Lahore To Karachi In Train

My name is Abdul Majid born in Hyderabad India….now I am living with my parents in Brazil-South America… It was my first visit to Karachi-Pakistan and I was really excited at the idea of meeting relatives who had migrated there from Hyderabad-India… my immediate family had stayed back. I was equally excited to be travelling to a different country… all on my own…. I am 18 and it is my summer vacation.

First I met at Lahore by my uncle Zahid …. Zahid Uncle drove me to the railway station before the departure of the train to Karachi….and introduced me to the man in charge of the dining car…. His name is Musaveer.

Musaveer is of medium height…about 6 feet… well built and pleasant looking with a closely trimmed beard…. He didnt look older than 25…. He showed me the compartment we are going to share and ask me to make myself comfortable.

The compartment was a pleasant surprise. It had two berths along the windows that were made like beds and the carpeted floor .

“Abdul Majid you like the compartment….need any thing else….let me know”
He asked me…I then said
“Its very good like I am in heaven….very good compartment…. thanks…”
I brought my stuff and settled in the compartment…

After ten minutes or so there was a knock on the door…. Before I could say anything the door slid open by a man who looked about 30… He was wearing traditional Pakistani clothes… loose shalwar and a long shirt…. He was very handsome and smart looking….. He had beautiful fresh lips, black hair and light coloured eyes….. He hadnt shaved for several days that added to his rugged looks…. He told me in a deep voice and an unfamiliar accent that

“My boss Musaveer want me to join him in the office”

The office was tiny and next to the pantry and the kitchen. Musaveer smiled at me and asked
“Please have a seat”
He then asked Mohsin
” Bring some snacks etc”

We started talking and soon were chatting informally. Musaveer had a very nice smile with dimples and his eyes twinkled. Although his behaviour was masculine I thought he might be interested in boys….. I didnt know how to make sure and certainly didnt want to make a move without a clear signal from him. Knowing we were to sleep in the same room…. I was interested in finding out if some fun could be had with this sexy young man… Musaveer.

Snack was brought by the same handsome man. Musaveer thanked and introduced me to him

“Mohsin Khan …He is my guest Abdul Majid from Brazil…originally from Hyderabad….visiting our country Pakistan going to Karachi…..”
Then my uncle introduce Mohsin Khan to me

“Majid this is Mohsin Khan …my friend and also he works with me…he is very strong Pathan”

Mohsin Khan had strong well shaped hands and big bulge in his shalwar…that he used gracefully…. The wrists were flat and broad and the back of his hands were covered with fine hair….looks very handsome

After he left I asked

“Why Mohsin Khan spoke with an odd accent”
Musaveer told me
“He belonged to the northwest frontier and he is a Pathan”

Also he added

“Pathans are proud… brave and very traditional people who could kill for honour”
Musaveer knew a great deal about them as his father had been posted in that region for a long time.

“I can tell you many other interesting things about Pathans”,
Musaveer said showing his dimples again. He winked.
I enquired.

“Well… I dont want you to think I am crude”
Musaveer said a little coyly.

“Come on… we are both men…. What does it matter?”
I insisted.

“Well, most of Pathans have really Big Lunds (Cocks)”
Musaveer … demonstrating with his hands.

In meanwhile I found Musaveer knee pressing against mine…. I pressed back telling him I had received the message…. There was now no doubt in my mind about his orientation.

“Well… this could just be a myth”
I argued.

“No… no…. Believe me…. I know”
Musaveer insisted.

“What do you mean by that”
I asked encouraging him to open up.

Musaveer looked blushed… lowering his eyes.
“I have had many Pathan friends since school”.
He continued to blush and look coy.
“They all like boys…. you know…. I have first hand experience”.

I answered…. realizing what Musaveer meant.
“So you have some experience?”
This time he didnt blush and looking at me directly in the eyes said
“A lot…. From my school….I like men and it was a pathan… and especially Mohsin Khan… who was the first”
Musaveer informed me.

