Does he deserve it – Part 6

Aparna came home and saw her son asleep. She then went to shower and calm herself but she couldn’t. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She felt as if her life crumbled. No, to be precise, she felt that she messed it all up.

Aparna then kept crying for around 30 minutes under the shower and went to bed. Then she tried her best to sleep, but the thoughts kept disturbing her sleep. She looked at the phone to check what time it was and it showed 2:30 am. After fighting a long battle with herself, she could finally fall asleep.

The next morning by the time she woke up, her son prepared her coffee.

Aparna: Why did you make coffee for me? Did I ask you to do this?

Son: It’s okay, mom. You were late last night, so I thought maybe I could help you in some way today.

She couldn’t understand it. Why was she crying until then? Was it because she lost somebody? Who she thought she loved or somebody who loved her? When the greatest love she could ever find was right in front of her eyes doing everything he could to make her mother happy.

This relaxed her a bit and again made her feel guilty for prioritizing somebody over her son. Amidst all these mixed feelings, she understood one thing for sure. It was all that scum’s mistake. That scum, that bastard Surya did all this to take revenge on her while she was trying to bring about a change in his behavior.

Aparna knew one thing for sure. That bastard should be punished and should be taught a lesson. Although she had a dildo in her house, she ordered a much bigger dildo this time which was 13 inches long. She also ordered a leash, some butt plugs, and a current shocking chastity cage and took the premium on that website to get the delivery fast.

She didn’t meet Puja and went to the office alone. And in the evening, she came to Puja’s house. She could see a grin on Surya’s face clearly indicating his arrogance. Aparna told Puja everything that happened and Puja felt sorry for Aparna. And also sorry for the fact that she was still hiding something from Aparna.

Aparna told Puja that she would take care of things from tomorrow and didn’t bother about Surya and silently left home. The delivery came at around 11 pm and she secretly collected them and hid them. From the next day, it was going to be hell for Surya and little did he know about how his life was going to get worse from bad.

Aparna called her friend Shreya, an SI, and told her about everything starting from meeting Puja to breaking up with Sujith. Shreya assured Aparna that everything would be alright and took the responsibility of changing Sujith’s opinion all on herself. The plan went like this, “First Aparna will seduce Surya and let him fuck her. Then she will blackmail him with a false case, exactly where Shreya will make her entry and all three of them will teach a lesson”.

Aparna carried on with the first step. She went to Puja’s house, she took Surya to the first bedroom (exactly where Surya fucked her wife two nights before). She closed the door and told Puja that she wanted to discipline Puja’s husband. Puja having accustomed to it didn’t do or say anything and let them do what they want.

Aparna threw Surya on the bed and kept running her fingers around his caged cock. Starting from the tip to the bottom of the balls, she caressed them softly. Surya was giving moans as he was feeling excited, yet couldn’t rise to his complete glory. Aparna on the other hand saw Surya shivering and stopped it immediately making Surya disgusted and frustrated at the same time. He couldn’t force himself on Aparna as she was equal to him, if not superior in physical strength.

Having teased him with fingers, she now chose to tease him more as she touched the tip of his organ with the tip of her tongue. She slowly started moving her tongue from top to bottom of the tip and often into the small pee hole. Surya was twitching in the cage.

Aparna watching him like that could understand how he was feeling. Now she started the rotations. She would slowly ride her tongue around the tip of his organ while fondling his balls with her left hand. Simultaneously, she using her right hand to play with his nipples. (Readers, just look at him, imagine if you are in that condition, how will you feel? A woman running her tongue around your dick while fondling your balls and playing with your nipples, constantly exciting you and yet you can’t erect your dick as it is in a cage and it keeps twitching causing you pain. While enduring that pain, you feel horny and exactly when you are about to cum, you will be denied. This has to be the absolute dominance of a woman, the absolute helplessness and humiliation.)

Having teased him for around 20 minutes until then, she decided to unlock him.

Aparna: Ok, Bitch! I can’t see you being so painful. I will unlock you and allow you to jerk off. But you have to earn it.

Surya: Yes Goddess! Please, Please allow me to cum.

Aparna kicked him in his guts and threw him from the bed.

Aparna: Seems like you forgot how to request, naked slave. Maybe I shall leave you like this to teach you a lesson.

Surya immediately realized what she was talking about, went on all fours, and kept kissing her feet for 5 minutes until she asked him not to.

Now she slowly unlocked him and asked him to kneel on the floor and wank off. She removed her top.

She was now in her bra and that puny bra couldn’t hold her busty cleavage back. The round shoulders, the toned biceps, the armpit hair. Man, it was an easy turn-on for any submissive man, but not for Surya as he was still some alpha guy.

Aparna: Any random submissive guy would wank off at my physique. Isn’t it, slave boy?

Surya: Yes Goddess, you are an absolute feast for anybody.

She then looked at Surya from top to bottom, indirectly questioning why he wasn’t wanking at her physique alone.

