My First With Afroz

I was transferred to Pahalgam in Kashmir Valley and took up a small studio apartment near the Mall. It was a one room with bathroom/WC and a small balcony. The one room contained kitchen, one single bed and two chairs/centretable. I had left my family behind in Delhi. I am 50 years old and can cook myself. I had joined my duty and was working from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ( 5 days a week).

It had started to snow and there was also a freezing cold wind in Pahalgam. It was Friday evening, so I was looking forward to a nice week end at home. Because of the freezing cold wave coupled with snow there was hardly anyone on the roads.

I got a servant to cook and look after my house, through my office colleagues.. His name was Afroz and was a small boy of around 18 years, little plump , fair ( like all Kashmiris are), He was 54″ tall. When I asked him about his family, he stated that he hails from a village called Ukri and came to Pahalgam in search of a job and was hungry and homeless for the past three days. And so Afroz used to cook for me and do all the required house hold work.

Afroz used to sleep on the ground and covered himself with a bed sheet. Because of the cold wave conditions and snow in Pahalgam the floor was ice cold and Afroz started to shiver with his teeth clattering. Since he was a decent and neat boy, I asked him to share the only single-bed available and share the only warm blanket . He obligingly turned towards one side and because of the small size of the bed I was forced to put my arm around him. His buttocks were pasted towards my crotch. We both slept throughout the night in the same posture.

Early in the morning, I found that I had a hard-on and my cock was in between the buttock cheeks of Afroz. His boxer half-pants was also parted and his nude bottom was sticking to my cock. Inadvertently, I moved my hand towards his tiny cock ( it was about 4 inches and thin in size) and found that he was also having a hard-on. I cupped his cock into my left palm and I could sense he could feel the pleasure. With his eyes closed he also moved his left hand to feel my cock and started to press it in his palms. I thought it improper at that time and hence got up, went to the bathroom.

Normally Afroz used to continuously keep talking but today he was unusually quiet and shy and cooked breakfast and lunch. After I had breakfast, I wore my towel and started to apply oil before my bath. Afroz came to me and said that he will apply oil and massage me properly. I was sitting in the chair and Afroz oiled my back, chest. He then sat down and started to oil my legs. Occasionally his hands brushed against my balls and gradually I started to get a hard-on. My cock rose to its full length of 7 inches and was lifting the towel upwards. Then Afroz said ” Saheb, aapka lund bahut hi mast hai”. I asked him, ” Kaise jaante ho yeh baat?” He replied ” Raat main mera haath aapke lund ko pakda hua tha aur aapka haath mere lund ko. Mujhe bahut achha lag raha tha magar dar se maine aapko kuchh nahin kaha.”

I pulled Afroz close to me and planted a good kiss on his lips. He responded affectionately and so I placed on hand on his buttocks and squeezed it gently. Afroz then smiled and said..” Saheb, chaliye main aapko ache se nahla de deta hoon bathroom mein.” So we both went to the bathroom, removed both our clothes and got into the hot shower. Afroz applied soap to my entire body, rubbed my back and I was rubbing his back, his buttocks and his cock. Afroz then placed his mouth on my erect cock and started to move it from top to bottom. With one hand he had cupped my balls and was squeezing them. I then put my question straight to Afroz ” Kya tumne kabhi gaand mein isko liya hai? ” He said ” Nahin Saheb…mere liye yeh pehla tajurba hai”.

So I asked him to bend down on the bath tub and liberally applied Vaseline cream on his anal hole… I took more Vaseline in my middle finger and started to push it inside his ass-hole. Afroz started to scream in pain…I told him….” Thoda bardaasht kar lo…phir jannat ka mazaa aa jayega”. I felt that I had done enough lubrication to his anus and so I put the head of my thick cock on the hole of his ass and gave it a gentle push…Afroz screamed in pain ” Arre Baap re”.

I took some more Vaseline and pushed it deep with my finger. I rotated my finger in a circular motion inside the walls of his ass-hole and then placed my cock on his ass-hole and pushed. Nearly two inches of my cock slid inside and the screaming of Afroz had also subsided. Afroz had started to enjoy the act and he started to push his buttocks more towards my cock. I pushed a little bit more and the entire length of 7 inches cock had gone inside Afroz. So I asked Afroz ” Mazaa aa raha hai?” He answered ” Saheb…bahut mazaa aa raha hai”.

I then circled my arms around his waist and cupped his balls and small cock in both my hands. His cock was also erect. I was now pumping Afroz just like a dog and bitch. Afroz kept saying ” Saheb…main aapse roz gaand marwaunga…aapko apni Biwi ka yaad bhi nahin aayega”. He kept pushing his ass towards my cock and with one hand from below was fondling my balls which were also banging him. Slowly I was nearing my peak and I increased my speed and started to kiss Afroz behind his ears. He was also moaning in delight and ecstasy. Suddenly, Afroz squirted his semen onto my palms as I was holding his cock while pumping.

After some time I also ejaculated my cum inside his ass-hole…

It was my first Gay experience and so also for Afroz. This was just the beginning and me and Afroz are till date sleeping together, fucking together. Every night this is a regular exercise which we both enjoy and share together.

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