“He used to work in my fathers office and spent a lot of time in our home”.

And he started his story….with very keen interest

“I was 18 with no experience in sex…. Mohsin Khan was papas assistant in his office and about 25 years old…. He was in and out of our home all the time and was treated as a family member…. I liked him a lot…. He was very handsome and looked like a typical Pathan…. tall, big built, fair skinned, hairy with a thick moustache, dignified and soft spoken with intense grey eyes”.

Musaveer continued

“He was very formal with his dealings with all the family even though my family encouraged him to be informal…. Both my parents were going away for a week leaving me behind with my grandmother…. My father requested Mohsin Khan to stay in our house and he agreed…. We slept in the same room and shared the bathroom”.

Musaveer continued after scrating his Lund

“The day after parents left… I was having a shower and had forgotten to locked the door from inside…. All of a sudden the door opened and I found Mohsin Khan standing there…. There I was… naked… my hairless… slim body glistening with water

…. We both stood there frozen…. Mohsins eyes kept looking at my naked body…. He moistened his lips with his tongue and just stood there…. I too kept looking at him and made no attempt to cover my nakedness….. He then looked into my eyes and there was an expression on his face I couldnt read”.

Musaveer then said

“All this happened in a few seconds and mumbling an apology… he went out closing the door….. I found my heart pounding and felt a sensation in my body that I had not felt before…. It was pleasant…. exciting but also disturbing…. I couldnt identify the feeling…. nor could I understand why I felt like that….. And then I realized that it was entirely because of the way Mohsin looked at me…. There was something there that made my heart pound and my body feel the way it did… My Lund-Cock began to stiffen and that added to the excitement as well as the uneasiness….Mohsin was very quiet that night when we were both in bed…. I wanted to discuss what happened in the bathroom but didnt know what to say…. Finally it became clear in my mind and I spoke.”

Then after with joy Musaveer continue

“Mohsin…. there is something I have to tell you”
Mohsin didnt say anything but I knew he wasnt asleep.
“Today when you walked into the bathroom and you saw me naked…. I felt something…. I want to tell you what I felt”
No response.

“I wanted you to come and touch me…. to put your hands around me and to hold me. I… I wanted you to do something… I dont even know what. Did you feel something?”
No response.
“Mohsin? Please answer me”.
After the third time I called his name he suddenly sat up and almost shouted at me,
“Why dont you just shut up and sleep?”
he sounded angry

“Why are you getting angry? Why dont you answer me?”
“Because I dont want to”.

I kept insisting…. This went on for a while and then suddenly he got up from the bed…. came to my bed…. threw my blanket off and fell on me like a bird of prey…. He put his lips on my mouth and kissed me hard as he held me in his arms…. He then undressed me…. almost tearing my clothes off my body…. He then caressed my naked body with his hands…. kissing me everywhere….. Some frenzy seemed to have taken over him.

Musaveers eyes sparkled as he told me the details. Mohsin fucked him six times that night…. He had an ten inch Lund and the first two times it hurt like hell…. Even though Mohsin used Vaseline …. The entry was so painful Musaveer thought he would die….. But the next time it was enjoyable and by morning…. Musaveer didnt want Mohsin to stop”

After scratching Musaveer his own Lund said

“Mohsin fuck me for more than a year….. Musaveer became an expert…. Mohsin taught him well…. Soon Musaveer was meeting other men too…. initially without Mohsins knowledge…When Mohsin found out…. he broke off with Musaveer who had learnt to operate on his own and had no lack of men who were willing to fuck him”
Musaveer continued:
“It was 7 years ago that I met Mohsin Khan…. He was good. Really good but one moves on”
Musaveer told me, shrugging his shoulders.
“I am a big boy now and have more men than I can handle”
He informed me disarmingly.
“And now… you tell me about yourself”

Musaveer said with a smile. Majid then said about ….my past what happened:

“It was two years ago that I went to London to sit for a competitive examination….. I stayed with a good friend of my father…. Son Daniyal….

