The Perfect Session

It was not going to be my first time, but I had hardly ever been more excited to meet someone. We had chatted for the last two days and even online I could tell that he was just right for me. I took a deep breath and knocked at his front door. The door was opened and he was more or less as I had expected from the conversations wed had a little chubby, but with good height and a pretty clean shaven face.

There was something very reassuring about his smile as he invited me in. I stepped in and was immediately impressed by his place he was clearly a man of taste. After exchanging some pleasantries, we found ourselves sitting on his couch with one of his hands on the inside of my thigh. Slowly, we leaned into each other as we talked and the next thing I knew we were locked in an impassionate kiss.

Our tongues were lashing as our hands started exploring each others bodies after a few minutes of passionate kissing, he squeezed one of my ass-cheeks and said lets take this to the bedroom eager with anticipation, I immediately got up and let him lead me to his bedroom. He sat me down on his bed and leaned me back as he began kissing me again.

This time, as I kissed him, my hands ran slowly over his cock. I could tell he was starting to get hard. I got off the bed and kneeled down in front of him. I slowly slipped his shorts off him and out sprang his fully-erect tool. It was just like how hed described it: about 7 inches long, uncut and of an appropriate width.

I was glad to see he was fully shaven. I grasped the base of his cock with one hand and slowly started to work it. He moaned a little and smiled at me. I smiled back and lowered my head to give the head of his cock a little kiss. I proceeded to take the head into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it while my hand kept working on his shaft. I played with the head for some time and then felt one if his hands at the back of my head.

I took that as a sign and plunged my mouth down on his cock. I can honestly say that of all the cocks I had ever sucked, this one was the finest to have ever entered my mouth. I found myself bobbing up and down his cock, pushing it all the way in till my lips touched his balls. Soon he had both his hands at the back of my head as he guided the speed with which I sucked him off.

His hips started thrusting up so that with every thrust his cock was shoved all the way down my throat and made my eyes water. For some respite, I took my mouth off his cock and started licking his balls. Suddenly, he made me stand up and took his shirt off. He started pulling my shorts down and I rushed to take off my own T-shirt.

He was moderately hairy, which I like in my man. He freed my cock out of my briefs and gazed at my now completely erect and throbbing dick. I was no seven-incher, but still held my own: a good 6-inch uncut, completely shaven and a nice big head. He leaned ahead and gave the head a little lick. I didnt have to wait long as I found his lips wrapped around my dick.

He didnt have his technique perfected like I did, but I could tell he was no stranger to sucking cocks. His enthusiastic sucking was making me really hot. He gave my dick a few more licks, then got up and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you, baby.” I responded with a kiss on his lips and said, “Cowgirl.” I laid him back on the bed and went to my bag to get the condoms.

He reached over the bedside table, pulled open a drawer and brought out a bottle of lube. I licked his cock a few more times and then slipped a condom on it. As he lay back, I took a bit if lube and massaged it into my ass. I then leaned over and kissed him, while I took some more lube and oiled up the condom. Our lips parted as I slid back into the cowgirl position, with my ass hovering over his cock.

I gently lowered myself onto his cock and felt the tip of his cock push against my hole. I relaxed and slowly felt the head pop in. It was simply amazing. Once the head was in, I had no problem sliding down the rest of his cock and soon he was completely inside me. I slowly started riding his cock, alternating between short and deep thrusts. I found his hands on my hips, while my hands explored his manly chest.

I started picking up the speed and kept taking his cock deeper into my ass. He too started thrusting his hips in rhythm and I found his cock getting buried deep inside me. It was the best feeling in the world and then out of nowhere, he gave a massive thrust and raised his butt of the bed, lifting me into the air as well. His cock was buried as deep as it can possibly go.

I arched my head back as a loud moan escaped my mouth as sweet pain mixed with pleasure. He did it again, and again. By the fourth thrust I was begging him to fuck me harder and not stop. But stop he did. He made me get off and laid me on my back. He raised my legs into the air and pushed them back till my knees were almost touching my face.

His eyes were wild with lust as he took his cock and pushed it back in my hole. He was fucking me in this weird missionary position and I absolutely loved it. His every thrust was fast and deep as he almost pulled his entire cock out before thrusting it back in again. My one hand was firmly gripping his ass-check, egging him to go deeper with the other hand.

I jerked myself off and we gazed into each others eyes as he kept fucking me hard and fast and I knew that he was perfect for me. I screamed ooh shit! Im gonna cum! He started pounding me even more furiously and I could hold it no more. I came in huge spurts all over my own chest and face, even managing to catch some of it in my mouth as I came

My ass tightened around his cock and I could hear him saying, “Oh baby, you are so tight. So fucking tight within a minute of me coming, he got off me, pulled me onto the floor and made me kneel in front of him. He ripped off the condom and thrust his cock in my mouth. As he fucked my cum-covered face, both my hands reached around and gripped his ass-cheeks, pushing them so that his cock goes even deeper down in my throat.

Fuck yea! Im going to cum and I heard him scream with the next thrust, I heard a loud moan and felt the first stream of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. Every thrust afterwards came with a moan and a fresh stream of hot cum down my throat. I can proudly say that I swallowed every drop his cum. He shuddered as I licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his penis. He stood me up and planted a kiss on my cum-covered lips.

I went into the bathroom to was cum off my face in the mirror, I could see him approach me from behind. He leant forward and started nibbling on my earlobe, while my hand started massaging his cock as his cock started to harden again and I turned around and we started to kiss yet again, out tongues dancing with passion as we kissed, we both knew this was the start of a long sexual relationship. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I shall determine what I should write next based on the feedback I receive. Perhaps I may even share tales of the times I cross dressed.