Group Camping Including Irfan And Mohsin Too

Hello ….here I am your dearest buddy My age is 19 years…with 6 feet and 3 inches height…and 115 lbs weight…with white complextion…as people thinks —-” I am very cute and sexy” the way I am virgin from my both sides…sometime I masturbate to took my young juice from my beautiful 5 inch circumcised Cock…for your information I have some hair growing across my Cock area…..

It happened when I went to enjoy the camping and holidays trip to up north….. My name is Irfan…10 boys in our team…. . We came to this spot around 5 pm and after we had dinner and searching a place to sleep….. Because of 10 str most of them did not get place to sleep….. I was very lazy in those days so I did not opened my sleeping bag and shared my bed with one guy of our team…..

Me and my other partner have to tie mosquito net due to lot of mosquito.. His name is Mohsin Khan… his age is 28…9 years older then my age….. Because of tiredness I slept off fast…. I was facing my back to Mohsin…. In a deep sleep…I noticed something was touching to my hand it was Mhsin Cock….. It was as big solid hot rod….. He opened his zip and was pressing on my pants…..

I got excited….. His one hand was trying to unzip my pant….. I made my stomach in so as to make him easier to un button my pants and zip….. Then I turned my chest down and pretended to sleep….. Then he got up slowly and removed my pants and underwear till my ass is completely visible…. Then he lie down on top of me…. and slowly started inserting his Cock in my Ass hole….

” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

Suddenly I murmuring…. It was my first time I was fully exited and wanted result fast….. But it was very painful and I almost shouted in pain….

Mohsin Khan understood that and got up and was doing something on my Ass….” Yes” he was wetting his Cock and my Ass hole with his spit for lubrication. Then he slowly started inserted his pennies inside mine…. I think he was experienced before how to fuck a boy…. he widened my both legs with his both legs so that I can close my legs in pain…..

It was very painful till Mohsin Khan Khan inserted his full hard Cock in my Ass hole….. I was almost crying…. but I didnt made any noise…. because others may get up…from the other camps….. Then after some time Mohsin Khan started giving slow strokes ….


Firstly it was paining but after 8 to 10 strokes it was like I was in heaven….. Then Mohsin started faster till around 10 minutes fucking me….. Mohsin pored hot water or some liquid deep in my ass hole….


It was really very good….It is my first experience which I cannot forget….. Then after that Mohsin laid on for few minute… in the meanwhile Mohsin was kissing on my cheeks and then on my lips…as French kissing me… he was completely satisfied….then Mohsin told me
“Irfan …you are very sexy boy….you gave me good fuck”

Then he got up and start playing with my Cock…and then start sucking by taking in his mouth….after some time my Cock gets hard….and my Cum start to get in his mouth….which Mohsin drink it all with full of joy….and after he put my pants properly but he couldnt button my pants then he left as it is and slept off.

The next day we got up early and went to the natures call (wash room)….. While doing that I felt pain in my Ass….. It is really severe pain…cannot tolerable…. So I couldnt fresh up properly and joined the parade…. Mohsin was feeling shy to talk to me…. same was with me too….. We didnt talk the whole day…. Day passed very late then the time has come for which I was eagerly waiting for….. This night I was wearing only shorts and no underwear….. Mohsin saw me and even he came in the same dress….. Today I opened my sleeping bed that Mohsin saw and came to me and said

“Yaar dont open your bed we will share my bed….last night was good and cosy”

Mohsin asked me hesitatingly

I agreed for that and went to sleep….. Today I couldnt sleep but I pretended to do so….. After one hour or so he started to play with my bare stomach and chest….. My Cock was fully alert and standing….. He touched my Cock and came to know that I was not sleeping….. Mohsin slowly whispered

“Yaar….meri Jaan”
I responded
“mmm…what happen”
Then Mohsin said
“We will start…like last night”
I said

Then again Mohsin started to move his hands on my whole body and unbuttoned my shorts and caught hold of my Cock….. Mohsin is already naked till his knees….

Then Mohsin said

“Irfan my darling babe…now to turn”
I said
“No today Is my turn…I like to try my Cock in your Ass”

But Mohsin didnt agree. Mohsin was pleasing me….massaging my Cock…. for that but I said

“Now my turn…teach to fuck you…. then after I will give my ass to you”

He agreed for that and hesitatingly he turned . Now I mounted on him and started riding….I start inserting my hard Cock in his Ass hole….. He felt pain and said

“We will go out”

I asked


Then he took me to a golf green which was hardly 50 mtrs from our camp area…away from those boys….. We took buckets with us so that no one can doubt us…. We went to the green and became nude and started playing with each others Cocks…

I said to Mohsin

“let me fuck u please…I like to taste it too…”

Mohsin agreed and turned around….. I started inserting my small cock….as compared to his….his Cock size is almost double then mine….mine only 5 inches….my small cock easily inside in his ass hole…his Ass hole is not tight like mine…mine is very tight…

Mohsin said to put some spit and I did that….. But I found it very difficult to do so….. Then I saw that my Cock was bleeding slightly….. I got afraid….. Mohsin said

“Nothing happen”

And Mohsin cleaned my Cock with water properly….

“Dont worry it is first time so it happened like that”

Then it is now Mohsin chance…. and I turned around again…. Mohsin used some cream and started the same drill to drill my Ass hole…. firstly it was paining but after I was just in heaven this time Mohsin fucked my very rapidly fast in my ass it was giving me a sweet pain I was moaning in passion…… I was traveling in a heaven ….Mohsin is giving me a nice time which I couldnt forget in my whole life…. Even he was giving sounds like
“Aaaa….uiuiui…offff…. mmmmmmmm”

Mohsin was fucking very deep and in full swing… his hot rod was touching deep in my ass I dont know where….. He fucked me for more than half an hour and suddenly his hot water (CUM) pored inside my ass which was coming out with his powerful strokes…. he laid on me like that and was kissing me this time on my soft lips and sucking it and I was also doing the same…..

After sometime his Cock pop out of my ass hole then he wanted to wear his shorts…. I asked

“Yaar what about me?”
Mohsin said
And ask me
“Lie on top of him”

I did that and started stroking on his soft Cock as I was masturbating he asked me

“Now insert inside your Cock in his thighs”

I did that and in few minutes my juice spread on his thighs and I collided on him…. Now I was ashamed of myself and I couldnt face him….. We both were naked…..

Mohsin asked me

“How was it”

But I couldnt answer his question…. Then Mohsin washed my ass and my Cock and asked me..

“Do the same for him too”

But I couldnt do that….. then he took my hand and made to clean his tool….. As I was cleaning it was again ready for more and he requested me
“One more round…Irfan…my Cock wants you again”

But I couldnt say any thing…. and Mohsin made me lie on the green and again Mohsin fucked me….. Again he gave me the pleasure and we slept there till 4 am in the morning…. we got up and came back to the camp with the buckets and my other mates were also started to get ready and we joined them….

We stay here for 10 days….and every night Mohsin fucked me forcely…now I am used to his Big devil Cock….its getting easily inside my Ass now..
Tell me …now I am back home….with new learning…which I never forget

You like to try on me ….I am ready for both sides…

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