On any random day, she won’t consider Surya’s pleasure as a valid option. But since her plan had to go nice, she took it a step forward. She removed her bra. The busty boobs started to swing as soon as she removed the bra. He was astonished by this divine view. She then held her boobs in her hands and lifted them slightly up allowing Surya to look at the bottom of her boobs.

Aparna: Hey slave, it’s very sweaty beneath my boobs. Come and clean it off with your tongue.

Surya didn’t even hesitate for a second and went close to her and tried to stand up.

“WHAK!” came a blow right under his testicles, he was down in pain.

Aparna: Did I tell you you can stand? Stay where you are and try to reach up to my boobs. If you can, you will get a chance to lick under them or else I will put them back in.

Surya was kneeling on the floor and Aparna sat comfortably on the bed. So practically Surya can’t reach her boobs. Even though he was tall, he still couldn’t make up. He tried to get his tongue to her boobs. He was stretching his body completely, pulling himself up, and yet ending up somewhat 5-6 cm below his destination point. He was pushing his tongue up open which seemed similar to a doggy.

Aparna: Seems like boobs are not for lowly losers like you, bitch. Now, lick where you can reach.

Surya having lost faith, started licking there. After 10 minutes, she took a pillow and threw it at him.

Aparna: Take it, bitch! And enjoy licking now! (wink)

Surya was jumping inside. He then placed the pillow under his knees and started licking under her boobs. That divine scent of her sweat was hitting his nervous system. His cock was throbbing, and his knees were in pain (since he was kneeling on the floor), yet he didn’t care about anything and wanted to lick those juicy melons. Pretty fair to say horniness drives humanity to greater heights, lol. He kept licking it until he was slapped on his face. That was a sign for him to stop what he was doing.

She slowly pulled him closer to her crotch and pressed his face against her pussy. Surya saying nothing, went down there. He couldn’t smell and couldn’t feel it because of those two layers of fabric (panties and pants) covering it.

Aparna: If you want me to undress, you shall do 20 jumping jacks, 20 squats, and one minute of plank. All of these with your hands behind your head, understand?

Surya who could do around thrice what she said, was very happy that he could do them easily. Aparna slowly took her mobile out and faced the camera towards Surya. Surya was stunned. Was she going to record it now? Was she going to record making a grown 6’4″ man doing jumping jacks naked after being ordered by a woman? Humiliation kept passing through his nerves but he liked the kinky pleasure from it. He knew he could neither take it nor question it.

Surya got into position and started doing them as his organ started swinging. Aparna kept recording this scene while laughing at him. Surya could only tell himself that he could settle the scores later, little did he know it was going to be a clean sheet.

The jumping jacks and squats were easy and then came the tough part. Aparna asked Surya to turn back and start the plank, thus allowing the naked back of Surya to be facing Aparna.

Soon Surya went down on all fours and started the plank. Around the 15-second mark, Aparna slid her toe around his balls, slowly making circles around his balls with his toe. Surya feeling both a ticklish feeling and a hard-on couldn’t do the plank and fell at the 28-second mark. 2 seconds, damn. This was probably the first time he understood the value of 2 seconds.

Again it was the same scenario, but this time, she started teasing around the 10-second mark and Surya having improved fell down at the 27-second mark. The third time and fourth time also gave the same result, his failure.

Aparna: Bitch! You’re so hopeless. Leave it, you won’t be getting a peak at my pussy today. Now, lift your ass and spread your legs wide.

This would make his rare butt clearly visible including the anal hole to Aparna. Keeping the legs aside would open his butt cheeks and give her a better view.

He did what she said. She immediately wore a glove and put her finger in his asshole and started to push it down. Just like we push it up in a woman’s pussy to touch the G-spot, she did the exact opposite to stimulate his prostate through the anus. The gloved right hand kept going in and out of Surya’s ass while the left hand fondled his balls. She did this for around 30 minutes as Surya was still bent in an unfamiliar position.

Surya enjoyed this. He kept giving moans. As usual, his cock was still throbbing as he wasn’t allowed until now to wank. His cock started to release the precum.

Having seen this, Aparna slowly removed her finger and stopped playing with his balls. She then asked him to turn and face her and slowly took out the lock. Surya wasn’t expecting this, he thought he could jerk off. He felt there was a lot of load waiting to be put out.

Surya: Excuse me, mistress. Are you going to lock me now?

Aparna: Yes and what if?

Surya: I desperately want to cum, mistress. Please allow me to rub one out. I beg you!

Aparna: Slaves are meant to feel orgasm only on their mistress’ order. You are not the one to decide, it’s me who has the power.

Saying this, she squeezed his balls until she put the cage on his cock and locked it.

Aparna: I really liked the way you endured everything. So, here is your reward.

Saying this, she opened her hands as a gesture of asking for a hug. Surya hugged her. Their naked chests touched each other.

Aparna: If you want to cum badly, come to my house tomorrow evening, baby.

Saying this, she kissed him gently on his lips and he locked his lips with her. She too kissed him as long as he wanted. The deep vigorous lip-locks went on for around 4 minutes. Then Aparna wore her top and moved out of her bedroom. She then said bye to Puja and went out of their house too.

Stay tuned and happy reading.


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