My Dream Of Cross Dressing Came True

This is my first story so please don’t mind and few pieces are real in this story. I will start with story rather than boring you and when I was a kid, I used to love smell of womans bra and panties and when that smell turned me into cross dressed I did not realize. By the time I hit my puberty I was very excited about cross dressing and used to cross dress whenever I used to get any chance to cross-dress in private.

Soon after and I joined an engineer college which was mostly dominated by the guys so did not have any luck of cross-dressing but over the last year when I joined my job in IT world, I got my chance to fulfil my fantasy. First I was really scared to walk into ladies under garments shop and ask for a bra panty but one day I gathered enough courage and went into the shop and asked for a pair of satin bra panty in black color and I am a fair guy with girlish body and I used to love black colour on me.

Shop owner asked me the sizes and I had done some research so I asked for 32 B bra and 28 waist size panty. He readily showed me some designs and I picked one with nice flowers and see through net design and walked off the shop once I reached my flat I just tried them once on my body and I got a hard on then I removed the newly bought bra panty and went into bathroom and cleaned all my body hair. Now I was looking like a girl just with a small dick.

I cleaned myself and wore back the bra panty and fantasised myself being woman for the whole day. Later to feel more like a woman I got interested in bisexual males. I always wanted to dress like a female and treated like one for a long time. I slowly crawled into internet browsing and started searching like minded men. It was tough as most of the lame fake people wanted to see me on cam and shag and forget so it took long time and I was almost given up that and I will not meet anyone who will fulfil my wish.

One day I was just chatting and a message popped up saying Hi and I replied and he said he is Rajesh and looking for bisexual experience for the first time and his wife is out of town for few months. I was very happy that someone is interested and we chatted for some time and when we got comfortable talking with each other we exchanged our phone numbers and decided to meet later that night. I was very nervous, reaching into his area and I was searching for his house in the dark. I tried calling his number but it was coming busy so.

I thought ohhh another fake but then he called me asking where have and I reached. I told him I searching for his home and then he provided the directions and I reached his place. I rang the bell and a nice looking tall handsome man whitish colour 6 feet tall gym fit body opened the door. I just asked for the name and he confirmed. He welcomed me in his home. My heart was beating like auto engine and he asked me to sit in the hall for 2 minutes and gave me water and we went and locked the door and confirmed that door is locked.

I was very nervous that the moment for which I had waited for me. We were talking normally and he kept his hands on my shoulder. I was little nervous but he calmed down and slowly kissed me. I slowly responded then I stopped him and told about the cross dressing thing which I had told him in chat. He said he has not forgotten it and took me to another bedroom. To my surprise he had kept a nice full woman dress ready. A nice red colored lace bra panty set was there.

A sexy nighty and a see through cover for nighty and was there and few bangles and a lipstick were there and he said if I need to clear body hair, cream is there in bathroom. I was so happy to see that he was well prepared for make me feel like woman then he excused himself and said come to master bedroom whenever you are ready. My heart was beating heavy and I walked in the bathroom freshened up myself. I shagged myself because I did not want to disappoint my man that day after.

I came out I put on some nice ladies perfume on me and started wearing the bangles. I was all nude and the sound of bangles made me crazy. I wore the bra panty which gave my man boobs a little shape then I wore the silk nightly and looked myself in the bed and I was feeling like a woman. I sat in front of the dressing table and put on the pinkish lipstick on lips once I was fully ready I was nervous again because it was my first time to go as a woman in front of another man. I gathered all my courage and walked up to the master bedroom.

I was surprised again that Rajesh had laid down rose petals on the bedroom. I realized that Rajesh actually knew what he wanted. I was so happy that my wait for 10 years did not go waste. He welcomed me in the bedroom and lifted me in his strong arm. I was feeling shy like a newlywed girl. He put me on the bed and slowly laid me down on bed kissing me on lips. I started responding slowly and then our tongues were ripping each other’s juices for 15 minutes.

Then slowly he moved a little away from my face and looked in my eyes. I was in seventh heaven. To my surprise again he got up and put his hands in his pockets and brought out the ladies painjan which they wear in their legs and put them on my ankles. I was a complete woman now. He then started kissing me again and slowly his hands slid down my body and he pressed my nipples over my nighty and I gave away a slight moan which he loved and kissed me again.

