Got The Desired Satisfaction

Hi, this is Prem Gupta again I have submitted a incidence few month back and got great response from u people. People were mailing me about publishing more stories but I must tell you that I am not a story writer, but that was my true experience as I told you that I am not a homosexual by nature and have strong liking for females.

I had some sex episodes with different ladies in my younger days but after my experience with Mr. Garg I found that having sex with males is more satisfying than having sex with female as you are free of risk of pregnancy, resentment from females and more importantly feel more satisfied that you have fucked a male.

I got 2 more opportunities to fuck Mr. Garg at his home only as he invited me to his home when he was alone, but those were normal sex sessions in which he gave me great blowjob and I fucked his ass once. I saw him enjoying so much while being my slave that it made me think that is it more enjoyable to suck than to be sucked and is it more interesting to be fucked than fuck?

He was more powerful and younger than me but he never tried to force me to suck his cock and never tried to fuck me by thinking this I wanted to enjoy that side of sex also, but also I didn’t want to be slave of a person who enjoy being my slave. I talked to him more about these acts he told me Gupta ji aap ko jo sabse achha lagta ho aur

Jise dekhte hi aapko bahut khushi milti hai aap us se fuck karwa ke sachchci khushi pate ho jaise aap mujhe kafi saalo se bahut ache lagte ho. Main be 2 ladko ko fuck karta hoon aur unse apna lun khoob chuswata hoon kyoki main un ka dream man hoon, lekin chudta sirf aap se hoon kyoki aap hi mujhe sabse ache lagte ho.

I asked him what if I want to enjoy like you, he said who is the person you like the most, to whom you want to see again and again? I thought about it and kept mum. He said that you will enjoy the most by being fucked by him. I said what if he didn’t like homosexuality and not into it. He smiled and said Guptaji you are 60 plus but were you into it before my contact

If you try with full effort no male in this world can refuse such type of offer.Now coming to real story, I thought about the person I like the most it was our doctor who is about 30 years old and he is very smart and very nice person. He is of same height to me i.e 5-9 everyone in our area likes him the most. I always wanted to see him. I did not know why? But after talking to Garg I came to know why?

From that day I was trying to work out a plan to have a relation with him. One day I came to know that he is alone at his home as his wife and kids have gone to his in laws. I took this opportunity to try my luck. I went to him and ask him that I am having pain abdomen. He said Ok uncle you please lie on bench I will check you. He was fresh after bath and was wearing a tracksuit.

These tracksuits show prominences of genitalia very well. He came to my right side to check me, He was smelling great I don’t know which deo or perfume he use but his fragrance started making me crazy. He asks me up my shirt and vest. I did the same. He with his right hand started to palpate my abdomen. His touch was making me crazy though I had been examined by him so many times and I liked his touch but never like this.

He asked me where it pain. He started from above I said below he moved his hand below and like this I took his hand till my pubic region. He palpated whole of my abdomen. My penis got fully aroused and he moved his hand all over and he got a touch of my erect penis also though my underwear as I asked him to examine my whole abdomen. He saw a tent on my trousers and smiled and took his hand out and went to his chair.

He said uncle your abdomen is absolutely fine. So I write some medicine you take this, you will be absolutely fine. It was going to be over for me, but I didn’t want to let this opportunity go, so hesitantly I asked Dr. Sahib, you are so young to me and like my son but you know every problem should be shared with your doctor, so can I share my very personal problem with you? He said ya sure uncle.

I said but this should be between you and me only. He smiled and said uncle this is our profession and we don’t share any information of anyone with anyone, you please go ahead.

I: You know I am 60 years plus but still I feel crazy about sex and I want frequent sex, is it normal?

Dr. Ya uncle it’s not abnormal, many people they remain active in sex for whole of the life and it is fact that desire in men increases with age, If you are able you can go ahead

I: but your aunty is not interested in sex anymore. With age her genital have shrunken and she is not able to bear my big tool, she don’t cooperate as it hurts her and her desire diminished. So I have to rape her twice a week to fulfil my desire and still I didn’t get full satisfaction. What should I do?

