Wedding Night Love With Servant

Hi all ISS readers. I am aakash, / / This is a story about me and my servant Rajan. Both of us are bisexual and we have explored our sexual life to full extent. Anyone both male and female can contact me. I ‘ll be waiting.

So, lets start the story which happened between me and Rajan 4 years ago As any boy of that age,i loved watching porn and all the other adult stuffs. I used to watch the showMIDNIGHT HOT on FTV. One day i was watching the show and was so casual that i did not realise that Rajan was behind me watching me. I suddenly saw him, I got scared and told him that the remote is not working. I switched off the TV and went to sleep but i was scared that he might tell my parents. But to my surprise, he didnt tell anyone and was normal.

I decided that if I have to watch porn and other stuffs at home, I will have to make him watch them too,

So that he does not complain anyone. Then one day I forcefully made him watch FTV, he didnnt refuse and we started watching it for hours. Then i made another move. I made him watch porn,he was happy with it and we watched it together. One day we were on the roof and I was adjusting my pyjama,I saw him looking at my penis. I asked him “You want to see it”. He smiled and replied “No”. But I came closer to him and showed my fat dick. He just smiled and got down from the roof.

At night,I called him in the bathroom. He came and I asked him to show me his penis he refused like a million times but i made him open his pants and there came his dick. It was black with hairs all around. We just showed each other our penised,touched it and then went back to sleep. Soon,we started masturbating together. Then further we started masturbating each other, giving blowjobs and swallowing each others cum.My parents were at home most of the time,so we had to find a chance to do it.

Then one fine day,We got a golden chance. I heard that my parents were going to my aunts place for a marriage for 2 days. It meant I could spend a whole night with Rajan and we can complete all our fantasies. I told him and he was thrilled. We waited for my parents to get off. They went at 8O clock in the morning,I had plans to make it special tonight. I went to the market and brought a bottle of whiskey, a packet of condoms and good good collection of porn DVDs. I came home and told Rajan to get ready as tonight we will make love and have sex like lovers. We watched porn all day and in the evening I told Rajan to get ready for our love making, he went to bathroom to take shower.

Meanwhile I went to my parents big bedroom,switched on the AC, and spread perfume all around. I went inside the bathroom to take shower, while i was i the bathroom,I saw my moms worn out Bra & Panty. I put them on and I was looking hot,I got an idea that why not dress like a woman and then make love. I took shower and got to my moms wardrobe. I opened it and took out a fresh bra,panty and red colour Saree with same colour blouse and petticoat. I then wore them, I took out some jewellery and put them on. I went to the mirror,I was looking like a bride,on her wedding night,waiting to be fucked by her husband.

I wanted to surprise Rajan. I switched off the lights and sat on the bed. I then told him to come into the room and lock the door. He did so and then he switched on the lights. I saw the expression on his face and I knew that he loved my new look. He came on to the bed,sat down and gave me a deep kiss. It was the first time we kissed and it was a deep kiss, we kissed for 10minutes,he lied over me and kissed me all over. I was enjoying it and moaning.He then kissed my neck and opened my blouse, he then opened my bra and started sucking my nipples, he sucked then for five minutes and I was in heaven.

He kissed my underarms and pulled the hairs there with his teeth. I then opened his shirt and and he pressed his chest against mine. We hugged each other tight and nude. Then he opened his pants and out came his dick. I launched on to it wetting it with my saliva and sucking them…..I gave him a blowjob. He cummed and I drank it all. Then he spread my legs and without opening my saree, He went inside my petticoat from downside and reached my dick.

He started sucking them and just by his mouth, He blew me and drank all my come. He came above and kissed me again. He then started opening my saree,he opened the petticoat and threw away on the floor. He then spread my legs and started licking my butt hole. I was feeling like heaven. He did it so perfect with his tongue moving so such grace he licked my hole and made it wet and wide open for fucking.

He then took his dick out and asked me to make it wet with my saliva. I did it and he went down and inserted it into my butt hole. I got in quickly, i asked him to do it slowly and he obeyed. Slowly he increased the speed and I started enjoying. His penis hit the walls of my anus and it was a great feeling. I was screaming with pleasure. Soon he cummed inside me and his hot sperms were flowing inside me. He came over me and hugged me tight. We slept like that whole night. Next day we fucked again and again and again. We are enjoying life with lots and lots of exploring. There are lots of stories coming up from me.

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