How I Became A Gay

Hello friends, My name is Sanjay and I am a regular reader of ISS. This is my first story so please comment on it. First let me allow u to tell me something about me and my family. I am the only son of my parents and I have three sisters all elder than me. I belong to a good family. My father is a reputed business man of my town. Now I direct come to story .

My parents call me Sonu. As I told you I am the only son of my parents, my parents love me a lot and all I demanded from them thye always tried there best to provide it to me. From childhood I was interested in dancing so they sent me to a proffessional dancing teacher and Ilearnt good dance.

I am a littel fat and specialy my chest is as heavy as it is more than many girls of my as. I have a good round heart shape ass. And being a dancer I have not much Fat on my stomach and you can say a flatt tummy. My chest is less chest and more breast. I was good in study so my parents always felt proud on me. Now a days I am a student of M.Com. I have long hair since childhood because my all sisters have long hairs so I also kept my hairs long like them. I have shoulder length silki and straight hairs. I dont have any hair on my chest, leg and arms, this is prehpas so because my father also do not have.

Now I come to story direct that how I become a Gay. This is the story of about 7 years back when I was a student of 8th class. There was a my mama, whose name is Ashok, he lived with us and he also slept in my bed room on different beds,
because my father had to go out of town on regular basis. Ashok mama was unmarried at that time.
One day I went to school but came back early because one of our schools student died in a road accident, so school administration declared holyday for 2 days.

When I came back to home, there was none at home accept Ashok mama, he greeted me and I told him all story of my coming back to home, then I asked about my mother and father, he told me that my mother and father were out of town for some 2 or 3 days. Let me cleare one thing that at that time too I new somthing about sex but only male and female make them but how Ididnt knew. Ashok mama told me to change the school dress and I started. When I put of my shirt , Ashok mama saw my chest and came near to me and said sonu you have grlish chest, that your boobs are bigger than many girls. I was surprised because Ashok mama had never talked before like this to me. I said what are you saying mama ji.

He then laughed and came near to me and touched my nippel and then full chest. This was a thrilling experience for me and I felt good. He then said”look , our chest is not a chest its breast and also very firme”. I felt ashamed and said nothing. Then Askok mama said “show me your penis”. I again said nothing and stood their, looking on the ground, Idid not dare to even watch mamaji.

Then he said again” comeon show me your penis,do not feel shame like girls, and afterall Iam your mama ji”.
Then he said me again and again and I had to show him my very special part od body. He saw my very little penise and said this is very small. This time I spoke and said “then show me yours, let me know how big is your if my is small.” Ashok mama smiled at me and unjipped his shorts and showed me his hard cock.

For all my surprises this was very bigger then mine. It was about 5″ long and also thicker than mine. Ofcourse this was not as big as I saw later in my life, but as this was my first live watching of cock this was very big for me, at that time and one reason was mine was even very smaller than his. I looked puzzled on mamas face which was charming as he won a battle and I said”mama ji how is yours is so big ?”.
He said” dear son this is the penis of real man.”

I sais “Am I not a real man ?” He said “only time may tell us wether you are a real man or not.” I did not understand anything and said “may you make mine also as big asa yours ?” He said “I may try, but not sure whether it will work or not. But you will have to do all I say”.
I said “Ok”. He then said “Show me your ass.” I put off all my clothes down and turned to him and showed my ass. He was very happy to see my ass and spoke in bad lanuage , which I felt at that time he said” wah ! kya gaand hai tery to yaar, tu aaj tak mujh se bacha kaise raha ?”

I did not understand anything again , but I was wanted to make my penise too as big as my lovely Ashok mama had. He then came near me and start feeling my ass and his breaths were heavier now. He said “you will have to take my cock in your ass.” I laughed, said “mama ji this is impossible , this may not go in my ass anyhow.”

He smiled and said”dear son you have ass of sucha type that it may take bigger than this and you say this will not go. You forget about everything else , that is my job and Ill pour it in your ass , there will be a littel pain for first and then you will enjoy it a lot.” I said what enjoy may be in takink your penis in my ass ? And you say only first time Ill have to bear pain then will you pour it in my ass also again. He smiled again and said ” you dont know anything about sex. Forget everything and be ready for you first fuck. “
I said “Ok.”

My ” ok ” was enough for mama ji and he was ready he brought some oil and poured some oil on his now rock hard cock and also in my asshole and started fingring. He smiled again and said “see, you are enjoing and your penise is also getting bigger.” And I saw that my penis was as hard as never before. This made me realy think to that this process will make sure my penise bigger. Then he said me to be in doggy style.

Then he put his cock head on my asshole and started pushing, this was paining me but I thought what mama ji say is completely tru this is paining too and I neared the pain and he half cock was in me. Then I said “enough mama ji please dont do more.” He said “ok, Ill not pure anymore.”

And started fucking my ass slowly-slowly. With his every push he pushed his cock more and more very slowly and carefully. After about 5 minuts his complete cock was in my ass. And I started feeling his roots hairs then only I felt that his entire cock was in me now and there was much less pain. I asked surprisingly “mama ji have you entered full in my ass.” He said with a big heavy breath almost moaning ” yes you are such a fuckable I am sad how I left you till today.” He started fucking me harder and faster. And also started saying bad words wich I felt not too bad at that time.He was moaning loudly.

He said in his language “beta kya maal hai tu to, pura gandua hai, pehali baar mein hi pure maze le ke chud raha hai….. ahhhhhhh ahahhahaha , sale tujhe to main bahut dino se chodna chahta tha par time bhi nahi mila or darta bhi tha ke kahin tu aisa na hua jaisa dikhata hai ” I said now in full enjoying “mama ji how I lokk like.” He said “sale tu to ekdum chudkkad dikhta hai , tujhe to dekhte hi koi bhi aadmi chodne ka hi sochega.”

Then he fucked me for about 10 mintus and also said many more ditry things to me which I was enjoyoing as well as his fucking. Then I felt some hot thing in my ass like liquide and Askhok mama also felt slow and then he stoped and felt on me with his penise in my ass for some time. But I was enjoying and wanted not to stop him. I said “what happned mama ji why you stoped ? “
He laughed and said”are! wah! tu to pura gaandu nikla pehaly hi baar mein mere cchhkke cchut gaye or tujhe or chudna hai, Ek baat to pakki hai sale ki………..”

He got up and started dressing , I asked kya baat pakki hai mama ji, he smiled and said ” yehi ki tu to pahele se hi gaandu tha or aaj maine tere ooper moher lagadi or tujhe gandua bana diya hahahaha… ” He said get up and dress up any one may come today in night I will fuck you more. And we both were in full dress after some time. At night Ashok mama fucked me twice so hard that in morning my every part of body was paining.

Sidhi bhasha main usne meri bajja daali our mujhe hilla daala. But I also enjoyed it all a lot and further this was our regular game for every night. In upcoming nights mama fucked me in every position and made me habitent of regular fucking .
And finally now I am a GANDUA. This is my first story how I became a gay(GANDUA). If you like my story then only I will tell you my more reale stories. Please send me feed back for more.