Karan My Man Of Love

Hello, friends. I am Mohan from Bengaluru. This is a true incident and a continued relationship between me and Karan. Well friends this my first publication and Ive been permitted by my man Karan, for publishing this. Hence, if any mistakes occured by please, pardon me. The following incident narreted is the first sexual meet up of my life. Im now 23y and Karan is 25y.

To explain about myself , Im a bisexual (versatile),very fair, well built masculine, 57″ height & 65kg. Karan is also a very fair guy whos also a bisexual (versatile), 58″ height & 68kg weight with sexy masculine physique. We both make a very lovely and a sexy pair. We both were unknown to each other until a day we met online in a website on Dec 29, 2011.

The same date an year ago.. We chatted for a couple of minutes at the site and decided to exchange our cell-phone numbers. Both of us got to know that we were searching for a true friendship and fun. Hence, we got used to text each other and speak to each other. We both decided to meet on Jan-14 of 2012 near K.R circle by noon 2.30.. To be frank we had not exchanged our photographs also. Even tough we identified each other successfully, (as a matter of fact we shared our identities-like dress etc,..). We met at the bus stop at the decided time, with a broad smiles on our faces. We then formally introduced ourselves and made a handshake. Since, I dont have place for privacy we decided to join together at Karans place at Bluru south.We took a B.M.T.C and reached his place.

He happily invited me to his home and I felt a true and a warm friendy atmosphere, I never thought he would keep his home so neat and tidy even being single,with his parents away in an other district. I felt his kindness, as he served me with a hot coffee.. Since, it was mid noon, he compeled me to have lunch to which I happily accepted and reached his kitchen. He had to prepare the food for us and started to do so and I helped him in chopping vegetables. When the curry started boiling, he broke his silence and made me stand at the wall and stared into my eyes. His eyes were shining with love and lust.

He then made the first move by coming close to my face. Both of us were breathing heavily and I could feel his breath on my chin and he too felt my breath. He kissed me on my lips for which I was totally delighted, as it is the first smooch of my life. We although unexperienced, started enjoying each others lips. We rolled our tongues into mouth by which we exchanged our saliva. Suddenly, we could smell the curry get over heated like us. We broke our kiss and silence was filled at the place. Both of us were shy and smiling into each other.

He then made his second move by placing his hand on my pant and started feeling my manhood, to which my dick started getting completey erected from its semi-hard state. No words were spoken. As he took out his hand form me, he winked at me to which I responded to him by a wink. I made the next move by licking his nipple that was out of his sleeveless baniyan. His body shivered with pleasure and he was moaning as loud as he could. Hence, I got encouraged and simultaneousy held his cock over the pants. I was literally in heaven by its firm and dimensions. But he stopped me from continuing further.

I was disappointed by this, to which he explained that it was too late and we had to have lunch. Both of us served the food for our plates and shifted to the living room. We had lunch while were cracking jokes and watching some comedy programme. After having lunch he invited me to his bedroom, and made me sit on his (but its now, ours) cot and came closer to me, sat against me and kissed me on me lips again. We smooched for a very long time and slowly parted and stood up. We hugged while standing. We carresed our bodies and exchanged/ shared our warmth. His hands were running on my back and mine so on his.

We slowly started stripping eachother. First he started by taking out my T-Shirt,and bringing down my pant. He sat on his knees to completely take away my pant. He again stood up kissing all over my body on my breifs and banyan. He made my banyan wet with his saliva and made some portions transparent. He then pulled out my Banyan over my head, to be frank that was the first time I stood barechested in front of others ( I cover even my upper body when I come out bathroom after having bath) at home in my separate bathroom. Because of this I felth shy and closed my eyes.

I was breathing very heavily because of his lips and finger movements on my body. I surrendered completely to him and was very hard on my long dick. Since he could see my hard on, he started giving kisses, licks and small bites on my cock and slowly slide down my breif to my feet. He was surprised to see my dick, very straight light colored, very thick, with a good medium public hairs. My dick tip was wet with my precum, on which he just slide his tongue. I shivered with pleasure and gave a short moan, aaah… This was the first moment of my life, since after my 4th year of age, standing totally naked in fornt of an other person of almost same age. He reacted and stared to kiss, lick, suck and bite my body.

Now he stood up and it was my turn to get him to my position..to undress him. (he just was in banyan, a night pant and a breif inside the pant). I had much to take out, but wanted to spend more time in stripping him. I started kissing him on lips, cheeks, chin and eyes. I licked all his face like a dog and he was excited and very happy for making him wet. Infact he asked me to repeate the same again. I happily licked his face again. I slowly gave bites on his ear lobes and he was maoning loudly, and making me more excited and encouraged.

