That One Day When The Women In Me Rose

I was quite upset and on being questioned by my best friend Ajit, i told him that i am feeling lonely and am bored from watching porn and i want to go a step ahead. We were on phone call. I insisted that lets masturbate together by watching same clip on phone, he didn’t agree, i told him then lets role play and have phone sex because i was feeling lonely and i was bored of same old way of masturbation. Ajit disagreed and said lets meet up some day, watch porn and masturbate together. He said lets that be a 1st step and we shall see later how it takes up. At that he had no gay intentions, but i did. I jerked off straight away just by the thought he gave me.

It was the 25th of September. Ajits parents were not there at home. He called me over. I knew it was a golden chance so what i did was i took my sisters innerwear with me and went to his house. We were chatting when he said let’s do something interesting, i said lets watch porn. It was our first time together. We were both watching it sitting close. I was not interested in it; the thought of taking Ajits cock in my mouth hardened my tool. He noticed and said you got hard real quick, i said, “it’s your magic”. He didn’t get it. Later on we both got hard and were rubbing our tools, i told him to unzip and let’s masturbate. As he got his 6 inch tool out my mouth was watering. I told him not to tell anyone what is gonna happen today. I took his dick in my hand and masturbated it. He enjoyed it. I then told him to jerk me off to which he did hesitate a bit but he eventually did agree. I had the best pleasure until now but i knew there was more. He looked greedy i asked him can i do something more and you will not tell anyone, he agreed. I kissed his dick and took in my mouth for a little while. He was amazed and i was so satisfied but i had more plans so i stopped and meanwhile the porn was over so we got back to normal.

After the porn was over, we chatted a little. He questioned me was i gay to which i replied i can be. I shared my feelings with him and held his hand to which he acted boldly and he was ok to it since he knew and told me it was natural to feel so. Then i told him to wait in his drawing room. I went to his moms room and dressed in my sisters inner garments. I even applied little makeup, took her nighty which hung by the bathroom door also used her fake jwelllery and dressed up. I was looking like a complete cheap gay cross-dresser, ready to be fucked. Meanwhile Ajit was getting out of control, as he didnt know what was coming his way. I told him to close his eyes as i was coming out. I must mention here that i was a hairy guy but for this opportunity i had tried to shave and trim almost everywhere. Ajit is also very hairy, which i like a lot.

So, now as i came out i told him to close his eyes. I just went straight to him, held him tight, whispered is his ear, “make me your wife”, and gave him a smooch. In amazement Ajit couldn’t believe what had happened. By the time he was getting flaunted by my feminine aspect i was done unbuttoning his shirt and there it was his hairy manly chest.

He grabbed me and we smooched for another 10 mints. I think licked his armpit, he had a real powerful odor which drove me wild. I then went for his dick, unzipped his jeans and took it in my mouth. I gave a full session of blowjob and his overflowing cum which got on his hair i even licked that. By that time Ajit had removed my nighty , he was heated up and now he removed my bra and was sucking my small boobs biting them, licking my ears, and removed my panty, my 5 inch dick was all wet. He licked me all over. We took a little break and got hard again by licking each other in 69.

I was full on ready now, i told to arrange for lube and condoms. He got coconut oil and condoms. He lubed my ass and slowly started fingering me. My reached muscles started to adapt and relax while my cock which was half erect was again pre cummed. I was so horny i was moaning heavily i grabbed him and told him to fuck me.

We had little problem initially but after about 15-20 mints. Of little pain and blood and virgin ass for banged and yes we did it like lovers at first and then animals. Soon he switched on some gay porn while it buffered we got back again by sucking and kissing and chatting. He was amazed at this sight and said that he loved it. By now the porn was ready and so were we, we started off by a blowjob and then he fucked me again while smooching . Oh what a bitch he made me that day, we did it 3 times. Complete satisfaction, i gave him one last kiss like a lover does, we bathed each other quickly and continued with a little kissing and stuff and he got horny again, he forced me to play with his cock and take his dick in. I was tired but he dragged me to the wall and boldly smooch me. Like a lover, he then asked me gently to that i fell for i became hungry again and this time i had no problem taking his dick and serving him. I was moaning at the top of my voice and so was he. He was fucking me, stroking me and pressing my small bobs as well.

As i was about to leave i saw it in his eyes the urge so i dragged him to the wall gave him another blowjob and so did he and i left with the taste of his salt on my tongue.