Daniyal was about 20 and stuyding in some college and lived with his widowed sister….. It was summer time and very hot…. He asked me to use his library for studying and preparing for the examination but to sleep in his bedroom as there was an air conditioner there…. I would be more comfortable there…. no problem sharing the double bed with Daniyal and the room was really comfortable and cool…”

Majid then continues:

“Daniyal slept in a white muslin sarong (lungi) tied around his waist and a cotton vest…. He was fair skinned…. of average height and had a sportsmans body….. He was clean shaved with a head of thick black hair and looked very handsome….. I wore nightclothes typical for a Muslim from this part of the world: white cotton Shalwar and a white long sleeved shirt made of white cotton”

Musaveer left for a drink then came back and Majid continued:

“The first night…. I found waking up in the middle of the night…. Room was dimly lit with night light…. I was slightly disoriented and looked around turning my head…. I froze as I looked in Daniyals direction….. He was fast asleep and his open Lungi with a huge erect Lund…which I can say about 6 inches …. This was the first time I had seen the hard member of an adult….. I was drawn to it….. I could also see his balls and some of the dark hair surrounding the base of his Lund….. The circumsized Lund was big big head”

Majid continued:

“My heart started to beat fast…. I was fascinated by the sight and wanted to…touch it… feel it and perhaps hold it…. I found my own cock beginning to get hard and automatically I put my hand on it… pressing and rubbing it….All this time… my eyes were glued to the hard cock of Daniyal in front of me”
“Do you want to touch it?”

I heard Daniyal ask me…. and I nearly jumped and quickly took out my hand from my pyjamas. My cock was hard.
“I…, I…”

I stammered and was unable to say anything.
Calmly… he untied his Lungi… fully exposing his still hard Lund (Cock)…. He then took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock….. It felt rock hard and very warm and smooth to touch. My eyes were still riveted to it as my hand held it firmly.
“Let me see what yours is like”
He turned towards me and untied the drawstring of my pyjamas and then lowered it.

“Thats nice and big”
Daniyal said as he gripped my hard cock. I nearly screamed with shock…. it was the first time someone has touched my cock. Daniyal started to stroke it…. This was a totally new sensation.. exciting as well as a little frightening.

Daniyal then sat and removed my pyjamas and then my shirt… I was now completely naked but strangely…. didnt feel embarrassed…. I was tongue tied though….. Daniyal then opened my legs and sat between them…. My cock was still hard…. Pointing towards him…. He bent and took it in his mouth and began to roll his tongue under its head.
I gasped


But even as I said it… I felt a wave of pleasure I had never felt. He sucked my cock… holding it at the base firmly. He then started licking my shaft Laura and then the balls and soon he was licking the area around my tight hole (Gaand) …. My legs were now wide open as he rimmed me…. I was moaning with pleasure…. He then made me suck his Lund (cock)… which was thick and big… Initially…. I almost gagged but he gave me ….good directions…. telling me how to do it…. I learnt fast.

Daniyal then fuck me…. he took my virginity and I enjoyed it… He was gentle and skilful and fucked me three times that night… I was there for four days and we had sex every night…. I lost my inhibitions totally and he helped me come to know my desires and feelings. Things changed forever.

“How many men have you been with?”
Musaveer asked me
“Not too many…. three other ”
“Only?… Well…. we have to do something about now tonight”
Musaveer said grinning…..

I didnt know what to say…. Musaveer put his hand around my shoulders and hugged me
“We are like brothers now. Or may be like sisters!”
Musaveer giggled….. I merely blushed.
“Let me see what they are doing about lunch…. We will have lunch together in the cabin…. Wait for me…. Now you go and relax and leave everything to me”
Musaveer said confidently
“Leave what?”
Majid asked…. Bewildered…. Musaveer just winked.

At that moment Mohsin came back to collect the Snack tray. Musaveer jerked his head towards him and raised his eyebrows… his eyes looking into mine…. The meaning was obvious….. I turned red and didnt know where to look.


