Office Boy Session

Hi Guys this kannan(A)kamini from Chennai. I am 24 year old cd bottom gay. I am hardcore bottom gay love to be pure girl in bed, treating manhood to a greater extent. Telling about me, I am 58″ tall chubby guy with some hot girly features, like fat thigh, big hip, bouncy tits & fleshy ass. I easily attract guys attention towards my body, due to these asserts. On the whole I look like a 30 something aunty (aunty lovers can try me). Due to bulgy chest, my tits easily pop out from my shirt, teasing mens eye for a second look. I m also gifted with shaky ass(thanks to my bed partners) which shakes like a girl while walking. I am more like a slut, who used to carry condoms always with me.

Today I am going to narrate about my intercourse with my office boy named selvam. Selvam is a 23 year old village guy. Dark 6″ tall guy with broad shoulders with rustic looks. Though he is an office guy he looks more like a rowdy with most manly look.
I saw him on my first day of my office. I was easily attracted toward him due to his manliness. My manager introduced him & I greeted him with a handshake, He was looked hesitant & observed me from top to bottom & returned me with handshake. His handshake was bit strange by the way he holds me.

My manager asked him to introduce to my new colleagues & he did it. Some days passed, though we dont talk much, he always used to have an eye on me, so do I. Many times he looks at my body in a lusty way. Though it makes me feel embarrass. I started to enjoy his attention on me. Deep inside me I know that he want to penetrate is cock inside my ass & I was waiting for such occasion.
As my wish, the day came. I was asked to work over time to complete an important assignment. Due to my work, the time went passed & I couldnt realize that the all of my colleagues left home from office. When I was completely done, I was the only one in the entire floor; thankfully selvam was sitting at the corner of the room, waiting for me to complete my assignment.

He didnt ask me anything, I just packed my things and walked towards lift of my floor; meanwhile selvam locked the door and signaled me to wait for him in the lift. After he was done both stepped inside the lift. I was little nervous, I was alone with the sexiest guy in the office. I know that it would be my best chance to get this guy. After closing the door, I saw selvam staring at me. His eyes showed desire. All I have to do his just ignite the fire. I deliberately scratched my left nipple area of my shirt, to get the bouncing action of my tits; I know that he is observing me.

Then I removed my top two buttons to reveal my cleavage. It was working well, I saw tent formation in his pant, and again I desperately dropped my files, bent down to show deeper look at my boobs & to reveal my shape of my ass. His rod really gone bigger & I could sense his deep breaths. I become bolder now, began to look at his struggling rod in his pant & gave him a smile biting my lips. A flirty smile appeared in his face. I went close to him, took his hand & kept in my hips; I pressed my chest against his & gave him a kiss in his lip. He become really excited, he began to react and his passion was soaring as he began to bite my lips & hold my hips harder.

We were kissing each other for some time inside the lift. Since he his staying inside the office campus itself, he asked me to come to his room. The room was really tiny with a mat on one corner & a small suit case of his dress. He didnt waste any time, he immediately locked his door, removed his dress except for his jetty & spread the mat. We sat and kissed for some time. Then he made me to lie in the mat, came top of me & continued his kisses. Slowly he removed my shirt & bitted my right tits with banyan itself. He was really happy seeing my big melons and started to play with it.

Soon I got rid of my banyan, become topless before my manly office boy I was bit shy & covered my tits with my hand. With his big hand he spread out my hand forcefully, made me open chest and began to kiss my boobs, his sharp mustache were teasing my boobs giving extra sensation. He slowly began to bite & his bites becomes harder & harder, as if he his going to eat the flesh out of me. The pain was really hard & due to his strong hold of my hand, I couldnt do anything but to surrender & enjoy his hunger on me.
After enjoying my tits he moved down to remove my pants.

I was in my underwear, lying before him. My sexy thigh got revealed to him, he pinched me at the inner side of my thighs, same like my tits he started to bite my fleshy thighs too. Then he removed my underwear & gave a teasing smile seeing my little penis. I become shy; he turned me around to look at my big butt. He kissed at the right butt cheek, and then he gave a gentle slap, the shaky moments of my ass made him happier. He started to play with my cheek, slapping, shaking hitting & bitting.
Slowly he pushed my ass cheeks to see my hole. For my surprise he smelled & licked my hole. His tongue really made my sense to go to peek. As I start to enjoy it.

I become hornier & I want him to get deep inside me. I turned up now, made him to lie in the mat, I took the condom from my bag & removed his inners, a black mamba came out. It is highly adorable, I really turned hot by seeing his size, It would be around 8′. I took it in my hand, began to kiss it, slowly I opened my mouth & took it in my mouth It was really mouthful, my blowjob made him harder. I wasted no time. Tore the condom & I put it on him.

I went top on him, lied on his big chest & gave him some hot kisses by sitting on him I took his tool & slowly inserted in my hole. OMG it was really big, I spread my ass cheeks to maximum & inserted his rod. It was amazingly awesome, my pleasure was going to top, as it went deep, my hole become bigger & so was my pleasure. I took out my hole & the pleasure was equilent. Selvam was enjoying like anything.

Then I started to move my ass fast to fuck, his enjoyment was uncontrollable, he pushed me to my side and began to fuck me from behind. He was fucking me with his maximum force. The movements of his hips gives a big slapping sound on my ass, the room was filled with my sound of pleasure, he was uncontrollable,. I completely surrendered to him. He fucked me for hours, but he didnt cum yet. He was so strong & manly gave me pleasure of man the entire night & cummed just two times. After that night I really had difficulty in walking for one week I hope you guys enjoyed my story, you can give ur feedback to / /