Dr: It’s also common, but you don’t force her as it will deteriorate you relations. I can’t advise you to go to prostitutes in this age. What I can advice you is to ask her to go for oral. It will give you full satisfaction and will not hurt her also.

I: I tried oral also, but that too forcefully as she don’t like oral too and I can’t get pleasure out of her will sucking. I am very depressed about this

Dr: Uncle I think you did extreme sex with her all your life so now she is fed up. I don’t know what else to do. You can satisfy your desires by shagging in bathroom I guess.

I: (hesitantly); Dr. Sahib please tells me if liking some other male very strongly is abnormal

Dr: No, not at all

I: and want to have sex with that male?

Dr: after some pause and seriously: uncle it’s also normal as you know every person in himself have both heterosexual and homosexual desires, I tell you everyone but in most people heterosexual desires are more so he becomes heterosexual and in some homosexual desires are more so they like sex with males.

It’s also normal and in some cases like you as you are not getting your sex desire satisfied with females people like you shifts to homosexuality in your age.

I: is it a disease or wrong?

Dr: No uncle, if you don’t think this is wrong, this is not. But if you feel depressed and feel you are in something wrong. It is. It’s all up to you.

I: But it will be very difficult to persuade some other male into it as if you go ahead he can revolt and he can damage your image in society. So it will be very difficult to go into this also?

Dr: No uncle, As I told you every person in himself is having this feeling, but everyone is shy of going ahead, if you want to go ahead no one will summarily reject this offer and if you offer to be dominated by him no one could refuse as no one let this opportunity to dominate other male go by and even if he don’t like this at all. He will refuse you and not go public as no one want to get his image into homosexuality.

You know everywhere so many males are involved but have you ever heard a incidence where an adult male have complaint against anyone trying to have sex with him? No one in this world will do it. If you try with someone known to you 95% will agree and rest also won’t go public. So doesn’t worry but you will enjoy the most with the person you like the most

I: Ok. Dr. Sahib you solved my great problem. I like you the most. Can we go ahead?

Dr. smiled: no, sorry uncle, actually I am not in this till now as I am very happy with my married life. I am enjoying it completely and even there are so many more ladies with whom I can have sex if I want to. So you please try someone else of your age group and some young boys are also into it, so please excuse me.

I: Dr. Sahib, please don’t say like this, you must have noticed while examining me what your touch did to me. I was also staring at your private area and I felt some movement while touching me, so I guess you also like me and my touch. So please don’t disappoint me

Dr: uncle no doubt, I also like you and I have noticed tent on your trouser while examining you and seeing this, my tool also became hard. But I am in noble profession and I can’t do sex with my patients and moreover I am not into homosexuality at all.

I: please, you are the person I like the most. I was also not into this before Garg introduced me to this beautiful feeling, so I am not doing anything wrong to you. You can do whatever you want to. But you know my situation and you also like me.

Dr.: Give me some time to think, I will decide in 3-4 days.

I: Sir, this is the best time as there is no one at your home today, there won’t be such opportunity again. So please give me the joy I want madly. You know I am very strong man I am not a gay. I can do sex to any woman and there are men also who are craving to satisfy me the way I want. I can fuck other men but I don’t want to be fucked by anyone else, but you. Please make me your slave. It will only enhance your masculinity.

Moreover, you just check my body and if nothing happen to you while seeing me nude you please don’t do anything but if you feel something pleases give me the joy and I will give you the best joy of your life, because when Garg did this to me 4 months back it was the best feeling of my 40 years sex career and I won’t disappoint you either.

He smiled and stood up to lock the door oh my God his tent was visible through his trouser and it was a huge one even though I think mine was way above average his was bigger than mine. He locked the door and came to me and held me from my neck. His hot breath was making me crazy. I asked Vicky what is the average length of Indian penis?

