Second Day With Raj

Hi dear friends, this is Vishnu again. Thanks for your response to my previous story. After that eventful Saturday, I couldnt sleep that night and called up Raj at about 11 PM. We discussed for about 2 hours about how it all went and plan for the next meeting. As my roommates were away from town and would be returning only on Monday morning, I thought of calling up Raj to my place. The meeting time was fixed for 2 PM and I picked up Raj from the nearest landmark to my flat. On the way to my flat, he was whispering things like “you were great yesterday. I had a wet dream with you, I want to treat you like a girl. Will you be my girlfriend?” etc which made me very horny and by 2.30 PM, we reached our flat.

Once reached and locked, we were very comfortable with each other unlike the day before. As I was reaching out to cupboard to keep my watch, keys, etc, he came from behind and hugged me. One hand was on my chest searching for my left nipple and the other hand on my butt, pressing with a lot of aggression. I wanted to turn around towards him and get down on my knees but he insisted on me staying like that. He kept on playing with my hips with his left hand and his right hand was busy rubbing on my chest, pinching my nipple and slowly unbuttoning my shirt. Once done with removing my shirt, he turned me around towards him and started kissing my neck and chest. He started biting my nipples so hard that I almost screamed. Tried a lot to control but eventually have given up. I was screaming, gasping heavily as he continued doing it and also during the same time pushed me on to the bed and he came over me.

I was holding his hair with both my hands with restlessness and my breathing became heavy as he continued to play wild with my nipples. He was finally done with it and moved up and kissed my neck for a while and bit there in 3 places. Then he moved further up and caught hold of my head and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I too held his face by his hair and opened my mouth for him and both of our tongues kept battling against each other to intrude into the others mouth. The noise generated during this process is something unexplainable. It turned up the heat between us exponentially and we went wilder with the kiss, which continued for about 15 minutes. Finally, he has withdrawn and started removing his shirt. I started unzipping his pants and can see that he is already rock hard. I pulled down his underwear too and have also taken off my pants. Both were completely naked in a couple of minutes.

He again pushed me to the bed and sat on my chest with cock in his left hand trying to push it through in my mouth. I placed a pillow beneath my head for comfort and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. He then held my head stead so that I dont move and he started the action. He mouth fucked and did deep throat many times. Whenever I gagged, he went a bit slow and when he found me being comfortable, he pushed it deep into the throat. I could taste his salty precum and after about 5 minutes, he moved away and stood on the floor. I sat at the edge of bed and started sucking his cock. He was holding my hair softly as I sucked him and looked into his eyes simultaneously. I sucked from the tip to base of his cock with my tongue and circled his head with every such stroke.

After a few minutes he raised his cock, indicating me to suck his balls. I obeyed and started sucking with the tip of his tongue. I cupped them with my mouth and occasionally gave a mild bite to which he made “sssssssss” sound. Dong this for a few minutes, I resorted back to his cock and started sucking very slowly with my mouth as tight as possible to make him feel the pressure. He could stand it no more and asked me to get in doggy style. I did so and told him where the lube was. He applied lube in my ass with his fingers inside and did a lot of finger fucking before he applied it on his cock. Finally, when ready for action, he held my head with one hand as one of my hands was opening my ass while other balancing my position on the bed. He guided his cock in my ass with his other hand. He wasnt slow this time. He pushed it in as hard as possible and I could feel the pain and gasped hard before I could make any sound. He remained there and asked “how does it feel?” I said “it feels mighty”.

He then started to and fro motion and pounding as hard as he could and at the same time spanking on my ass with both his hands. He kept on increasing the force of his strokes and also the force with which he was spanking me. The room was filled with different erotic sounds the sound of gel as he enters and exits my ass, the sound of him spanking me wildly, me gasping and grunting out of sheer ecstasy. This went on for about 10 minutes and then he asked me to lay on my back to fuck in missionary position. I kept a pillow below my ass so that he will have easy access. He got into the position immediately and pushed his cock inside. He started pounding as I kept enjoying with huge moans. His occasional stroke made me scream. The moment I scream I could see an expression of triumph on his face. This was the first time we were making eye contact when he was fucking me and it was worth a million looking at this eyes when he does that. He has that typical male dominant look on his face with a cool smile which reminds that he conquered me.

He kept banging for about 10 minutes and finally he closed his eyes as he increased the speed of his strokes. He finally released loads of cum inside and held it there for a while. I could sense his cock getting soft inside my ass and meanwhile, I was stroking my cock which too exploded on my body. After a few minutes, he has taken out his cock and asked me to lick it dry. I cleaned it completely and we lay on the bed for some time as both were tired. He then looked at the watch and it was almost 5 PM. He said that he will have to go and started dressing up. I too got ready to drop him at the nearest bus stop.

Just as we were about to open the door of my flat, he gave a naughty smile and asked “BJ?”

Without wasting a moment, I pushed him on to the door and knelt down in front of him. Unzipped his pant and pulled it down till his waist and started sucking him. It was half hard when I touched it and took not much time to be fully hard. I started sucking it like hungry bitch and also sucked his balls. This time there was not eye contact, he was just closing his eyes with both hands on my shoulders. There was no action from his side and I was sucking it like there is no tomorrow.

He enjoyed the most when I circled its head with tip of my tongue and while doing so, his cock was throbbing like hell. I did it once every 2 strokes and I could sense him coming close to a climax. Finally, he held my head with left hand and opened his eyes. He held his cock with right hand started shaking it. With his left hand, he pulled my hair down so that my face would be facing upwards and he brought his cock near my mouth and continued shaking it. Within a few seconds he exploded his cum in my mouth and a couple of drops fell over my cheeks.

He rubbed his cock on my lips so that the remaining cum is dried off and pulled up his pants. I got up and moved towards wash room to wash it off my face when he called me and asked “its a small quantity that no one can notice. Would you mind not washing it off and coming out?” That sounded exciting and new and agreed to it. We went out, dropped him at the bus stop. On our way he said “I feel great knowing that you are roaming around with my cum on your face” His statement turned me on but we did not time for the day and had to wait till the next weekend for action.

Well guys, this is the second encounter with Raj. I met him many more times but this would be the final story about him as I have to accommodate experience with other guys as well. Please feel free to give a feedback on / /

Bye guys, until the next story!