The Journey From Sharan To Sarina

Hi everyone, This is my 1st story I hope you guys enjoy it, Please do comment. So heres how it goes. To start with myself I am Sharan, 22 years old, 6 feet tall and handsome but behind this masculine structure of mine was a girl hidden inside me. I use to crossdress since the age of 10 and was very good at it. I always wanted to be with a man but I never had guts to meet someone. Finally one day I met Ajay who on Yahoo Chat. We chatted for 5 days and then I finally decided to meet him.

We planned to meet on saturday because we both had our jobs. We met at Cafe Coffee Day. And to my surprise I was shocked to see this man Ajay, He was in his 30s short, fair and a nice Gujarati man. So for once he was also shocked to see me because i had shown him some of my crossdressing photos. We started chatting and order 2 cold coffees. He said he still could not believe that it was me in the photos so i showed him some more pic which were in my phone. After sometime he said “Since its Saturday,do you wanna go out for some drinks ? ” I was not sure but still I said “yes,why not” We went to colaba and there a gay club over there called as VODOO. We ordered a picture of beer. And after 2 rounds I could feel his hand touching my thighs under the table and i was kind of enjoying it so I made my legs more closer to him. I started playing with his dick out of his pants. Finally we decided to leave and as we were leaving out of the bar he opened the door for me and said…

“ladies 1st, maam”

and let me tell you guys i felt amazing hearing that. we sat in the taxi and he kissed on my cheeks and kept his hand on my lap. I was very nervous how to react. And all of a sudden he asked “do you want to come at my place for the night so that we get to know each other more and have fun.” I agreed and I asked the taxiwala to take at my place 1st” when i reached home i told my mom i was going to sleep at a friends place and took a bag and left. I went to my car and opened the dikki and took all my female stuff from inside because i used to hide them over there.

We then left for his place and as we reach his home he said pressed the door bell and said “darling,I have a surprise for you…..” I was sacred and I even tried to run away but the door opened and i was shocked to see a women in her 30s….5.6, 38-28-38 was her figure. She has a amazing Buldge on her Hipps and was very beautiful. He introduced her as his wife Namita. We went inside and sat on the sofa. Namita got served us with drinks and sat next to me. After 3 rounds Ajay asked me to go inside the room and get dressed. I was scared and confused how to react to the situation. Namita hold my hand and look at Ajay and said “Ajju, Dont worry Ill take her in our bedroom and get her dressed..” She was referring me as “SHE” and that kind of gave my goose bumps all over my body.

We went inside the room and she asked me to strip but i said “maam can you please wait outside as i am not comfortable to strip in front of you” hearing this she said “its ok honey,we are women and we can strip in front of each other” so i started removing my clothes. and seeing me naked she commented “Dear you really have a amazing hairless ,smooth skin and a very feminine body” i just looked at her a blushed. I took out my stuff and started wearing a Blacked Lace Padded bra, then a black thongs and was about to wear a sarree but then Namita stopped me and said “Bitch, we dont want a house wife in here…! we want a slut…! ” i dint knew what to say and then she gave me Hipp lenght transparent Gown and a pair of stockings and then i wore my 4 inch pencil heels. she said “from behind you look a perfect wife on the wedding night so now lets make ur front nice” with this she did my make up and i had a shoulder length wig so i was ready after 35 mins of changing.And before stepping out of the room Namita asked me to wait and then she stripped in front of me and wore the exact same clothes which i was wearing. looking at her i had a hard on in my panties. We finally went in the hall where ajay way waiting. He welcomed us with “Get in here you bitches and suck my cock” we both knelt down and started licking ajjus penis. It was fat and about 8 inch and it had a precum which was very tastey. After sucking for a while I noticed namita playing with my penis. slowly she went down and started sucking my nipples then my naval and then my penis. It felt like heaven to suck a 8 inch monster cock and to be sucked by a beautiful bitch like Namita.

We all three were moaning and suddenly Ajay left out all his sperms in my mouth and asked me to swallow every drop of it . It felt amazing. We changed our position now i was on all my four and ajay was licking my asshole from behind while i am sucking namitas pussy. It was like a dream come true for me.I noticed Ajay fingering my asshole and i was moaning in pain as it was my first time he got faster and faster and after sometime he said to Namita “Honey,Your bitch is all ready to get fucked” i was bit shocked about what he said and then Namita got up while ajay had his 4 fingers in my ass and she then took a STRAP-ON Dildo from and wore it. It was huge, it was bigger then ajays tool and she ordered me to suck it. while Ajay started to blindfold my eyes and he tied my legs and my hand and then i felt namita entering my ass with her starpon and she was not at all gentle .She pushed in 1 shot and i started crying of pain and i was screaming and begging them to leave me but ajay dint allow me to speak and he slapped me and then put his penis in my mouth. Namita was fucking me faster and faster and was spanking my ass. I could help but i was crying and still sucking ajays cock. After say by 15 mins I heard a door bell and i got sacred i was trying to speak but was not able as i had his penis in my mouth. I felt namita removing her tool from my ass and it was a relief but i was scared who had come. And then I heard Namita saying “See Guys this is our new Bitch Sarina” if you want you can try. saying this Ajay took his penis out of my mouth and said “Namita honey but before your friends try out our new whore let me get a piece of this tight ass” with this Namita came to me and removed my blindfold and i could see a Couple same of Ajay and namitas age staring at me.

The women came to me kissed me on my cheek and looked at Namita and said “Can i take this adorable slut at my home” with this namita replied “ya sure why not but tonight she all ours” Ajay moved behind and started fucking my hole. while the man whos name was neeraj stood in front of me and he hold my neck and ordered me to suck him. I was helpless as i was tied completely. I could see Namita and the other women kissing each other which made me hot again and i was now enjoy everything that was happening. After 20 mins Ajay stopped fucking me and he came in front and emptied all his cum in my mouth and then it was neerajs turn but before neeraj could enter me his wife came to me and untied me. She asked neeraj to lie down and ordered me to sit on his cock. I some how managed and then neeraj fucked me in almost every position available while i could see namita giving her strap on to the other women and then she fucked me in my mouth with the strap on. I Begged them to end the night after neeraj cummed in my asshole and they all agreed.

All 4 kissed me and i went to the bathroom to clean myself where i saw myself inside the mirror and smiled at myself. We are all very good friends now and we often try to meet on weekends.This was my real life story of how my decision to be with a man ended up making me a slut. I feel good and I feel the women inside me has become more matured then before. If you guys out there want to contact me then please mail me.