Me And My Professor

Hi this incident happened in my life a year ago. Let me introduce about myself I’m 22 years 5.10 feet tall slim athletic. I was at final sem of engineering and was placed in a MNC through TNSLP and had to prepare a lot for my final project. I always had quarrel with my Dept. HOD we had many ego problems. I used to annoy him asking critical doubts in class and make him say “I dont know I shall refer and tell you’. My team members were so lethargic and casual and not interested in VHDL Project so I had to do the entire work right from scratch, but I didn’t felt it as a burden as because I liked the domain.

During the 2nd review of my project our Dept. HOD involved as because it was the pre-final review. This time it was his chance to take revenge on me. I really dont know from where he picked up questions he started shooting at our team, but my team members remained cool headed and one guy was even laughing and giggling at his questions. I was panicked, he said you are not fit to do a project and you will not be allowed to submit the project. These words has already started to screw my happiness. It was a adrenaline gush, but I found none of my team members panicked and coolly uttered “Vedu machi intha baduku vere velayae kedayathu summa penathuran da” and left the place for a movie. I was waiting in my classroom for all the batches to finish the review. No sooner it got over I went to HODs room and asked him to pardon and promised him that I will come prepared in full but tomorrow without fail. But he was very reluctant to my promises and he asked me to leave the place, but I waited there until 4.30 pm and again saw him and asked for permitting our batch to the final review. He removed his specks and asked me to call him at his mobile #. I made a note of it and asked him for a convenient time and called him at 11 pm.

No sooner I called him he picked up the mobile within first ring and told me that he was waiting for my call so I came to a conclusion that he is expecting a bribe; but acted as if I was very sorry for all the sarcastic incidents caused to him by me for the past 4 years. But he was talking something totally different. He asked me about my favourite colour place apparels. Being a gay It started to make me feel intimate to speak with a strong built guy of 28 years and odd. He looks really handsome and smart and well behaved. I too started blushing with him but never dared to cross my limit as my internal marks are in his hands. Suddenly he called be dai, badu etc I was dumb stricken in no time he asked me about porn movies and my sexual orientation.

I remained dead silent for about a minute he started saying hello there and told me; dont act as if you are a very good boy I know you used to have porn in your mobile and he was informed about this by my very own friend. And again I was shocked to hear this. He asked me not to come to college and asked me to accompany him at beach on the coming Saturday. I agreed as said by him I was at point waiting for him eagerly as because I knew something good is goanna happen he reached probably after 15 mins. He smiled and started holding my hands engulfed my shoulder and giggling my hips and stomach and was praising my lean structure for a long time and kept his hands n my lap and pressed it really aroused me but I remained as if I wasn’t interested he asked me just once only once as because “I had dreamt about this since 2nd year of the college”. I got excited and knew something is goanna happen but remained to be pale. He asked to accompany him to his room I readily nodded my head he took me in his bike. While riding he asked me to massage his dick it was really nice as because it was my first time and I felt as if shocks were passing in my body but continued hesitantly.

Now we reached the room it was well furnished as soon as we entered the room he started undoing himself I started thinking how much respect we had towards him and our juniors had over him but then I thought he is just a human being as I am. He was standing only with his under wear and he really looked hotter that he looked ever fully covered he had good shapes in his body and slight cuts on his tummy. I was just staring at his physique and was comparing with mine I was very lean just 54 Kgs and even I had 4 packs and I had a very good face cut many of my friends used to advice me to try with photo shoots and suggest me to enter into cine industry. OK Let it be now here we go with the incident, his underwear was forming a tent covering his dick omg so rigid and hard it was, he came near me I started shaking and shivering he went and switched on the fan and he started by undoing my shirt and started massaging my penis over my pant and smoothly massaged and without my consciousness we started kissing each other so passionately. He removed my pant and was yet to remove my under wear but I resisted so he removed his underwear without hesitating It was really a very nice scene his cock was bouncing like a tennis ball. But it was not up to my size but it was very light colour clearly shaved uncut. Now he came near me and removed my underwear and I was really feeling shy as was turning back and I was undisturbed for about 2 min so turned front to check what was happening I was shocked to see him shooting me I covered myself protesting against shooting me but he laughed like a villain and told me I have already shot and if you are goanna refuse then I shall not allow you for appearing in the exams.

I obeyed him he asked me to take bath and he shot me completely and he paused the video and joined me bathing we both enjoyed bathing each other. Now we dried each other and came to hall and he turned on the PC and played porn in his computer he had large collection of Indian gay porn and he sucked me I felt as if shocks were passing and I felt this is what sex it was really so soothing and I felt cloud nine showering on me. He started fingering me omg in no time it all turned painful and he was violent and then made it happen with his all four figures, I was screaming in pain but he never stopped so he applied parachute coconut oil and started once again soon after some time it was nice and enjoyable and then we sucked each other in 69 position it was nice and he asked me to lie on my back and started inserting his cock into ma arse.

It was really so nice and I felt very pleasuring and he continued fucking for about 10 min and unloaded in me but he was wearing a condom and we laid in that position with his dick inside me for some time and we woke up and we both went to kitchen an prepared coffee and bread toast all naked and enjoyed it with some groundnuts and the he asked me to fuck him back. I was ready and I fucked him in doggy style for about 15 min and finally ejaculated on his back and laid on each other’s arms hugging kissing and milk feeding soon after some time we were provoked by a guy in fb an went online in cam chat they were also a couple and we enjoyed cam fuck. Everything ended fine exams got over I got distinction degree joined the company in ITIL division and Im still in relationship with my HOD.

We often fuck each other whenever we get time and also we formally meet as if nothing happened in our life in college. Even during my convocation in 2013 we had a smooch in our college VLSI Lab, he often alarms me saying that he is having my video safe in his computer. I would appreciate for your feedbacks and you all could mail me at / /