Socha Na Tha

This was long ago, back in 2005 in my 1st year of graduation. It was the month of November, and it was pretty cold. I was staying in hostel, sharing a room with one guy, who also happened to be my childhood friend. It was a small room with two cot. Lets call myself ‘S and my roommate ‘K.

Since it was just a couple of months into the college, there was a pretty good ragging thing going on, which was more of mental harrasment to us, and also the course itself, and the long hours of classes left us drained at the end of the day. I had already tucked myself in my quilt, getting ready to drown myself into sleep, just when K said, “Do you mind if I sleep in your bed tonight? As mines all dirty and I dont have energy to clean it up.” I didnt think much, and I let him share my bed for the night, although it was a bit too small for two persons. But we managed. I shifted a bit to one end, and he lay himself on the other end. We were using our own respective quilts.

We were facing each other, and K put one of his hands around me. I didnt care much. I just wanted to sleep. Just when I had drifted off to sleep, I felt his hand moving around my back, just like he was giving me a back rub. It felt kinda good, and I let him continue. Then he put his hand inside my shirt and was stroking his hands over my skin. Although I didnt have much energy to respond, I just said, “Dont put it inside”. He withdrew his hand from inside my shirt and continued the back-rub from the outside. I drifted off to sleep again. After a few minutes, he put his hand inside my shirt again. It actually felt good, so I decided not to protest further, and he continued it. It felt rather good. He was closer to me this time, and as if we were cuddling, and he was rubbing my back very lovingly, running his hands right along my spine, doing it in circular motion.

It was after sometime, that I felt that I was actually enjoying it without thinking about what he was actually doing. I was wide awake, but lay very still, as if I was actually sleeping. He then moved his palm on my hips, where I was actually very tiklish, but I felt something else this time as his palms caressed my hips. A cold wave passed through my body, and I was getting aroused by his touch. I didnt protest though, as I was liking it, and also wanted to know what hed do further. I liked the suspense. He was rubbing my hips and then to my back again. Then he progressed to my belly, around my belly button, and waves after waves passed through my body. He was actually seducing me. Then to my chest caressing my skin ever so softly, leaving goosebumps on my skin, my nipples now erect, as he felt them with his fingers, just brushing against them time and now.

I never thought a guy can seduce me, although it was happening then and there, and I was left paralyzed by his gentle touch, lying like a log, letting him play with me. He then unbuttoned mt shirt, and I helped him remove my shirt off me. There was no words between us, just the silence and his magical touch. I was hard down there, and I just wanted him to touch me, down there.

The wait wasnt too long, as he brought his hand to my back again, gave a couple of strokes more, and then traced his fingers to the elastic band of my pant and easing them in and out it. then he took it out once more, just to caress my arse softly, and back to business. Eased his fingers into the elastic band and run his hand just below my hips sideways, and then on my arse. That touch sent me out of this world, I just forgot everything and was lost in his touch. I felt like my penis was the hardest it has ever been all my life, without even a touch on it. it felt magical. He brought his hand to the front part, and as his hand brushed my penis, I felt a huge wave again tearing my body, overpowering my mind. It was all I could have asked for then. He caressed the region that was between my navel button, and my penis. Then it all stopped.

I was bewildered by the pause. “Was that it?”. I felt a sudden sadness. Just then I felt his fingers tugging into my pants and lowering them. The feeling of being completely nude was again a new feeling then. I was shy, excited, aroused, and a little bewildered, all at the same time. There I was completely nude, lying like a log, not knowing what was to come next. The suspense was killing me. Then he caught hold of my penis, encircling his palm around it, and started jerking it with a very slow and rhythmic motion. I already felt I was about to come anytime. I never knew that such slow jerking can create such wonderful sensations. He kept jerking, and I wasnt able to hold it very long. I came on his hand, came hard spurting semen all over my body and his palms, he was still jerking me, and then he stopped. I went through a big orgasm, definitely my lifes best until then.

He cleaned me with a bed-sheet, and dressed me up again, and cuddled me, as we went off to sleep. This was my first sexual experience with someone else. We never spoke of it, or let anything change between us, just enjoyed ourselves at night, and slowly I became an active partner too. More to come. Let me know your views. Comments, criticisms, short-comings, and appreciations, mail me at / / Thank you for reading my story.