Musaveer said laughingly

“You have made my task easier”.

I returned to the cabin feeling excited as well as happy having made friends with Musaveer. I changed into a T shirt and jeans, took off my shoes and lay down on the berth and closed my eyes…. I was wondering what was in store for me. I wouldnt have believed if someone told me what!

Musaveer came after 40 minutes apologizing for being late…. He decided to have a quick wash before having lunch and disappeared into the tiny bathroom….Very soon he was back into the room, wet and stark naked… smiling at me
“So what do you think?”

He said turning around obviously proud of his body. He had a natural V shaped torso, a firm and round butt and shapely muscular thighs…. His chest was hairy… a line of hair travelling to his crotch…ending in a trimmed bush…. His Lund (cock) was beginning to get hard and was thick…. He stroked his cock making it rise to an impressive length… tilting slightly upwards.

Musaveer came and stood near me… his cock in my face…. I opened my mouth and started sucking the head… my tongue going round just under the ridge of the head…. Musaveer thrust his hips forward… closed his eyes and groaned…. I drew him closer….. His body was still wet after his shower and smelt of soap….The flesh was firm…. his ass hard and muscular.

Musaveer then took out his hard and glistening cock from my mouth and started taking off my clothes…. Soon we were lying on the berth… his body covering mine…his cock between my thighs….. He then got up and returned with a jar of Vaseline… He parted my legs and then proceeded to lubricate my hole with his index finger…. His face was flushed and he was already breathing hard…..

“Oh…. what a tight… sweet ass you have”

He whispered

He then made me sit on the berth with my back to the window and spread my legs really wide….. He stood between my legs… and bent his knees till his rock hard cock was at level with my pussy…..

“I am going to enter you now…fucking you…okay… Relax”

He said gently and put the mushroom head of his cock on my hole and pushed…. Nothing happened…. He tried again…. holding his phallus in his hand to aim better…. The head went in… without any difficulty….. I grimaced… in reflex

“Does it hurt?”

He asked softly but I shook my head and held his buttocks and drew him closer…. He pushed and his shaft began to go in slowly and smoothly…. His cock was impressive in girth and filled my passage….. The feeling of a hard cock sliding into you is unique and very pleasurable and it makes you want to surrender to the man who is fucking you completely.

At that moment I wanted Musaveer to completely take control of my body and use it for his pleasure…. Not that he needed that permission from me….. I could see his face and what he was feeling….. His eyes were locked into mine…. His face was flushed and his jaw jutting out with his teeth clenched as he fucked me hard…. The train was going very fast, its rhythmic noise synching with Musaveers in and out thrusts into me.

He changed position… making me lie on the berth on my stomach as he rode me… resting his weight on his knees…. He was fucking me very deeply now….kissing my shoulder and mumbling how tight my hole was and how his Lund (cock) loved fucking it…The train continued to move but Musaveer decided not to compete with it and after increasing his tempo… slamming his cock into me hard…. he started to shout….
“ah, aaah, aaaah…” loudly and filled me with his load and collapsed on me…. Our bodies were covered with sweat as he laid on me… his cock still inside my pussy.

Soon were showering together in the miniscule toilet…. soaping each other….. He was conscious I had not cum with him and so started stroking my cock making me hard…. With the fingers of his other hand he was playing with my hole… making me feel really hot….. Water kept falling on our bodies as he worked on my cock…. After five minutes of stimulation by Musaveer I could feel my climax approaching and my body started going tense as I clung to him…. He too sensed it and gripped my cock harder…. jerking it faster… I held him tight as I finally came…. his hand gripping my hard cock…. He held me tight as I came, my load washing away with water.

After the shower Musaveer made me wear one of his Pakistani outfits loose pyjamas gathered at the waist and a long shirt… He looked really pleased to see me dressed like that and hugged me.

