Trip To Heavenly Treasures

Hi 2 all ISS readers. I am a big fan of ISS for a couple of years and I just love this site. I read most of the stories and learnt many things in sex, which I didn’t know before. This is my story, about my first sex. So please send your comments/feedbacks to— / /
I am Karthik, age 25, tall, and better looking cute guy from Tamilnadu. Since I am a little chubby, my college friends kindle me that I look like Jyothika. Not only that, my creamy white wheatish body looks like of a femine type with little shiny boobs, hairless long smooth thighs with 6” tool. The reason is I didn’t go for exercises. My chubby body is a mixture of Jyothika and Anushka.

I live in western part of Tamilnadu which is very famous for NH roads. I worked in Chennai but left the job and searching for a new job. I am very much interested in sex and read most of the couple sex stories in ISS. I am not completely a gay, but after reading some gay stories, I felt different and I like to experience that only once. Since I am a virgin by both sex, I decided to have sex with a virgin only. BUT I AM NOT A GAY, I just want my sexy body to be explored only once and I don’t want to continue this fun. So I posted in a site about my likes and started waiting. After a long time, I chose a guy named Sanjay.

Sanjay is a guy of age 23, average, good looking, from my native district. He is a student of a reputed college in our area. We chatted more and do phone sex whenever we get free. After 2 months, he got his semester holidays and we planned to meet. He mailed his photo. At last we met in a coffee shop and discussed more about our plans. Since we don’t have place, we decided to book a room in a hotel outside of our town. Later we changed to fix it in a nearby hill-top, picnic area. Because it will be great and better than our own places, as we can be free from known persons. It will help our minds to feel free. So after a week, we took our trip to that hill-top station.

We arrived there around 11 A.M and booked a descent, mid-budget room in a hotel. Luckily the room was on top floor with a balcony which clearly shows the lake-hill views. In addition to that there is no room booked in that floor expect us. We didn’t want to start the fun immediately, so we get refreshed and went outside for sight-seeing. We wandered so many areas and after 1hour, we returned to the hotel.

I asked Sanjay to buy lunch from a nearby hotel. He moved and I went for bathing. I have already removed my hairs on my chest, scrotum and thighs. So bathing doesn’t take much time for me. I put moisturizer over my sexy parts and get into a t-shirt and shorts. Sanjay came in few minutes and asked him to go for bathing. In a few minutes, he came out in a towel. We both went to balcony and had coffee to subside our nervousness. Really the place is very nice, chill and cool. It is the first time for both of us, we like to enjoy more for a long time. Now the fun starts.

I asked to go out for a few sec and closed the door without locking. I removed my dress except my underwear and slept on bed. I took the bed-sheet and covered my body completely and crossed my chest with my hands. I called Sanjay, he entered and locked the room.

He asked, “Karthik, what happened da, y you covered your body?”
“The treasure is always hidden, one should reveal it….”, I said.
Sanjay smiled and removed the bed-sheet, when it is up to my hips, I said him to stop.
He asked y? You have to show ur’s and then proceed. He removed his towel. He got a nice coffee coloured skin with tiny hairs on his body. His 8” cock is fully erect but not showed the head. He then took off my bed-sheet. He smiled at my face; I closed my eyes and smiled in shy.

“Karthik, you r really amazing, your body looks like a girl. you r very very sexy and I am lucky for this gift”.

“I already said know, I hope that you will really believe when seeing this. So don’t waste time, come and take your treasure”.

He slept near me and hugged. He ran his hands all over my body and rubbed my sexy smooth thighs. I felt his body temperature in his hands. He kept his right hand in between my thighs and pressed hard. Then he took my hands off 4m my chest and surprised to my tiny hairless boobs.
“Oh, Karthik, your boobs are shining da, it’s very smooth like a girl. Super da, I like to eat now itself “

“Then y r you waiting, take it now”. He kept his right hand on my left boob and pressed softly. I felt very nice and like the enjoyment. It is so hot for me.

I don’t like kisses on my lips and faces, so he kissed my neck and came down to my right boob and kissed there. His tongue circled around my nipple. It become hard and he pressed more on my left boob.

