First Time At Gay Video Arcade

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Back in the late 1980s I had just turn 21 years of age. My family, friends and girl friend had no idea I was into cock my whole life. Im from the Midwest and gay magazines were hard to come by and this is long before the “Web”-ks.

One day I was on a bus and came across an old news paper edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Someone had left it on the bus seat. I started reading through it and discovered the Adult Entertainment section. There I saw an advertisement for the Nob Hill Adult Male Theatre.

I could not believe a place existed and I saved the newspaper. To make a long story short, I arranged with my employer to have me take a business trip to San Francisco a few weeks later after my discovery. I finally arrived in SF and I found the theatre.

I remember walking past the entrance, twice, but did not have the balls to walk in. There was traffic on Post Street in front of the theatre and people would stare at you to see if you would actually walk in. I was nervous and I didnt want people to think I was queer.

Finally, on the third attempt, the traffic was moving and I took a deep breath, lowered my head and walked into the lobby and did not look back. Finally inside, the place looked amazing. I felt like a k in a candy store.

There was nothing but men of all ages, sizes and color. I paid my entrance fee and was set loose. The main floor had a real movie theatre with strippers and behind it was a public area where men jerked off, together.

It was hot to see all these guys, have their cocks out wake away and coming. I noticed there were many men that had wedding bands of their fingers. I left this area and decided to go down stairs. The staircase leads you to a store where you could buy videos, lubes, toys etc.

The best part was there were 2 rooms on each side of the store that contained video booth arcades when I went into one of the arcade rooms it was very dark. My eyes had to adjust to the dim light of the hall way.

All you could hear is booth doors opening and closing, moaning from the movies playing in each both and money being deposited. I was real nervous and decided to go into one of the both inside the both there was a strong aroma of bleach and the sole of my shoes were walking on something sticky.

I quickly realized it was cum and my cock started getting semi-hard. It was hot to think of all the guys dicks that have blown over the floor and wall. To me it was primal and exotic and I wanted to leave my mark on the floor as well.

I discovered the holes on the booth walls and realized you could look in and see the guy in the next booth. I looked into the hole and saw a hairy dick with foreskin being rubbed by a gentleman. I stood back up and watched my movie.

Soon his penis came through the hole and I watched his foreskin glide up and over this knob. I had no idea what he wanted; I thought he wanted to show me his dick. Soon it disappeared back to his side.

I looked down and saw his finger rubbing the hole again, I had no idea why; I thought it was kind of weird. My movie time ran out and I left the booth. My eyes had to adjust to the darkness of the hallway.

Next I walked around the corner and started down another hallway of booths. This guy walked up to me out of dark of the hallway. He was in his 30s, had black hair shaved down and a goatee that was close shaved to his face.

He was wearing a zipped down sweat jacket with no shirt under. You could see he had a hairy chest with the “V” of the jacket in addition, he was wearing sweat pant. He spoke softly but quickly in broken English with an ascent.

I guess he would be from an east Europe country or perhaps he was Greek. With a smile on his face he said come on, you want a BJ? I give you one. Im good-feel better than your hand. Come on; lets go in this booth come on.

He opened the booth door, walked in and got on his knees come on, in here. It safe and I followed him into the booth and locked the door. My heart was pounding, I was nervous, and to make it even worst my dick was completely soft.

Dont worry, relax, no embarrass. Let me see it come on. I walked up to him and his face is eye level to my pants zipper. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled down the zipper with my right hand thumb I pulled the waistband of my jockeys down, allowing my penis and sack to fall out.

I kept my right hand thumb hold the waistband of my underwear under my ball; sack so it would not go back up and slap” the back side of my ball sack causing pain mean while, my left hand I placed over my back left pocket of my jeans.

I had read how people like to pick your wallet and I was not about to let my wallet get stolen out of my back pocket mmmm nice and he said looking at my penis. I felt his warm lips guide over my soft cock. I felt the wetness of his mouth and tongue slide up and down my limp shaft.

The feeling was incredible. I started to get an erection as I continued to grow his mouth went up and down the shaft mmm” was all I heard from him. I was fully erect now and I could feel his warm tongue sliding up and down my shaft.

His warm lips went all the way down to my bush and I felt the snake of his tongue lap over the knob of my penis. The feeling was intense; no women have ever done this. I looked down and watched his head bob up and down in front of me.

I turned my head to get a side angle. I watched his lips and goatee go up and down my wet shaft. He moved his lips to the knob of my penis and ran his tongue right on the knob. He let my cock drop out of his mouth to catch his breath and relax his jaw.

I like your penis, nice he said. My cock was standing straight up and I could see it throbbing and he tongued my sack and got the hair nice and wet. He went back down on my penis and I felt his lips tighten around the shaft in slow deliberate motion he started to jack my penis off in his mouth using his lips.

I could feel my sperm building behind my ball sack. He started to increase the speed and tightness of his lips. I could tell I was getting close to ejaculating soon. Im going to cum” I said to him in a low voice. Hmm was his reply.

He continued to increase the speed of his sucking stop; Im going to cum and I said louder. I didnt want him to get pissed off at me for cuming in his mouth. He continued to suck faster and I felt his tongue now teasing the piss slit of my knob.

I could feel my prostate fully loaded with sperm ready to come; I would not be able to control my ejaculation if he continued in desperation and I released waistband of my underwear that I was holding down with my right hand slap.

I took my right hand and tried to push the front of his head away. I cant control it anymore stop and Im going to cum I said. His left hand grabbed my ass for a second I thought he was going for my wallet; but he was pulling me in closer.

I felt my penis starting to throb I knew my ejaculation was starting. I finally surrendered and took both of my hands, grabbed the back of his head and started skull fucking his mouth uncontrolled. I thrust my hips and let my ejaculation start.

I wanted my cock as far down his hot throat as possible for my pleasure. All I heard was him groaning as I humped his mouth and let my cum shoot down his throat. I heard him gag once and breathe hard.

I grabbed his head tighter and thrust my hips harder as I continued to ejaculate my sperm and I felt his nose smashed against my bush his tongue continued to tease the last drop of sperm from my knob. The throbbing of my cock subsided. I released his head from my hands.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, my breathing was uncontrolled and I saw stars in my eyes from the intense ejaculation I just had. I stepped back from him and pulled my cock out from his mouth. A long string of spit/sperm connected the tip of my cock to his mouth.

I took my finger and shook off the string. He was looking up at me breathing hard. I looked down past his head. He had his cock out of his sweat pants and had jacked off while sucking me.

I could see his purple knob surrounded by foreskin and sperm. You have a nice dick maybe latter you let me do it again ok? I said sure. My cock was soft and wet. My bush and balls saturated with saliva and sperm. I could smell the aroma of wet penis.

I placed my cock back in my jockeys and zipped up my pant. I left the booth and went up stairs as my heart stopped pounding. I checked my back pocket and my wallet was there. I left the theatre and it was a great experience and I have often jacked off thinking about my first time in a gay adult arcade.