Banged Like Mom

Hy! Karan here with my first experience into gay world. I belonged to Goa and was a bit fashionable, kept Long hairs like gals and used to have pony. Then i got admission in IIT Kanpur and guys used to stare at me as if i was gal. moreover i had very soft voice and used to walk like gals. boys used to tease and i never liked that. I used to wear slim fit narrow jeans, revealing my big sexy ass, but it was just fashion in Goa and not intentionally but kanpuris thought otherways.

As you all know, i got very hard earned admission in my college as i was not very good in studies, but my mom always had high expectation from me, she worked hard to pay my fee.

So, to fulfill her expectations i worked hard and it was 1st semester exams and i didnt know anything as i didnt have any books ( wasnt able to afford bcz they were so expensive). So i ask Raj to give me his book for a day so that i can note some points on my copy. He asked me to come at night as it is in his hostel, i said ok. I went there and he was sitting in lungi as he belonged to rural area of UP. I asked for a book and he said sit down.I sat on his bed near him and he said that he cant give me a book as it is very expensive. I requested him that plz i need it badly, i will be very thankful to him and do anything for him.

He asked, “anything”?
I said, “yes”

Then he removed his lungi and asked me to suck his dick, i was shocked at his gesture.I refused it and said am not what yo u think. He said as you wish, but then he will not give his book and put on his lungi. I thought for a while and thought there was no other book available as everyone will be studying and i will fail without book and mom will be sad for me.

After thinking for a while i placed my hand above his long thick dick and removed his lungi without looking at him.He caught my hairs and pulled my head and looked at me and winked, i was little nervous, and was taking my time, but he pushed my head towards his monster cock.It was dark brown with red head, i caught it with both hands and placed my tounge on it and started moving towards top and then swallowed it in my mouth.I was licking it slowly and raj started moaning. He caught my pony and pressed my head and pushed his monster deep into my throat making it difficult for me to breathe.

I was trying to inhale some air but he kept it deep in throat for a while making it tough for me. I was feeling the heat as he started breathing heavily but i was sad to do all this, then all of a sudden viky and mansoor ( his room mates entered) and started laughing. I was feeling shame, and was shocked as viky was from my city and knew my parents.

He started blackmailing me and removed his clothes, watching this mansoor also became nude and they surrounded my mouth with their cocks.I started crying but vicky caught me from pony and said ” saale mujhe to pehle hee shak tha, tu launda ha, aap choos isse, nautanki band kar. “I had no other choice and started sucking them one by one, even two at a time. They all were enjoying, and moaning. I was crying but they didnt show any mercy.There dicks were rock hard, when viky asked me to remove my clothes, i asked to plz not do this, but he didnt listen and gave me tight slap. He tore my shirt and was amazed at my soft girlish body.

He was starring at my nipples which were soft and having some fat around them and little girlish. He moved his hands on my body giving my electric current and then started sucking my nipples making me horny and giving me erection.Mansoor came from behind, and opened my jeans and removed it along with my undies and raj and mansoor were amazed at the beauty of my ass.It was perfect with good fat around hips, raj ” yeh to mast masl hai”

Viky, ” iski behan ki gand bi mast hai, sali jab chalti hai to jaan nikalti hai, usse bi chodna ka an hai mera kabse”

I was shocked to hear this, as i thought viky is my friend. Then mansoor spoke, ” maine to iski maa dekhi, sari me aag lgga rhi thi jab isse hostel shodne aayi thi, maine to uska cleavage dekha, jab uska pallu gira tha, mast boobe the saali ke”.

Their these statements were not making me angry, rather horny and i was not able to understand what was happening to me.Then raj bent me like bitch and placed his dick above my tight virgin asshole. He tried to push but it didnt go. Then he gave 3-4 tight slaps on my hips turning them red.I was in pain, when put some oil on my hole and my back and whole body and started moving his hand erotically, making me horny. Now he placed his dick and pushed hard, entering half inside and then slowly pushing forward. I was in pain as it tore away my asshole. I was asking for pardon but viky was giving my mouth fuck.

After some time he started moving slowly and my asshole adjusted to its size. Then he started fucking me, he put all his weight one and was riding me. After some time he increased his speed, i was crying in pain and viky asked me to shut.

They all fucked me one by one for two hours and filled my hole, mouth and body with their sperms. Then viky asked me to take bath, i took bath and thought it was all over, but not yet. Climax was to come. Viky saw me coming out of wash and his dick was hard watching me fresh. He asked me go come and sit on his dick.

This pose was not tried before. I sat on his dick and started fucking him, when mansoor stood in front and pushed his dick in my mouth and after some time raj came behind and caught my hips and placed his dick near my he.

I was shocked and shouted not to do this but he didnt listen and tried to enter, but it didnt go, viky stopped fucking, and raj tried again, the idea of two dicks in my cock was making me horny.

Then in next try raj entered leaving me in huge pain. My ass was tore and bleeding but they didnt stop and banged me hard. For another15 mins and then left the room leaving me alone lying there with pain and pleasure.

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