He said mine is 1.5 times the average length of 5 inches that is 7.5 inches. He came to me and increased his strength on my neck and started smooch me. His fragrance was making me crazy, first time I felt the pleasure of being dominated by someone else as throughout my life I acted as dominating partner this was very crazy feeling. He removed my sweater

Then shirt then while removing cots wool he said Guptaji agar aaj socha hi tha to itna jhamela kyo daal kar aaye kapre utaarte uttarte hi kaam na ho jaye kahi. I immediately removed my banian also and my chest was bare and was in control. He then removed his shirt and baniaan. Oh my God he was having such a fit body and there were so many hair on his chest. He then opened his trouser and lowered his underwear.

Meanwhile I also removed my lower clothes I was completely nude. My penis was rock hard and my balls were tightly close to it. His was also rock solid and was very thick this was first time I saw someone having bigger penis than myself. I couldn’t control myself and was dying to take his tool in my mouth but I have never did it before. He said Guptaji I have seen hundreds of penises of my patients and have never come across penis as nice as yours and that too in this age.

Kya dumkham hai aapto kisoko bhi chod sakste ho aur sach mein mere siwa aapko chodna koi deserve bhi nahi karta. You know you came to right person,. I said I know jaan. You are the boss of this body.He said lekin lagta hai tumhe chusne ka experience nahi hai jo itni derr tak muh mein nahi liya. I said yes my dear I never did it please you force me to do it.

He held my face from my hair and brought that to his tool. I hesitantly licked it there was pre cum in his opening I licked it that was so tasty. Then I took most of his tool in my mouth., it was so amazing as his was very big and I couldn’t completely take it my mouth, I tried to take most of it, I was gagging, he ssaid guptaji sabar karo saara nahi jata to jitna araam se jaata hai utna hi lo nahi to log kahenge budde ko maar diya.

I took his tool out of mouth and said yaar budha na kaho, chalo lekin tum maalik ho jo marzi keh sakte ho then started licking it again. It made me crazy to have such a large tool in my virgin mouth it was really more pleasurable than even fucking of Garg, which was till now my best sex experience. He was also enjoying it very much.

He started moaning ahhhhh saale budhe tu to kamala hai yaar. You know I also like you very much and fucked my wife many times thinking that I am fucking you but yaar if you are doing this blowjob for first time, believe me you are one of the best in business. He then held my face tightly and started pushing hard and moaning hard.

He then saw my pole hanging and he held it in his one hand and very tightly and started moving his hand on it. It made me crazy to have hand of my real love on my tool and it aroused more he started shagging me I was in 7th heaven. He mouth fucked me for 20 minutes during this time after 10 minutes.

I came in his hand and loaded great amount on his hand he saw it smelled it and then rubbed it on my ass and lubricated my ass with my semen. It made his intentions clear that what is in store for me. It made me happy as well as terrified at same time but he continue for 20 mins and then said Guptaji I am going to explode, you are fatherly figure to me, If you say I can take it out and shag me outside your mouth because.

I don’t want to force you to drink my semen. I said no Vicky I want every drop of it and I continued soon he exploded in my mouth it was mouthful. It was salty and was very tasty. I drank it completely, then he took his penis out and was very relived and so was me. He said Guptaji you are amazing I refused so many offers earlier and that from Garg too but I am happy that.

I had my first episode with you as you are the real man and I am having opportunity to fuck a real man. It was really great. I said Dr. sahib I also thought that mouth fucking a strong male is a great feeling but what I had it now is even greater. I said Dr. sahib dum bacha hai asli sex karne ko bhi yaa nahi. He said Guptaji aapko dekh kar to yeh aise khada ho jata ki aaap chaho to saare chhed chudwalo.

I started lickisurprize it rose to same size in 2 minutes. He said Guptaji Doggi ban jao. I said jo hokum mere maalik and I stood while taking support of his table and exposing my ass to him. He said Gupta ji mujhe budhe aur dark complexion wale aadmi bahut passand hai. Yeh near pehla experience hai, dard hua to jimma nahi. He started rubbing his penis on my ass, which was still wet with my semen.

He put some lubricating jelly on it also his rubbing of penis was giving me electrical feeling. He then started entering his penis, his was very big for my virgin ass when it didn’t enter smoothly he pushed it hard and with one push it entered 3 inches, I felt my ass will burst it was very painful, he then pushed it further it made me cry, tears came from my eyes but I did not want to stop my boss.

