Imphal Gay Brothers

Dear ISSians,

I am Mr. Yohenba from Imphal, 18 aged, 55” tall, with a lovely face ( we refer it as rashi leiba maithong in manipuri). I am straight acting guy, pursuing graduation in one of the reputed college in NE India. I belong to a conservative meitei family that includes my apa,ama, two brothers and a nice sister.

Let me start my incest gay sex experience with my big brother. My only big brother is doing MBA in marketing in abroad. He has got 23 in last two month. Meanwhile I was studying in Shillong( I left Imphal at class 5.) Most of the time, we got separated and stayed individually at far off places. So we didnt have adequate time to chit- chat at home. My father didnt bother the complaint my mother made that we two brothers should be studying in a same country.

Let me tell you about my big brother. He looks around 59” tall. He has an adorable good physique that every girl longs for. He is privileged with his wonderful smile and blissful eyesight. My bro is not so much interested in facebook but he never forgets to send his newly taken photos with his colleagues. He is really good looking and looks perfect with his manly voice and muscles. I started thinking about him day by day. I did even shagging in his name seeing his body many times at hostel. I kept waiting for the time he came back to Imphal.

Meanwhile, I received an email from my mom that my bro has to stay at home as he has one month holiday following his semester exam. This time I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. On the next day, I submitted an application to our bald headed principal seeking permission for a week holiday on the pretext that one of my family relatives is in coma in hospital. He also luckily accepted my plea as a very similar fake signature of my father has been done. LOL!!!

I reached Imphal in the first week of June. My bro had already arrived Imphal two days before. We were very happy to gather again at home that is my moms desire for many months. Let me tell you how I am convinced myself that my bro is GAY. During his stay in Imphal, he used to be invited for dinner by our relatives and his closed friends. I used to accompany him. Following two days, I didnt join him owing to my eagerness to check his laptop that I couldnt do so in his presence. We had our individual laptops so we didnt use others laptops at all. When I checked his laptop, I found many disgusting photos and videos of gay sex in a carefully made and stored hidden folders which I traced so easily!!! I could also noticed he has indulged in such environment from the photo he took with some hunks around himself. At this moment I shagged with higher breathing rate. I become more horny and sex crossed. I was determined to initiate the first move that night.

That night I couldnt closed my eyes off even a minute. my brother in naked always stands before me. At around 1.30 a.m. I woke up from bed and approached to my brothers bed room which was on the last floor. The dim light in the room made me more horny and sexually aroused. My bro was in semi nude condition. He was in sound sleep. No one can ignore his posture on the bed with his muscles and sparse chest hairs. I slowly and cautiously touched his hot body with my soft hands. He didnt react to my action at all. I then jumped onto the bed without producing sounds not to distract others sleep. I slept besides him and made myself semi nude. I was full of tension and afraid as he is none but my own big brother who always advised me to go to the right path of life.

I gathered strenght to kiss his hot lips. Surprisingly, I didnt know how I touched his cock! It had been so hard, bulging out upright. I can guess from this that he is also enjoying my sinful action. He then stopped my hand and asked” Why are you so naughty? Did you practice the same stuff in the hostel too? I got shocked, with full of fear and afraid, I replied” Its my first time. I do promise please dont say like that.” Please, dont tell my mom and apa about it. I was in pitiful condition. He gave me a naughty smile and asked me if I could give him a nice blowjob. I obliged and gave him the same. He then kissed me passionately for some minutes. Breaking the kiss, he continued ” I will check your virginity. I will slap you if you are not virgin” I momentarily replied “Yes”. He ordered me to fetch lubricant that was kept in his private drawer. I fetched and gave him the same. He warned me not to make sound. He made me stand in doggy position that he claimed this position to be his best favourite one. He smeared the lubricant over my virgin hole. When he inserted the tip of his 7 inch cock inside my hole, I broke the position and requested him not to fuck my hole. He grew anger and told me in sudden changed voice” You started the first move so I will end the last move”

Now he filled my mouth with a handkerchief and closed my mouth with his big hand. He gathered all his previous knowledge of fucking a virgin guy. I screamed out of unbearable pain that his cock rendered inside my hole. He turned into the role of a rapist other than a lovely partner. He continued fucking me for about 15 minutes and then blasted inside my hole. I loved this session. I love my brother as my true partner as well as a caring brother.

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