Shahit Seduces Roshan

Hi I am Shahit the alter Ego of the person who wrote this story, Even after having chance to have sex with his computer trainer, classmate, and other people including men and women , He is still a virgin, because he is a scary cat. Unlike the author I am bold in making sexual moves and I like doing dirty things. The problem is I am stuck within this cowards imagination. So I am here to tell you a story from one of my adventures within his mind.

It all started with a silly fight for who lasts longer and there we were planning for our masturbation party. we decided to conduct it at one of our rooms, and prepared everything porn, vaseline etc. 12 people decided but only 8 were bold enough to attend. I was especially excited to attend this because deep inside i had a little femininity inside me. It always turned me on to see men have an erection upon seeing my slutty, bouncy ass.

But the trouble was not all of them were turned on by it , but only a few, and I love to tease those few to the fullest. So this Masturbation party was the perfect chance for me to find some lovers. As the party started all of us got shyly naked and started rubbing our tools. I was aiming at all guys but I forgot about everyone when I saw Roshan. Roshan had a hair shaved, white body and a clean cock. So I was looking at his cock forgetting everything, while he caught me staring at it. He smiled and started back at his masturbation. Soon all of us ejected and neither me nor roshan were the winner but I sure did win something.

Roshan belonged to my next room we were not acquainted so well, so I made a plan to seduce him by sensitively touching him and giving him a taste of my body. Whenever chance occurred I would stare at him and he would stare back at me, we were like a boy and girl sharing stares and also I tried to show off my body to him during bathroom times. I was sure I was getting some notice . But one day something unexpected happened, I just moved into a bathroom for bathing while roshan raced in asking whether he can share the bathroom as he was late for class, I said yes and we both were standing in the same bathroom.

He then went to take off his towel , that exposed his penis. Again I was staring at it and he shook me and ask “You dont mind Do you..?” I said its fine and cunningly removed mine as well, Surprisingly he rotated and slapped my ass saying “Now thats a bitch ass” and started playing with it. He played with it for a while when I asked whether he wasnt late for class he replied ” Ya screw the class..!” and continued his play” I turned around facing him to find each other being turned on that our cocks started saluting each other. Both of us didnt know what to do, All I wanted to do was to tease him and he had his own plans, but we did not want to have sex, But he went up and asked me “do u wanna skip class and masturbate together..?” , I liked his idea and we went to our room and waited for others to leave.

When it finally was the time he knocked at my door and I opened it standing naked, He came in wearing a towel and took it off as soon as he came in.I thought we were just going to masturbate but as soon as he came in her hugged me from the back and started rubbing his cock against my ass, He was enjoying the feel while I was standing there not knowing what to say or do. Finally I asked him

“Is this right..?”
“I dont care if its right.. But it feels very good dont you feel good..?”
“Yes it sure does.. But you are the only one having actual pleasure..!”
“So what can I do about that..? Do u wanna rub against my ass”
“Its not your ass that turns me on”

Saying that I turned around and looked at his cock. He asked so you wanna play with it . I nodded and kneeled down and started playing with his cock.I rubbed it in every way I have seen in Porn until he ejaculated on me.

Now I asked him to make me ejaculate, He blinked while I made him to get his hands on my cock and masturbate. He did the same type of masturbation to me and we were finally done for that day.I felt a sense of accomplishment, I have seduced a man for myself with my body.

Since then every time we had a chance me and roshan will fuck each other , we would do it in the roof on mid night,we did it underneath the stares hidden,we even did a hand job once in the class,but we did it mostly in the bathroom but both of us loved doing it in the bed. But the bed was always covered with other men. So me and roshan decided to move into a double cot room next semester.

Eventually next semester came and me and roshan moved in together, People were noticing and asking about us but we just said we have bonded a lot,among this a guy named Raj was very much interested in us, but being a slut I eventually got bored of roshan alone. I felt like wanting more. I am Bisexual so I wanted to seduce some women and men all together, But as my first move i targeted men.

Now about Raj , Raj was my old room mate, Like few other men Raj was always admirer my body. He would slap my ass whenever i move near him and he would touch and play with it whenever i sit near him.He once even sat over me and pretended like fucking me as a joke to the rest of the room mates. I never thought of seducing him because was kind of extreme , rough and tough guy. So did I seduce him. Stay Tuned

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