My First Gay World Experience

Hi folks my name is Kartik and i am 24 yrs. old. My height is 6ft and waist 30; color fair.  Here i am sharing my first gay experience with u. This incident happened to me around 3 yrs. ago.  I was always attracted towards men and i search for gay men in my city. So i was searching on a forum for a like-minded guy. I always want to get fucked by a mature male. There i found a man who was 45yrs old height was 6ft and he lives alone in city. We had chatted for some time then we realize that we both are like each other. Then i asked him to tell about his fantasy, first he was not interested in telling then he tells me that he wanted to love me as his wife means i have to cross dress. First i am confused but then i said yes to him because i really liked his idea. Then next day i went to his home.  I was nervous. I rang the bell; he opens the door and i saw a 6ft tall whitish man he had belly also.

He smiles and invited me inside. When i entered in room he locked the door. I sat on a sofa then we chatted for a while; he told me not to worry and promised me to give a wonderful experience.  We spoke about his fantasy, then he told me to change and i went to his bedroom alone. I open his wardrobe and there i saw lots of dresses , sari blouse petticoat gown, bikinis, skirts and many other costumes but they all are packed like no one had ever open it.  First i removed all my clothes then i started thinking what to wear. I choose a red bra and panty.  I like the softness of panty i found it difficult to wear bra but then i managed.  My body is smooth when i looked in mirror i like myself in bra and panty. Then i wear a pair of stockings and micro mini skirt and blouse. I chose a high heel sandal and put some makeup.

When i was ready i called him to come in room and said aa jao dearhe was very happy to see me in that dress, he was wearing a black pant and white t shirt. He said “you are looking gorgeous my dear, mene kabhi nhi socha tha ki koi inhe pahan k mere samne hoga.”Then he came near to me and kissed me on my lips and i respond to him soon our tongues were playing.  It was my first kiss; touch of his hot and wet lips was awesome. I felt that current is passing in my body.  My cock becomes hard and then he put his hands on my hips and squeezes them and pulling them towards his body and continuously kisses me.  I feel very good then he pushed me on bed.  I sat on the bed and now he opens his pants zip. I was shivering, he says don’t worry dear u will like it and really when i open his zip i saw a huge bulge.   I started kissing on his bulge without removing his black Calvin Klein underwear.  Then i pull his cock out of brief it was very huge.  It was first time I’m going to suck a cock i first kiss on head it was salty but i continued kissing it then suddenly he hold my head with one hand and push half of penis in my mouth and told me to suck it like lollypop.

I followed his order and soon i started sucking it badly. I told him your dick is very tasty dear and slowly i took whole of his tool and sucked it badly. I can see that he was enjoying this blowjob. After some time he pushes me in the bed removed his pants and shirt and jump on me and started smooching deeply and started massaging my chest (nipples). . Then he kisses on my neck and removes my blouse and skirt.  Now he is only in his underwear and i am in bra and panty, we continuously kissed each other.  Then he slides both straps of and without opening hook exposes my both nipple, he said u r chest are like lemons i m gonna make it watermelon replied -it’s all yours honey. He sucks my nipples badly and bites them.  I was like on 7th sky. .  Room is filled with my moaning sounds. Then he unhooks my bra and exposes my chest completely and kisses all over my chest and licking it with tongue.  He also licks my armpit. I says now fuck me dear please; i was begging him to fuck me. . .  Chodo mujhe.  . . . He smiles and says ha rani aaj to tujhe khub chodunga.  . . .

And then removed my panty and spread my legs put it on his shoulder then put cream in my ass hole. I was very excited that finally someone entering in me.  He removed his underwear and put it near my panty. Then after putting condom he was ready to ride from front.   He looked into my eyes and says don’t worry dear thodi der pain hoga fir tume maja ayega then he put dick on my opening and then pushes it slightly. I feel a wave of pain with joy, and then he pushes it slightly more now pain increases.  He says try to relax ur ass honey i had tears in my eyes but he pushes dick further and then remove it again pushes it, my fucking is finally started slowly pain is converted into joy. Yeah fuck me dear, fast… fuck me. . . . . Yeah your ass is awesome honeyyy. . . . Yyaa it is all urs. . . Faster honey faster. . . . Yeahhhh. . .  Yeah. . . . Oooo. . . Ahhhh. . . Uuuuuummmmmm. . . Ahhhhhhh. . . Whole room is filled with our moaning sounds. Yeah dearr. . .  Fuck meaaj to teri gand faad dunga. . . I said yea dear faad doye le ye le. . . Aaj to tujhe apne bachcho ki maa banaunga aur le. . . He fucks me for almost 15 minutes then he asked me if i want to drink his load. . I hesitate and refused. Then he unloaded.  . . After 10 min he again become hard and this time we do in doggy position i enjoyed very much i said bahut maza aa rha he dear. . He says you are my bitch. . .  Ab to roz chodunga tujhe. . . Aaaaa. .   Uuuuuu. . . . Mmmmmmmm. . . . . After 15minutes he was about to cumming and he pulls his penis from my ass and removes the condom.  . .

When i turned to see what happen he hold my head and insert his penis in my mouth… He started unloading in my mouth. . At first i was shocked but then i drink all of it. . .  I feel very good after drinking his cum.  Now i regret why at first i refused to drink. . After fucking he laid near me in bed. . . . And said-it is a great day for me honey because u came in my life which was otherwise so lonely. I replied i feel same dear it is an unforgettable day for me.  He says that now u r my wife honey. I said ha honey ab to mene apka juice pi liya he me ab apki wife hu honeyhe said aaj se jab bhi tum mujhse milne aaoge to is ghar k andar meri wife bankar rahoge. . I said that next week my parents are going to Mumbai for a week.  I will live with u as ur wife for a whole week. . He was extremly happy.  . Then i said aapne mujhe mangal sutra to pahnaya hi nhi and i started laughing. .  He also laughs and then he picks a pink panty and then he made me to wear it and said ab agale week tak tum yahi panty pahanna ye tume meri yaad dilayegi agle week jab miloge tabhi utarna. . . I also give him my underwear and said to tum bhi ye pahan loit was tight but he wears it then i went to bathroom clean myself and wore my jeans over that panty and returned to home happily…. waiting for next week. . . . So friends this was real incident which happen with me. I hope u like it.