“What I would really like is to fuck you again but I am hungry and so let us order some food”

He went out and then returned… making place for food on the table attached to the wall…. between the two beds…

Soon Mohsin Khan came in with a tray with some food that we finished very quickly…. Mohsin waited on us as we ate…. He too approved of my new clothes because he gave me a smile as he looked at me.

While we ate…Musaveer kept talking with Mohsin in Pashtu… his mother tongue….Though Mohsin was answering sternly Musaveer kept giggling…. He seemed to be teasing Mohsin… When I asked Musaveer he told me…

“Mohsin Khan thinks…you are great to be fucked”

After Mohsin had cleared the dishes and had gone Musaveer told me “I wanted to find out if Mohsin Khan would like to fuck you too”
Majid was shocked but Musaveer assured me “It was okay and that Mohsin was his lover for a long time and that they had no secrets”

Musaveer also told me

“Mohsin was more than willing to have you…he likes to fuck you…and he dont have sex from last few days…he is very hungry for that”
My heart began to race and Musaveer must have noticed something because he said

“You will remember this journey for a long time”.

“O Boy…is he right!”

In the evening the train stopped at a station…. This was a service stop for 30 minutes…. Musaveer and I got down and walked around on the platform…. There were a lot of handsome men around…. wearing traditional Pakistani clothes….I looked like one myself in Musaveers clothes….
Then we back to our train…..There was a knock on the door…. We both jumped…. Musaveer got up saying….

“Mohsin Khan is here”

He was right… Mohsin entered the room without waiting for permission….. He had changed his clothes… for the occasion I suspect…. I didnt get time to put my clothes on but grabbed a towel and covered my genitals. Musaveer opened his arms and asked Mohsin to come and join us….. Mohsin….however… sat on the other berth and Musaveer immediately protested….

“Dont feel shy…. Come and sit next to my friend…Majid”

He removed the towel from me… exposing my body. Mohsin looked at me with expressionless face…. got up and came to sit next to me…. Musaveer hugged him and quite matter of factly… started fondling his crotch asking…

“Are you ready for action? Mohsin tell me”

Mohsin frowned at him…. Jerking his hand away…. He avoided looking at me….. I just lay there not knowing how this will play… I was naked but feeling less self conscious about it and was still hard.

Musaveer lit a joint and they both started smoking…. Soon the room was filled with the sweet smell of grass…. Musaveer started touching Mohsin again saying obscene things softly…. This time… Mohsin let him….. A little later he put his hand on my naked thigh and started stroking it…. He still wasnt looking at me….. His hand then moved between my legs…. trying to locate my hole with his thick finger….. I opened my legs. Mohsin turned to Musaveer and asked him to go out.

“No, no. I am going to watch this…. Come on….. I have seen you naked….. You have fucked me so why should you feel embarrassed?”
Musaveer was very clear….Mohsin shrugged his shoulders…. took a deep puff and passed the joint to Musaveer and asked him to take off his clothes…. Within half a minute…. Musaveer was naked…. stroking his cock which was already hard…. He stood in front of Mohsin and told him to undress.

Mohsin stood up and removed his long shirt…. His torso was strong and well shaped and very hairy…. He then untied the drawstring of his pyjamas and let it fall to the floor…. I gasped looking at him…..”Mohsin Khan Lund (cock) was the thickest and longest …almost 11 inches and thick like 6 inches….I had seen and straight as a steel pole…. His strong and well shaped thighs were covered with hair like the rest of him…. Only his pubic region was shaved…. making his phallus look bigger and longer…”

I am very much scared …to his huge Lund…of having in my ass. Musaveer held Mohsins hard cock in his hand and asked me..

“So what do you think of this? Majid you are going to be invaded with this…”

He warned me…..

I was excited and tense and didnt say anything…. just kept looking him in fascination… Mohsin sat next to me and started opening my legs…. I dropped one of my legs to the floor and raised the other which he put on his shoulder…. He put his fat finger in his mouth moistening it and then found my hole and started inserting it….

