A Unique Union

Hi friends, Im your chubby gay from Hyderabad with yet another gay experience. Its been quiet long since I wrote a story, but I have had a really fascinating experience for the last six months. For people who dont know me, Im a 24 yr old chubby, clean shaven, guy with a real hunger for cocks in my mouth and up my ass. I have been screwed by quite a few men in my life.

So back to the story, it is end of May 2012 and I was busy with work and my routine, when I met a guy called John from the same office. I was training his batch in a tool used at our workplace. He used to smile and shake hands every day. He is 5.10, dark, has a scar on his face, and averagely built; there is nothing exciting about him. Days passed by, just like that and we were slowly becoming friends. He also was allotted the same cab as I was which helped in building up our friendship. We started to hang out in the cafeteria and slowly we also started watching movies and beer parties as well.

One day on our way back from office on a Friday, he asked me whether he could join me for a movie at our place, as I stay alone I asked him to join without hesitation. We both had reached my place and just chilling and chatting about our office stories. So to carry the conversation forward I normally asked him about his girl friend to which he gave me a blunt and honest answer, he said that he is gay. On my face without any change in expression, I was a shocked. They were quite a few gays in my office, but I dint expect him to be gay.

Anyways, so I asked him about his partner to which he replied that he was single as of now. Then he asked me about my girlfriend, to whom I gave a smile and just said that Im single and no girlfriends as of now. To which he told me, “I know your also gay, I have been told by ranjith (another gay in our office)” I was shocked by the fact that there is someone who knows Im gay, and is telling people as well. He continued and told me that he also knew that Im gay, coz of my body and looks. He told me, I will enjoy life more as a gay rather than being straight.

I dint protest much and immediately accepted and told him Im a bottom and more about my partners and how I got screwed. He also became open and shared a lot of stuff about him. He also told me that his brother was the one who forced him into gay sex to which he has been addicted ever since. He told me I look exactly like his brother who is in USA right now. We were talking about the being gay and its legalization and other stuff, when I got up for some water and landed in front of him, I was changing the channel on tv when I felt his hand on my butt. I turned round to see him smiling,

I asked him whether he was serious about having sex with me, he told me he always wanted to have sex with me from the time I was training him. He used to always check out my butt and always wanted to touch it. I also fell for his explanation and moreover even I was deprived of sex, so I fell for him and smiled back. This was a go ahead sign for him, so he quickly started to caress my butt and then slowly started to press my man boobs. He was also caressing his cock and while doing this to me. I also slowly started reacting to his touch and a moan escaped my mouth. I went closer to him and sat on the sofa, he looked at me and slowly our lips met woah….

We kissed for 10mins exchanging saliva and sucking each others tongue. We broke the kiss and he started to unzip his pant and brought his cock out, it was a decent 6″ with a good thickness. He slowly guided my head towards his cock; I also knelt down and started giving him a blow job. He started to moan, and abused me about me being his whore. I was getting really aroused by the bad words and started to suck his cock even more, I was spitting and sucking his cock, it was for a very long time that I was giving him a blow job, then he stopped me and asked me to undress. I got up ripped me clothes off and stood naked. He pulled me towards him and made me sit on his lap while he started to feast on my boobs, he was pressing them….licking then even biting them.

Then he took control of my butt. He started to finger fuck my hole as I was on my all fours, he spat a lot on my hole and then slowly put his cock in it. The hole was fucked a lot with larger cocks, so his cock went in well without much pain, he was fucking me slowly and then slowly started to increase his speed, I was moaning and was in extreme pleasure…his speed kept on increasing and I was almost fainting with pleasure and getting tired because of his speed. He kept on pounding me ass for 15mins and stopped and turned me around in jiffy and came right on my face and mouth. He was completely content with the fuck he had got, then he slowly took my cock in his mouth, my cock is 4″ and I come very soon…so he sucked my cock for 2 to 3 mins I came on his chest. We both smiled and hugged each other.

We rested and then slept for an hour and then woke up, his cock was hard again, he wanted to fuck me again….this time I slept on left side…while he fucked me from behind…..his stamina and speed was giving me so much pleasure…that I was constantly moaning….his fucking went on for sometime after which he came on my butt and moaned loudly. We both started kissing each other and just laid on the bed. It was 8.30, we were having sex so the past one hour….so I asked him for dinner….he told me im eating you…thats more than enough…I smiled and told him to join me for dinner….to which he smiled back and took my boobs in his mouth and started sucking it….so we were just lying there, with him having his arms around me and I in his arms, we both were talking about our other gay experiences.

Stories I told him about me, made him hard again and the sex continued for another 2 hrs while we took breaks by just playing with our bodies. I was tired, I was being fucked by a man for more than 4 hrs, so I wanted to go take a bath. I took my bath while he also took his in the same bathroom, but without touching each other. After our bath, we had dinner and was watching some show on tv….he suddenly muted the TV and told me that he wanted to marry me right now….i told him not to joke…but he said he was serious…..i told him to come back tomorrow with a fresh mind. He was not listening to me but, finally he left.

Next morning on the Saturday, he came home at 11am, came in with a bag….he told me the same thing…marry me….i said…we can stay together…but marrying…how can a man marry another man….legally also it is not possible….society is a major factor…..so he told me…a very private wedding, just both of us….we shall marry…and stay together. I was convinced by him, I accepted his proposal and said ok…he quickly brought out a pink kurtha for me and asked me to wear it.

I wore and came close to him…he applied sin door and he had bought a basic ring for both of us….he said youre my wife from now….we both were really happy. He shifted to my house and we have started to live our lifes like a couple. I have been fucked numerous times by him, his sex drive never dies, nor does mine…we have been living happily along with few quarrels now and then, but we live as married gay couple better than the others.