The Next Level

Hi everyone, its Rahul 24 years old male from Lucknow. First of all thanks to all of you for your lovely feedbacks for my first story my intro to forbidden world and sorry for late submission of my next story. With all that feedbacks and your encouragement I thought of sharing another experience with all of you.

Till that time I was very much curious about gay sex and tried many activities. Every day I search on net and I found something more interesting and kinky there. Slowly with time I became very active on gay dating sites and started talking freely on sex activities. One day I was surfing on net and I found one boy on internet, who was very fond of kinky gay sex, his name was Sumit name changed for obvious reason.

We chatted for long time and shared our likings and fantasies with each other after that we decided next Sunday for our meeting and we exchanged our cell phone number after lots of lonely sleepless nights that day came. It was a lovely monsoon day with cool breeze and I was feeling very excited for my first meeting with Sumit. I called him and he told me that he was also waiting for my call.
So I left my place with excitement when I met him I fell in love with my luck he was so shy and sexy with slim hairless body and girlish smile.

It was our first meeting so first we started chatting common topics and slowly it moved to sexual topics. We both were feeling shy but after sometimes we both became free and friendly. So I asked him that what he would like to enjoy. He told that it is up to us because we both love gay sex.

We were sitting on bed ready for action but nobody had courage to start it slowly with lots of courage we hugged each other and it was so smoothing and warm that I felt very comfortable and I started rubbing his back and lower neck. He whispered in my ears to kiss her and we kissed each other and our tongues started caressing each other. Now we both were getting hotter and more excited with each passing second.

We sucked each others tongue and for a long time we were out of the world, after a long kiss we broke our kiss and I found his hand on my shirt caressing my chest and nipples. I kissed him on his lips and all over his face and neck then slowly he told me in my ears that we should remove our clothes. So I told him to feel free to remove my clothes and I started removing his clothes. We did it very fast and in few seconds we found each other in our briefs.

I noticed that he really didnt have much hair on his whole body and he was quite a smooth girlish boy. I again hugged her and we both rubbed each others body for few minutes then he tried to press his tool on my stomach I felt very good and I grabbed his tool with my left hand while doing so I grabbed his ass cheeks with my right one. A moan escaped from his mouth and he also inserted his hand in my brief and caught my cock and started caressing it.

I was on seventh sky and I pressed his ass cheeks very hard and I pushed my index finger in his ass hole with his briefs on. He cried due to pain and pleasure. After pressing and caressing each other for few more minutes we separated and removed our all clothes now we are totally nude and our whole attention was towards each others tool which were saluting each other then Sumit told me to lie down on bed and I obeyed him and he grabbed my cock like a hungry dog and started licking my cockhead.

I felt like 440 volts shock and started moaning while licking my cock he grabbed my balls and started caressing them and then he started giving me blowjob, his tongue was caressing my cocks whole length and my cock is hitting his throat. Due to sheer excitement I was unable to think or say anything at that time but without my knowledge in that state of mind I grabbed his hair and pressed his head on my cock.

He took my cocks full length in his mouth without any problem. I told him that I also want to taste him and I asked him to change position so we can do a 69. He agreed and changed his position and pushed his cock in my mouth while sucking my tool. Now I started licking his cute cock and sucked it for few minutes. His pre cum was coming out of his cock which tasted very good and I wanted to drank it all.

I licked her balls and after sucking his cock for some time I licked his asshole too. He pressed his ass on my face for more licking and I licked it more and more after few minutes I told him to be in doggy pose. I went behind him and started sucking and licking his asshole he was shivering with pleasure and pressing his ass on my face with my hands I caressed his balls and nipples.

After licking and making his ass wet I inserted my index finger in his asshole it went smoothly due to my Salvia and he cried out with excitement I kept on fingering and when he adjusted with my index finger I inserted my middle finger also and started fingering him with lots of speed he was moaning with excitement and pain. I kept on fingering for a long time and in between this process he caught my cock with his hand and started masturbating me.

I felt very good and when I removed my finger from his ass he jumped on me like a hungry lion and started sucking my nipples and biting my chest, I felt like a girl whom boobs were getting sucked it felt nice after a while he told me to lie down on my back and he shifted my legs on his shoulders and started licking my asshole. I was shivering due to sensation of his licking and moaning like hell at his every tongue stroke on my anus.

I lifted my ass to give him more access to my asshole and he understood my feeling and inserted his index finger in my asshole. He started fingering my asshole and in doing so he was making small circles in my anus with his finger. It was too much for me and I started shaking my butts with excitement and he caressed my cock with his other hand and put it in his mouth and again started sucking my cock.

After few minutes he increased his speed and started fingering me with his all strength and due to his sucking I was reaching to my limit and going to cum. I told him and he removed his finger from my ass. He sat on floor and told me to cum in his open mouth, so I started masturbating in front of his face and he opened his mouth for my juice. After few minutes I unloaded my juice in his mouth and face and he cleaned my cock.

Still some drops of my juice were on his face and I started licking his face and tasted my own juice and while doing so we lip locked each other after Kissing for some time I again grabbed his cock and this time I started licking his cock as well as his balls after sucking him for 10 minutes he cum and his hot and tasty juice filled my mouth. We again kissed and shared that cum with each other.

Now both of us were very much tired and we slept naked with each other on his bed in evening. I left his home but it was not our last meeting. It was beginning of a new relationship. We enjoyed many time after that and fulfilled our fantasies. Hope you all enjoyed my adventure with a boy. If any aunty, bhabhi, girl wanted kinky fun contact me. My email id is / / please feel free to contact.