Musaveer in the meanwhile had got some Vaseline and came and sat on the floor and told Mohsin

“I am going to prepare you for his jumbo Lund-cock”

He then inserted two Vaseline smeared fingers inside my hole… turning them around… The sensation was wonderful and I moaned…. Musaveer smiled and winked at me….

“You will love his cock inside you….it will more painfull… because its almost double then mine…and when its get in all the way…soon baby you will certaibly love it ”

He said…then he put Vaseline on Mohsins monstrous Lund (cock)… particularly on the head…. He then asked me

“Majid now open your legs wider….”

Helping by bending my dangling leg further…. He put a pillow under my ass… raising it a little….I was ready for the assault. Mohsin moved forward…. placing the tip of his throbbing Lund at my entrance….. Holding it in his hand he first rubbed it up and down on my hole…. driving me crazy with desire…. He then placed it on the hole and pushed…. My hole yielded a little… He pushed further….. I started to panic and started telling him

Mohsin pushed further and I felt a twinge of pain as my sphincter stretched more.

“Please dont. Please. It is hurting me. No…”
I started to plead.

Mohsin waited for me to become quiet and before I could do anything he rammed it in…. burying his cock up to the hilt…. I opened my mouth to scream but Musaveer placed his mouth on mine and kissed me hard…. Mohsin just stayed there… his entire cock inside me…. I could not believe my tiny hole was able to accommodate his thick and long cock….. My passage felt full and to be fair… after the initial pain and the shock… I felt okay.

“Good boy”

Musaveer whispered, stroking my forehead with his hand…. “Now lie back and enjoy”

He said tenderly….. He bent and kissed me as Mohsin started to fuck me… moving in and out of my tight hole slowly…. He was really thick and despite the lubrication I could feel his shaft against my chute…. In a couple of minutes…. things began to improve and I felt the familiar delicious feeling of a current passing through me and the wonderful sensation of getting fucked.

Musaveer was looking with fascination at Mohsins rod move in and out with his lips parted and his eyes glazed…. He was licking his lips with his tongue and also stroking his own cock which was now very hard…. He came and stood close to me and I held his cock in my hand as Mohsin continued to fuck me.

Musaveer groaned with pleasure and rested his hand on Mohsins shoulder…. He then brought his cock close to my mouth and I did what he wanted me to… started sucking it… The sight of my lips around Musaveers cock… moving in and out of my mouth like it was a pussy really excited… Mohsin who started pounding me with his monstrous cock….. I felt my hole stretched to its limit…. Mohsin had pushed my leg resting on the floor away from him making the hole more accessible to his cock which was now really pounding me… My face…. with Musaveers cock moving in and out of my lips… felt flushed and I am sure it showed clearly what I felt…. a willing slave to what was being done to me.

“Fuck him hard…. Fuck his Brazilian-Indian pussy…. Rip it open…. Mohsin….. Let him moan and groan…. Give it to him…. Fuck him…. fuck the slut”
Musaveer was saying with his lips clenched as he fucked my mouth… Mohsin was oblivious to Musaveers presence and was concentrating on fucking me with long and quick strokes…. burying his huge cock as deep as he could…. One of his hands was pinching my nipples that were hard and felt a little sore.

Musaveer took out his cock from my mouth and started stroking it rapidly….. He was close to climax…. He was standing with his knees slightly bent…. His head thrown back and eyes closed as he masturbated…. His cock was red and looked swollen…. He looked beautiful…. his body glistening with sweat.

Mohsin too seemed to be close…. He was fucking me really hard … mumbling something in his mother tongue…. He had lifted both my legs by gripping them under the knees and really giving it to me…. He was also looking at his cock go in and then come out partly and then going back as he fucked.

Musaveer then began to cum… shouting…

“Ah, aah, aaaah, aaaaah” and emptied his balls…. the sperm coming out in spurts and hitting the floor….. I watched as he came and came…… Mohsin got a cue from Musaveer…. he also rammed his cock into my pussy for the last time and then filled me with his load which felt hot inside me…. Dropping my legs he fell over me and I wrapped my legs around him…. his cock still feeling huge inside me….. I felt some of the cum leaking out of my hole on to the berth.