Then he started moving it to and fro after 3 minutes all pain subsided and I was feeling as was in heaven and no feeling could match it. Now I realized that why Garg though is strong enough always wanted to be fucked and never tried to fuck me. I don’t know when about 15 minutes passed and filled my ass with his load. He then took his out of my ass, it was filled with semen and blood might have come from ass but it gave me immense pleasure.

I didnt care about my burst ass. He said Guptaji aapne to zindagi bana di. For this kind of pleasure I could pay you Rs 50000 per session. I was so satisfied that tear were flowing from my eyes, I said Dr. sahib and which pleasure I got I could pay you 100000 per session for this kind of happiness. He was amazed to see me so happy. He said Guptaji don’t cry I love you so much and hugged me.

I said I love you too much and can do anything for you. He said Guptaji kya really zyada mazza chudne mein aata hai. I said ji Dr. Sahib bata nahi sakta ki kitni khushi di hai aapne yeh keh kar main us se lipat gaya. He took me to his bedroom taking in his lap and completely nude and put me on bed. We lied on bed hugging each other tightly. Both of our penises were in resting stage.

I don’t know when we slept and after about 1 hour I heard his voice and felt his tight grip around my waist. He said Guptaji I am jealous of you that I feel you got more pleasure than me today. I don’t know if I will get another opportunity like this in my life again as being doctor I don’t think doing this kind of act with my patients is right. So I want more pleasure out of you today and if I can enjoy all kind of sex with anyone.

Then it’s you only because you are the person from outer world whom I like the most and we spent such memorable moments that I guess our love be deeper than before. You want more session, I was spellbound with his body and his nature I was his fan for everything h has for long and today my love for him has increased manifold. I said you wish my God, I am your slave I am and will be always there for you.

He then started fondling with my nipples, I have some hair in my chest and he took some of them in his mouth and then took my nipples one by one to his mouth and was licking me. I started moaning as it was great. He then took my lips in his mouth and inserted his whole tongue into my mouth it was amazing he fondled with my lips, my ears and my cheeks. I was only helping him in what he was doing as I was thinking that my God has come to me and giving me pleasure.

My rod till then had become rock solid which he noticed. His rod was also like that. I tried to move towards his tool. He said stop Guptaji now it’s my turn because if I can suck and being fucked by anyone its only you, because you are great by saying this he took my penis in his mouth and started licking it as if some child is licking his lollypop. Oh God it was crazy because a person with greater assets and much younger to me, much stronger and my love was licking my penis as well as by balls.

It was as if my all dreams came true. He licked it madly and my balls were also going into his mouth after only 5 minutes I said, mere maalik ruk jao I am going to explode and I can’t do it to my lord. He said don’t worries Guptaji let it be, come on we will share it within no time I shot all my cum in his mouth and then he took whole in his mouth and did the same which Garg did to me, smooched me and put some semen of mine in my mouth.

We drank it and were relaxed then we lie down and we were caressing each other’s hair. I said I should leave now you are on leave and alone, my family members will be worried about me as I have switched of my mobile too. He said Guptaji one last thing you have to do , which is most important I said what he smiled and said, Fuck my ass, I said no my lord as you never did it before and mine will hurt you and I really don’t want to hurt my love.

He said doesn’t worry do it carefully and supportively we will enjoy by saying this he took my limp penis in his mouth and in 2-3 minutes made it ready for session. Then I asked him to come in doggie position and put my penis very carefully to not hurt him, but he pushed his ass back and took it in, it was very painful for him too but he was very strong man. He enjoyed the session of 5 minutes to great extent till I filled his ass with my load then I took it off his ass.

He was very content and so was me. We had best session of our life and had one of its kind experiences when both partners had all kind of fulfillment and being active and passive both, but I still feel that I wanted to be his slave only and boss to all other males. We kissed again put our clothes and I took his leave with best satisfaction of life. I will never forget this and I am sure this will remain my best session forever. God give him longest life.