the nipples need the same. He made my nipple to lactate very soon but he was so gentle in handling the breast. Then Kumar lay on the bed and asked me to be over him on a 69 position. I did the same. I was sucking his cock like an ice cream he did the same. I was moaning ahhhh. Then, I cummed twice in his mouth. Suddenly Paul out of nowhere slides his cock into my ass hole.
I cried out of pain and but he was grunting ahhh argh ah ah ah. I can’t even shout due to the cock deep inside my mouth and ass. So I started to move my hips in rhythm to his sexual drive. Paul was squeezing my breast hard turning my nipples away while fucking my ass and kumar was sucking my cock. It was most pleasurable moment of my Life. He was about to cum so he took his cock from my ass, tore the condom and inserted it to my mouth.
He ejaculated in my mouth. I was forced to drink his cum. It was salty and sticky tasted more or less like raw egg. I was completely exhausted but kumar was eager to fuck me. So he made me to be in doggy style and inserted his tool in my ass. Ive No strength to even shout in pain. He was gruntin “Oh yes, fuck bitch a tight holed bitch and was fuckin more forcefully than Paul. He fucked for 20 minutes slappin hard on my ass, screwin my tits and when he was about to cum.
He did removed the cock and inserted in my mouth. I drank his cum too. I was in dead tired. They both took bath and also bathed me. While bathing they were fuckin my mouth, my tits and finger fuckin my ass. Then i was placed naked between these guys in the bed. They began to suck my tits once again vigorously squeezing it hard but i fall asleep soon out of tired. I found myself covered wit dried cum all over me in the morning.