Ahh!!!…what a feeling it was. I don’t know what to say but enjoyed. My cock is fully erect and trying to tear my under wear, so that it causes some burning. He removed my underwear and continued the play. I kept my cock in between my thighs and closed. Now it looks like a girl hiding her cunt. Now Sanjay sat on my thighs by keeping his legs on my sides. My cock is now tightly locked in my thighs by him. He bent down and started to press my boobs. He pressed it more and licked the right nipple with the tip of his tongue

“aahhhhaa…uzzzssszzzz….aahhhaa”. I moaned as the feeling is very amazing.

Now he changed the boobs and licked in the same way. He licked the nipple like licking the honey, the pleasure is un-explainable. The pre-cum started to ooze 4m my dick and leaked in thighs. His cock head is also clearly visible now and shining with its pre-cum.

He finished with my boobs. I think that he is going down, but he didn’t. He pinched both of my nipples; it pains a little but gives a different pleasure. And started to bite my nipples..
“aaahhh….aahhaa…oohhh…uuummmmhhhaaaa…uuusssszzz…ooonnnhhhhaaa….aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…..uuuffff..aaaaaa…aaaahhhaa..aaahhhh..aaaaiiiiioooo….aaannnhhh”, I moaned softly.

He is not leaving, he is slowly biting my hard erected nipples each at a regular intervals. The pleasure is very high than its pain. He continued this play for 45 minutes, in that he licked my boobs and nipples at a non-stop 30 minutes. I surprised about my dick which is continuously leaking its pre-cum for this long time, because whenever I jerk, I stands only 2 to 10 minutes maximum. So this is really different.

Now he came down for my legs. My body is burning with the increasing temperature and pushes me to open my thighs and to free my cock, but Sanjay didn’t want to open , so he make me to close my thighs and started to kiss my legs from my foot to my knees and kissed all over my thighs.

He buried his face in my thighs and rubbed. I like the scene he is making. It is so sexy and erotic way that my feelings are started to go high and dancing in enjoyment. He then started licking my long thunder sexy fleshy thighs and in turn pressing and rubbing with his hand for 20 minutes. Next he came to my navel. It is round and deep. He inserted his tongue and licked there for few minutes.

Again he came to my thighs and opened my thighs a little and fucked my thighs with his tongue which in-turn touched my cock-head. He is excellent in licking. Now he opened my thighs. Oh yes! My cock has so erected, I haven’t seen my cock with this long erection. His hand touched my cock and shacked up and down. My cock become more sensible with this time and it may leak cum at anytime. I said about my reaction as the pressure is building high. He stopped doing his action and asked me to relax and asked me to play with his body.

I kissed on his chest and pinched the nipples. Then I took his cock in my hand and pulled his foreskin down. I am ready to shag his cock, but he asked to suck his cock. Actually I didn’t like sucking, but on his little compulsion, I slowly licked his tip and tasted his pre-cum. I took his cock-head and chewed for few minutes.

He moaned sexily in a low voice. I sucked him for 10 minutes. His 8” cock erected more and hit my throat. I am sucking it like a lollipop.

Unbelievable, I am sucking a cock which I didn’t want to do. He pressed my head and gripping more. He is nearing his climax, but I didn’t like him to cum in my mouth. So he took his cock from my mouth. It is pulsating more and burst its load on the floor. He came to normal and took a deep breath. He is satisfied with my job, but I am still waiting for him.

Within a minute, I slept on the bed and he came in between my thighs and started to lick my pre-cum. My fore-skin has already come down showing its red cock-head in ecstasy. He sucked the cock-head slowly and in no time, my entire cock went in his mouth. He chewed it like an ice-cream and licked from its base to its tip. In between that, he sucked my balls so that delaying the cum for some more time. His sucking and licking job makes me mad and I moaned in pleasure.

I put thighs over his shoulders and he places his hands both on my nipples. He caressed my nipples and pressed, and then suddenly he pinched it. I am flying high in heaven and reaching the skies.
“…aaahhhh…uuuhhhhh….zzzssssss”, I moaned. He is sucking my cock by pinching my nipples 15 minutes of time. I enjoyed the pain and pleasure at the same time. I tightened my thighs over his head and I am nearing my cum. I told him but he is busy in his act and started to suck my cock-head with extreme speed. This creates some pain and delays my orgasm for next 10 minutes and finally after 30 minutes of sucking, I loaded my juice in his mouth. He drank all the cum with no drops on the floor.

