My Introduction Into Gay World

Hi My Name is Raj Im 24 Years old from Chennai.  Basically I am a bottom gay. My assets are big boobs and hot nipples and round big ass. This is my first story so I expect you guys to comment on my story and also can approach me for fun. My email is / /

I was 19 years old and was studying in University. It was a boarding so I have to stay with friends. I was new to that. So I dont talk much and at that time I didnt know much about sex and not a gay either. I used to be chubby and with bog boobs even at that time and my ass is something big and very soft like you can slap and squeeze it. We used to take bath in shower and I always closed the door carefully and took bath.

One fine day it was so late just because I woke up late couldnt get the shower room. So I was waiting for some of boys to finish, so that I could take bath. At that time one of my seniors came to me and asked to share the bathroom. I was nervous and said no. But since he was a senior he literally warned and shouted at me to come and take bath. So I went to the small bath room and undressed. He started using comments like wow what a big boobs and nice nipples and tried to touch and squeezing my boobs and nipples and I was bit angry and asked him to stop. He said he will take the revenge on it and went away.  I was not able to tell my friends and my warden either. So I felt very bad about that.

My Seniors are Kamal, Sarathy, Vijay, Alex.  The guy who pressed my boobs is Sarathy. They were Seniors studying in last year of college at that time and my warden used to divide a small group for these seniors as we were new to hostel and stuff like that. So that they could help us in studies. I was worried that I might get in to Sarathy team and he will not let me do well in studies but unfortunately I got in to Kamals team. I felt very happy about that. At that time I was not aware of gay and sex but still I had a few sex experience with guys and my college mates like shaking each other’s cock and smooch like that. My friends used to comment on my boobs and ass as it’s hot and like girls.

A few months passed, I was doing well in my studies and never had problem. We had 5 persons in each room. My warden has come up with the idea that junior and new guys have to share the room with seniors so that they can get to know each other and also they can help us in studies.  Unfortunately I had to stay with these 4. I think it was destined. But still I didn’t afraid as there were 4 people Sarathy cannot do anything without their knowledge. One day we had three days holiday and everybody went home and unfortunately I couldnt go as my parents went to w wedding so I stayed back in hostel. These 4 also didnt go as they had planned to go for a movie then they can study for their exams. I was also happy about that so that I cannot feel bore. They came at late night and a few had smoking habit so they came late. My warden also went to his native.

They came around 11 o’clock and said they had gone for a sex movie and had brought some sex books. I was bit nervous and they asked me to read for them they will listen to me, it sounded weird but still I read it and I immediately turned on. It was including a gay sex story. We all aroused. 4 of them said they had to masturbate and laughed. They asked about my masturbation I said I do but not frequently. Sarathy told them that I have big boobs and nice ass. Then they were fascinated about that and asked me to remove my shirt and pant. They made nasty and dirty comments on my boobs and ass. Two of them started to squeeze my boobs and two of them my ass. I was turned on it went for a while. Finally Sarathy slapped me and said you slut when I touched your body you ran away now what the hell your doing. I started crying. Sarathy told about that incident and everybody laughed at me.

Then all became nude and said I have to satisfy them. They started kissing me and squeezing my boobs and nipples. I got a few rough spank on my ass it was shaking and they did hard on my ass spanking my ass. We all completely became nude and I was shocked to see their big dicks. One asked me to suck his cock and I said no. They threatened to tell warden that you have stolen something from us being the senior warden will trust them. So I started sucking their cock and felt vomiting sense and tried to open the door. They didnt let me go. So I had tasted four cocks one by one they made a nasty dirty comment in Tamil which made me go on and on. Finally they tried to cum on my mouth but I refused so the cummed on my boobs and ass. That night they all hugged me and sleep Saturday we went for a sex movie and had sex night. Sunday students came to hostel so we couldnt do but still we did in late night after 12 midnight.

So they all nice time and sometimes they treated me like their lover I have kissed them all at least 5 times a day. So one guy wanted to sex with me they will do other used to watch that and stuffs like that even though I became their slut I continued my studies very well. I had a blast at that time. One fine day Sarthy said he will try anal and he applied oil my ass hole and put his fingers but it was hell lots of pain and I refused. But still we had lots of fun. I treated them like my husbands. This is how I got into this gay world now though I can satisfy a girl and get married, but still I love guys in my bed. I am Raj living in Chennai and 24yrs if anyone wants to have fun can approach me / / send emails for feedback comment or request.

I like guys in my age but still if anyone has boobs and ass craze can approach me because I can feed you with my boobs and nipples at least 5 Hours you can suck bite squeeze and mark with your tooth. You can slap my ass and squeeze them and finger .