How I Entered The Gay World

Hi all ISS readers. This is my first story ever and hope that you will like it. Its a long one but you will enjoy it as it is all true.

About me, I am 27, 56, average looking, average build guy. It all started 4 years ago when I passed out college and was waiting for my joining in MNC. I have had no girlfriend before, no sex and was getting hornier day by day with all that waiting and doing nothing. So to pass time I started searching for new ways of masturbation. I came across a way called anal masturbation. I was really excited reading about it and decided to try it. So first I cleaned my butt hole from inside, then I inserted one of my finger in my mouth to cover it with saliva as I did not had anything else for lubrication. Then I inserted finger in my ass hole, it went in easily and I felt a great pleasure, so I decided to increase the pleasure by inserting 2 fingers. They also went in easily, so I slowly started increasing fingers and soon all fingers including thumb were inside my butt hole. I was feeling pleasure of lifetime. I just started slowly moving fingers and took them as deep as they can go. Then I stated masturbating and soon I achieved orgasm never experienced before.

I started searching for some object in the house that can act as dick, but after a long search I couldnt find anything. In the end I opened the refrigerator and there I saw it. The shiny, beautiful brinjal. It was a long brinjal with thickness of around 2 dicks combined. At first I was afraid but then I decided to go with it. So I took it inside the bathroom. I saw vaseline petroleum jelly there and decided to use it as lubricant. So I covered brinjal with it and put some around my ass. Then I first started with fingers to ease up the ass hole. Then inserted the mighty brinjal. To my surprise, it went in quite easily. So I inserted it completely and what a feeling that was. From that moment onwards, I got to know what I am hungry for. I then masturbated and during ejaculation, my butt hole walls contracted around brinjal and created tight grip. This gave me intense pleasure and I ejaculated like never before.
After that, it became a regular thing. But I was hungry for more, hungry for real thing, I wanted to smell it, hold it, lick it off.

I also tried to taste my own cum but as soon as I ejaculated, I chickened out. So it never happened.

Soon my joining came and I got location as Bangalore. So there I was, free to do anything. After settling there and getting the place to know, I decided to pursue my real dream. I read one article in news paper about gays and how college student get into it to earn money. I got to know about a site from the article from where it’s all done and decided to give it a try. I made my profile there giving details about myself. I got many offers of casual sex, but everyone was forcing to send my pictures. I hesitated first but then gathered courage to do it. So I send my photos to few people. And I got very positive response. I liked offer from one guy who was good looking and came to Bangalore for business trip for 1 week. He was offering me 5000 rs and gift items if he liked what I offer to him. So we fixed meeting place and time. He called me to his hotel during weekend. So I got ready for my new journey.
I reached there in time and knocked on his door. He asked who is there, I told him his dessert is served; he opened the door and saw me. He said dessert looks good. He grabbed me in and closed the door behind. He was just wearing a bathrob and was looking as hungry as me. He was long, fair and had nice build. With in a moment he just grabbed my face and started kissing me. There it was, my first kiss ever. He started sucking my lips like strawberry, then he inserted his tongue in my mouth. Ohh… What a feeling that was. I started sucking licking his tongue. I put my tongue in his mouth and he returned the favour.

We lip locked and exchanged saliva for 15 straight minutes. My underwear become wet by pre oozing. Then he moved his hands downwards and groped my ass tightly. I did the same. We were still kissing. Then we moved to bed and he removed all my clothes except underwear. Then he lied down and told me to lick him off. I again kissed him passionately and removed his rob, then I reached to his nipples and licked them. Then I bite them one by one. His chest had few hairs, then I reached his belly button and sucked it. When I reached down further I exclaimed with joy by what I saw. A beautiful 8 inches long and thick cock was waving at me. I grabbed it and reached to it to suck it off. Its smell was making me mad. I first licked the tip and cleaned off the pre come. Then slowly licked the the balls, sucked them and moved up. I took it in my mouth slowly and whole dick was inside. After some licking, he moved up to his knees and stared giving thrust in my mouth. I almost chocked. Then he started increasing his motions. He was looking pro at it. Soon he exclaimed that he is coming. There was my moment to shine. Take it all in. He shot it in my mouth. Most of it hit my throat and I started coughing. Some of it came out of my mouth. I liked the taste and warm feeling of it and swallowed it all, I cleaned his dick with my tongue. There…… I achieved it, I tasted the cum.

Then he told me it was great and it’s my turn now. He started sucking my dick from over my underwear. It was driving me mad. So he asked me to remove my underwear. I did the same and lied down. He started licking my cock which was completely hard and bright red, he went like a pro. He licked his thumb, and inserted it in my butt hole. Then he increased the pace and soon I came all over his face. He licked and swallowed it all. By this time, he was already hard again. He then positioned himself in doggy style and asked me to lick his asshole. I did the same by inserting my tongue in his hole. Then I stated finger fucking it. Soon he got excited and asked me to lye back with my ass up. He told me is time for my ass to get pound. My heart started pumping hard. He first finger fucked me to make my hole relaxed. He inserted all his fingers. I felt very excited. Then he asked me to move my ass up in doggy style position. I did the same. Then suddenly he gave a tight slap on my ass cheek. I was not expecting this and never experienced it before. But to my surprise, it felt great. I never thought feeling pain can be pleasurable. I asked him to do more. He was more then happy to do it. He spanked my ass hard many times and it became red. Then he told me to get ready to have fuck of my lifetime. He put some lubricant to his dick. Then he touched my butt hole tip with his penis tip. My heart beat increased. He started playing with me by inserting it little and removing it. I was begging him to not make me wait any more. Then suddenly in one thrust, he inserted it in completely. I felt some pain but since I was used to it, it was ok.

The feeling of having real thing inside me was awesome. Then he started moving it slowly. That part my ass was not familiar with since I only inserted objects before and not moved them in fucking motion. I started feeling intense pain. I asked him to stop immediately. He stopped for a moment, and told me to be patient. He told me pain will be there for few minutes, then you will start feeling pleasure of life time. I said ok and he started fucking my ass again. My whole body was shivering with pain and pleasure at same time. Soon I got used to pain and started enjoying. Moaning sound started coming out of me. He knew that now I am enjoying it. So he increased his speed. Our bodies covered in sweat started making sloppy sounds. He continued this for around 10 minutes and then he made moaning sound said he is going to cum. He exploded his nectar inside my hole. Then he covered his fingers with it and put it inside my mouth. I started licking it all. His cum mixed with my ass juice tasted real nice. Then he started giving me hand job and soon I came all over my body. He licked it clean with his tongue and came to my mouth and spit it in my mouth. This was the first time I tested my own cum. Then we kissed and exchanged it a few times and finally we swallowed it. Then we lip locked for 10 minutes and lied exhausted. That night, he fucked me 5 times more.

He was more than happy. He paid me 10000 Rs instead and also gifted me his digicam.
So that was my story of how it began. Hope you enjoyed it. Please write to me at / / and send me your pics if you like, I will also send mine.