I am in ultimate satisfaction. It is given by Sanjay, he knows the magic of delaying orgasm. I didn’t expect this much of pleasure and my erection which stands for nearly 1 hour. Sanjay asked for anal, but I said to wait for later. We both really exhausted. We cleaned ourselves and then had lunch. After finishing lunch, we both slept for 2 hours.

Around 5pm we again went out for roaming. I thanked him for the pleasure. He asked me for more and I said that we have full night, so not to worry. After having dinner, we brought some light food which will be needed for night time. We returned to our room at 9pm. Since it is a hill area, the room becomes cool and the atmosphere is really nice and romantic. We took bath for the next session and switched off all the lights. The room is filled with bright moon light and went to balcony. We put a bed-sheet on the floor.

Exactly at 10pm we started our play in fresh air. This time he is not moving softly. He is very furious like a tiger and licked my body entirely. He ate my boobs, enjoying my treasures.He licked it by putting Chocó cream on it. His magic on nipple makes me burning on fire. He hardly licks my boobs and nipples for more than one hour. In that time he didn’t allow me to touch my cock. So the pleasure is very very high and waiting 4 the explosion.

Now he came to my thighs, there he pasted some Chocó and licked like a dog eating its flesh bone. I am flying high when he sucked my cock. He sucked my cock with chocolate cream and after 20 minutes I exploded in his mouth. This time also he drank all my juice. I felt tired but he doesn’t give me a break. He made me in four legs and went for anal. It is my long time dream to have a cock in my ass.

He took a condom and wrapped in his cock. He applied some Chocó in my ass and entered his cock in my ass. It slipped but he entered his cock-head and it locked inside. Then slowly he pushed. I can’t bear the pain as it is my first time. About 5” of his cock went inside. I screamed in pain.
In his next two thrusts, his entire 8”cock is inside. He stood idle there by caressing my boobs. After 2 minutes, he started his rhythm slowly. He increased his pace and fucked my ass for 15 minutes. My cock become small due to pain, at that time he took his cock out. It creates more burning.

He makes me stand and asked me to bend by keeping my hand on the wall of balcony. Now he entered again in my ass and started fucking. Slowly the pain goes away and pleasure spreads all over my body. My cock erected again. He teased by pinching my nipples and fucked in that position for 20 minutes. I can’t tolerate the pleasure which blows inside me. He is killing me and I started to shag my dick. In next 10 minutes, I cummed there. He is still fucking and pinching my nipples. It pains more and I said Sanjay to leave my boobs, but he didn’t bother about that. At last he neared his orgasm and cummed in condom.

Ohhh!!! What a fuck. Really it is exciting and gives me extreme pleasure which I never felt. Our energy drained. He came again to my cock and got my limp cock in his mouth. He started to chew it, my tool started grows and it feels great. He sucked the rod slowly, as I have already cummed 2 times, he ate my cock for 20 minutes to cum. Awesome!!!

Time is 12.30 am now and we took some food and went to sleep. He started licking my boobs again. Already it is burning due to non-stop teasing of my nipples, so I asked him to place some cream. He placed cream there and started to lick. I don’t know when I slept, when I wake up at 6 in the morning for urine, Sanjay is sleeping well. I returned to bed, and now Sanjay went to bathroom for the same.

I continued my sleeping; Sanjay returned and started to sleep. But after 10 minutes I felt wetness, I opened my eyes. Sanjay is licking my nipples. He said that he can’t leave these tasty boobs and chewed like a baby. He took the areola in his mouth with the lips and licked the nipple. My cock was erect; I laughed at his action and tried to sleep. With a very difficulty I slept.

At 8am there is a knock in the door, I put my clothes, covered Sanjay with a bed-sheet and went to check. The room-boy waits with the coffee. I got from him and closed the door. I called Sanjay to get and sip the coffee. Soon he got up we went to balcony and looked at the beauty of hills.
“Hey Sanjay, my body is paining…but I am happy for this desire da…”

“Sorry Karthik, I thought to play soft, but on seeing your body I got mad. Is everything ok…?
“Ok da…but you missed some fun….?
“..oh..what is that…?
“..u haven’t fucked my thighs and you left my arms…”
“…ohhh…I forget da…k… I’ll do that in next round…”, we both laughed.