He was now playing with my small man boobs over my nighty. I was very excited to be feel another man hard dick over my body so with little nervousness I moved my hands towards his pants. I just touched his cock over his pants and shivers went down my spine that it was so hard and big. He then slowly removed my first netted nighty. I was lying there in a sleeveless nighty which was just about to my knee roles and i was shying like a girl in the bed.

I too slowly removed his t-shirt and was astonished to see his broad light hairy chest. He just whispered in my ears Rani you are just looking like a girl in this red dim light” I was so happy that he was enjoying it. He then slowly started sucking my nipples over my nighty and I was moaning ohhhh aaahhhh slowly press them ahaaa ohhhh my hands were busy rolling over his pants and I could not resist myself unzipping his pant first time.

I was touching a hard cock in my life and i was getting goose bump and he then slowly moved the sleeveless nighty to my arms and started pressing my boobs heavily. I could not resist and started kissing him badly out tongues were in the battling each other for saliva. He then removed my nighty from my body and kept me in bra panty only the rose petals on the bed were giving me immense pleasure with every touch. I then forced myself to remove his pants.

He was there in a jockey and I was in red bra panties. We were so hot and he then moved towards my face and almost sat over my face. He asked me to remove his jockey by my mouth. I obeyed and dragged his jockey down. I was looking at the hot kobra staring at me and I just kissed the tip of his cock. I tasted the pre cum and just loved it and slowly I started sucking it and he was moaning ohh yea suck it baby suck it hard.

He was pressing my nipples and making me hot and I was sucking his cock like a lollipop after 10 minutes he turned me into 69 positions and removed my panty as I had shagged already my cock was not hard enough and he just slapped my cock and stated playing with my anus his first touch to my anus and I grabbed his cock in my mouth then he inserted a finger in my anus and I had a little pleasure and I let it out with a long ahhhh. I was still sucking his cock lying there only in bra.

The bangles were making rhythmic noise which was making hornier. He then moved a little and picked up some cream and pushed the cream to my anus with his fingers. the cold feeling gave me shivering but he held on to me. he slowly inserted two fingers and started moving in and out with more cream on his fingers and then he slid his third finger in me and was moaning loudly with each movement of his. My anklets making chan chan noise and bangles joined by moans of aahhhh in 5 minutes then he said ok baby lets go to next level now.

He then brought a below and placed below my waist and asked me suck for 2 minutes. I sucked his cock for 2 minutes it was rock hard again. He then parted my legs and came into a missionary position and kept his tip of cock on my anus. He looked into my eyes and kissed me deep. His eyes gave me assurance that he will take care of me and I submitted to him. I was ready for the pain. He slightly slid his cock in and due to lubrication it went in a little.

I let out a big moan aahhh slow Rajesh please and he then stopped for a moment and looked at me. One tear was just about to pass down my eyes and he kissed me on my eyes and gave second push now his cocks head was in my anus locked and I was in pain. He started smooch me without making any movements and in couple of moments the pain passed away and he then slowly started moving back and forth and I was moaning like a woman.

I was moving my hands over his head and his hands were in my bra pressing my nipples while he was gently moving in and out in my ass my bangles and anklets started making noise which made him crazy. He increased the speed and I wrapped my legs around him to feel his hard cock’s warmth in my ass. I was moaning aaahhhh fuck my virgin hole aaaaa chhhod do meri gaand aaaaa ohhh aur maaro aahhh chhhod do.

Apni raani bana lo mujhe Rajesh aahhhhh he then increased his speed my hands in his hands and started smooching me. I was moaning he started whispering aaaahhh this the best gaand I have had in my life it’s better than any woman aaahhhhh fuck you Rani aahhhhh my cock by the time was getting hard with all the heat but I controlled my feeling so that I won’t cum after 10 minutes in missionary position moved into horizontal positions looking at each other’s.

We were in each other’s body like snakes and kissing each other crazily. He said don’t cum and we will cum together and started fucking me again after 5 minutes he was fucking me smooching me and his one hand was shagging my cum another 10 minutes he cum in my anus and we were rolling in each other’s arm for 15 minutes. He then took out his limb cock out and threw the condom in dustbin and smooch me again and thanked me. I also thanked him and went to bathroom and cleaned myself.

My anus was in little pain but I was happy once I came back he kissed me and I started dressing in my own clothes and he came to main road to drop me it was almost 1:30 in the night. He kissed me in the dark on the road and then got me an auto and then I got back to home with the memories which I can never forget and if you liked the story and interested in real meet in Bangalore and can perform like the story feel free to write to me on funnow96atyahoodotin