When Mohsin finally withdrew his cock from inside me…. still hard…. I felt an emptiness in my hole and could feel more of his cum oozing out…. I didnt have the energy to do anything and just lay with my legs open…. Musaveer immediately came and putting his finger inside my hole… looked at me and smiled..

“you have been fucked really well… sweetheart…. Soon it will be my turn to get it from him and you can watch.”

When I opened my eyes, there was no sign of Musaveer… Mohsin was awake and stroking my body with his hands and looking at me with desire in his eyes.

He held me in his arms and I could feel his hard cock poking me. The next think I knew…. he had one of his fingers firmly inside my hole…. moving in and out slowly… making me moan…. I clung to his hairy body and let him do what he was doing. In no time… he turned me around and started rubbing his massive cock between my crack…. Eventually the head of the cock was at the entrance of my pussy and he pressed…. I winced as the head popped in…. After that…. The rest of the shaft slid in smoothly and filled me completely…. I was aroused and wanted him to possess me…. Again… it felt as if Mohsins cock had taken control of me and I was his slave.

Initially he fucked me with slow and long strokes…. making me go wild with ….pleasure…. I pleaded him to take me from the front…. with my legs wide open so he could see the expression on my face and I could lock eyes with him and surrender to his domination….. He raised my legs gripping my ankles and the spreading them so he could enter my hole easily…. All this while I kept looking into his intense eyes… feeling their power to dominate me.

He went on fucking me for a long time…. The rhythm didnt change…. His cock remained absolutely rock hard and ploughed me mercilessly….. His hairy torso towered over mine… his powerful hands gripping my legs in a vice…. I felt like a rag doll…. like an object made for his pleasure…. The feeling was incredible and even though I was beginning to get tired I wanted him to go on and on…. He carried on…. his cock now moving easily in and out of my sore pussy looking at his cock go in and out of my pussy with satisfaction….It must have been half an hour when I sensed an increase in Mohsin tempo and started moving in and out faster…. I was now thrashing my legs on the floor and shaking my head sideways, my teeth clenched, scratching his arms with my nails as he fucked harder…. ramming his Lund-cock in…. taking it completely out and then slamming it in again.

In about five minutes… he unloaded himself inside me…. filling me with his warm cum and then lay on me… pinning me down with his weight….

I clung to him… scratching his muscular back and bit his neck as I cum too…. he took out his cock out which was still hard… He buried it again in my hole that was full of his seed…. He was just waiting for his cock to become soft and till then wanted it inside my Gaand… He was also moving in and out slightly even though he had cum.

Finally he got up and after wiping himself with a towel… he put his clothes on…. I too got up and located my clothes and got dressed.
Mohsin extended his hand and touched my nipple…. In a while Mohsin was fucking me on the floor and I had Musaveers cock in my mouth….

After last night Mohsins cock did not cause any discomfort and I really enjoyed getting fucked by this rugged Pathan. It was now bright and the day had started. The train was now passing through small towns and villages.

It was an hour that the three of us finished…. My hole was full of Mohsins as well as Musaveers cum…. I lay on the floor with my legs wide open…. Musaveer lay next to me…. holding me in his arms…. Mohsin had got up and after taking a shower was putting his clothes on. His naked torso looked powerful and sexy…. I saw a last glimpse of his magnificent cock as he put his pyjamas on and tied the drawstring.

After Mohsin left… we too got up and showered together… soaping each other. I felt close to Musaveer and told him so.

“I too feel like I have known you for a long time even though it is less than twenty four hours” he said.

There was nothing to do except wait for the train to reach Karachi.

At the station Musaveer hugged me…. gave me his telephone number and urged me to get in touch with him…. He was going to be there for a week before he went back.
The train reached Karachi on time… and I was received by my uncle and his little son at the platform…. I embraced Musaveer and said goodbye to him.

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