Things went like this and we got ready around 10 to go out. We planned to go into deep into the hills. After 1 hr of walking, we find a place where there is nobody near the lake. It is very lonely, no one could come there. Even if anybody comes, its difficult to find us, so there is nothing to bother about.

It’s time to give freedom for our dresses. He made me nude; my creamy white body is shining in the day light under trees. He hugged me tightly and kissed all over my neck, back, boobs, navel, thighs and entire body. We rolled on the bed of grass. It’s very exciting and different to do this in an open place. He started eating my boobs. I moaned loudly as there is no one to hear. I like that freedom. He is tasting my treasures to the extreme.

He continuously eats my boobs for more than 1 hr by pinching the nipples and on the other side he put his right leg over my thighs, massaging my thighs and cock. His cock hits my thighs. Ooohhhh…..yessss…..The pleasure is torturing me. It is like a fusion developing inside me. My nerves are trying to escape from my body. My boobs become red. He stopped 4 a while and starts eating my arm. He sucked, licked the arm-flesh and pressed like boobs as well as thighs.
Now he went down for my thighs, he rubbed my thighs and licked me there for 20 minutes. Then he came on top of me and inserted his dick in my thighs. He started moving in and out at random speed. I felt like a hot iron rod is fucking my thighs for 15 minutes. Then he licked and sucked my cock. He gave a small bite, ohhh!!… I am shaking my head on both sides. When I am nearing the orgasm, he sucked my cock in real fast so as to delay the orgasm and finally after 30 minutes I cummed in his mouth.

Now it’s my turn, I sucked his long dick for 20 minutes and he loaded his cum on grass. We took rest for 2 mins and his cock started to grow on seeing my round big ass. He kept his cock in between my ass and massaged my full ass. For this my cock started to rise.

He took a condom from the bag, put it on his cock and inserted in my ass. My ass is tight, so he put some oil for his rod and also in my ass and entered softly. It goes without any difficulty and plays its magic. The fucking goes on with our moans. We were travelling to heaven. He teased my paining nipples again, playing with that he shagged my cock. I am enjoying the fuck and the pleasure coming from it. He fucked me for more than 30 minutes and took his cock out. He is still controlling his orgasm.

Now I made him in my favourite position for fucking. He lay on grass between my legs. I slowly sat on his tool. I took his 8”rod in my ass and placed his hands on my boobs. Now I slowly started jumping on him. He concentrated with my boobs. I jumped more and increased my speed. My dick oozes it’s pre-cum like waterfall without stopping. We both became very horny, I fucked him for 15 minutes, he tightened his stomach and the pressure raises more. My cock is hardly waiting for the burst and I started shagging. But he stopped and we rolled again. I put my thighs on his shoulders; he bent more to me and fucked me in a missionary position.

We both become mad and moaned like anything.

My cock is going to burst, “….aaaahhhh….yyyesssss…….aaannnnhhhh…”, I sprayed in my stomach. The session is really more than 3 hrs, so it is a big load of sperms.

He is in full swing and fucking me in real fast hard strokes. And in 5 minutes he finally ejected his cum which leaks from the condom.

The enjoyment we had is never forgettable and it can’t be explained in words. At last, after a long period, my dream fulfilled. We took bath in lake and rested there with our lunch.

In next 20 minutes, he started his next round. He put ice-cream all over my body, licked, sucked and fucked in different positions. He explored me for another 2 hours especially the boobs. After that we came back to room and started moving to our places.

Hi guys, hope you enjoyed this story like a real scene. I think you had your orgasms now at least once. Please send your sexy and horny comments to— / /

Guys this is not a real story. I am still virgin, it is based on my secret fantasies and I like to experience like this with a guy who can perform according to my above said likes.

Guys, as I said before, I am not a gay and don’t expect more moves from me if we do fun. But on the other side, you can taste and enjoy my sexy body to the fullest, like in the story. So any young virgin guys if interested from Tamilnadu send your hot invitations to my inbox I think I will get a guy for my taste. Preference will be given to guys having above videos (not clips). Bye……….!