I slowly got down to his neck and started playing with his neck with my tongue. I get lot of saliva after I eat food. Hence I got successful in wetting him. I used to give small air blows to make cold on the wetted parts, and he was shivering with pleasure and asked me to do more and more. I similarly wetted his chest which was slightly hairy on his banyan and made few wet spots on it. I sat on my knees to play with his cock. Unforrtunately it was covered by his pant and breif. Hence, I took down his pant with a greater force expressing my anger on it and due to this Karan was laughing.

I now could see a big boy struggling to come out brief. He had a wet spot because of precum. I slowly kissed his hard boy and licked it over the brief. Karan was totally enjoying all my moves and I slowly took out the last coth on his body. His dick spang out when it got released. I was literally mesmerised to see a big, straight and sexy dark colored dick. He had a thick public hair which ran thinly up to his chest. His cock head was shining with precum and for the first time I have touched and other mans private organ. Without wasting a single second, I licked the tip.

The taste of his precum was mind blowing ( it was thick and salty, very tasty). He gave a loud moan like aaaaaaaah to my lick. Then I stood up and kissed him with total love. Both of us smooched again for some time and sat on the bed. Both of us rolled over the bed and he came on top of me. He looked into my eyes hungrily. He first kissed my forehead, then my eyes, cheeks, chin and started giving pleasurable bites to my ear-lobes. He held my dick with his hand and was licking my face. He further proceeded downwards to my neck and kissed my neck and made my neck wet completely. He got further down to my chest and kissed me without touching my nipples. He made me beg (with pleasure) to chew my nipples.

Then he rolled his tongue close to my left nippleand circled. To make me more horny he started giving air-blows on the wetted regions on my chest. I was totally excited and literally wanted him to eat my nipples. He then licked my left one first and sucked it for a very long time and without touching the right one and not allowing even me to touch it. This made me more horny. He sucked and bited my left one to almost such a way that it would tear out of my chest. I was moaning with completely pleasurable pain. He reapeted the same on my right one, leaving red marks all over my upper part of my body. He then started to play with my stomach and navel regions.

He repeated the same that he had done on my chest but he slide his tongue into my navel hole to which I started to give heavy moans and took deeper breaths. He was very slow in giving me the pleasure and by this I had ask for more and more to which he gave me more and more. After he was done with my stomach, I was surprised with his move. He lifted my right arm and smelled my pits and gave a kiss on it. I thought this was awkward. I had shaved my pits before just a week, hence did not have a thick pit hairs.

He took out his tongue and started licking my right armpit, and I was in heavens and was begging for more and more. Only then I realized that it would be wonderful to play with armpits. After completing with my right pit, he repeated the same with my left one. Then suddenly rolled down, bringing me on him. He winked me which told me to do the same for him. I was very delighted to have his treat. I repeated the same way to him, as I was done by him.

To my surprise I voluntarily lifted his pits and licked them one after another. I loved the taste and smell of his sweat, which made me more excited. It was salty and absolutely tasty..He then forcefully stopped me going down and I was bit disappointed by this. He asked me to stay at room and walked out to kitchen. To my surprise he had two Diary Milk Silk chocolates. He gave me one and slept on bed, that his head is mouth my cock and his cock near my mouth.

I got to know we would be on 69 position. I also understood why he had brought chocolates. Both of us unwrapped the chocolate covers, but we sucked our dicks barely and completely. He mouth fucked me for some time later did I. We kept chocolates on others dick and started sucking the chocodick for a very long time. Both of us shot a big thick spraying cum into our mouths and drank them completely. We were still left with the melted chocolates on our dicks. This time, he took the melted chocolate on my dick and placed on his and the chocolate on his was took over on mine.

We smooched again till our started dicks regaining erection. We swallowed each others semi-hard chocodicks completely in our mouths and let them to get complete erection inside only. Then sucking and mouth fucking continued again till we both shot big shots of chocolated cum inside our mouths, but he immediately pulled me towards him and lip-locked me. We were mixing our chococum and saliva. The mixture had a wonderful taste and we shared them equally with lips-locked and drank.

Both of us were totally exhausted and it was dark in the evening. So I had to reach home compulsorily or else I had to answer thousand questions of my parents. So we cleaned up each other and dressed up. He made a wonderful Bournvita for us and With some snacks he brought from condimental stores. We kissed again smooched and kissed each other with total love and I left back home. But even today we are in love with each other, both of us had sex whenever possible, tried different positions for oral, anal everything in sex. We are totally dedicated to each other and never even had sex with anyone else and of course not interested in having sex with others.
This was just the beginning of our new life and has a lot more that we had till now (in one year), which I shall narrate you all if you like this narration.