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Now coming to my story as i told earlier my body is quite feminine and also i do cross-dressing.. But i love my cock as well.. So i more into being a shemale . Idea of being a shemale turns me on. I always wanted to be someone’s shemale wife who would treat me as his wife. So to satisfy my lust i used to do cam show for bisexual gay online friends before the show i would prepare myself to look exactly like a shemale. Since my color is brown when fully dressed i look like a Latina shemale…i used to make cum 8-10 guys on daily basis on cam.. Most of the time i used to come with black stocking and black blouse and a G-string i never hide my cock my cock is my pride.. It gives me feel of being shemale .on cam i would spread my ass wide in different pose then i would finger my ass with 2-3 fingers. I would do all sort of kinky stuffs .people loved my body and ass..

They all wanted me to fuck but still i was virgin had no real cock up my ass though my hole has gotten a little wide because of lots of ass stuffing. One day i decided that i can’t keep doing like this i need to get fucked i need a real cock up my ass and in mouth…this thought used to come in my mind but due to fear i never tried to hook up with online stranger gay bi frnds…but i had to move up. I was searching for a mature 30-40 yr old guy with nice thick cock with this target in mind i got a guy matching my preferences in my own city Chennai.. As he looked upon me on cam he was very desperate to fuck me..

Even offering me 10k for one night we exchanged phone no. and i gave him a date i had asked him for red stocking. Black g string and red blouse .his name was Shahid he was an unmarried guy used to live alone in his big house. One night before the fuck night i was thinking about my first fuck i went to bathroom with razor to shave my small hair around ass and cock. I did with great my body was shining with almost no hair and i looked to myself in mirror like a shemale angel. Next day i called him he gave me his home address…i told him that i would call him when i will reach nearby his gate and requested him not to see me until i get fully dressed. I went directly in his bathroom where all my makeup items and dressed were put …i already had enema (my ass cleaned) .i started putting on some light makeup wore a wig as told red blouse and stocking. And finally black g string. As i looked up on mirror i was amazed to see myself i was looking red hot shemale with bulge in my little g string which could barely hold my penis i had worn a bra pushups. Within red blouse my butt as always bare and inviting…..

I told Shahid that i m ready and not to open his eyes until i tell him to do so but as i came in bedroom to my surprise there was one more guy along with Shahid both sitting already naked holding their limp(though huge) black cock in one hand and eyes closed having seen other guy i got scared i thought Shahid has betrayed me but i had no choice but same time i felt blood rushing i got more excited looking at two cocks both were huge and thick that time in semi erect position….i told them to open their eyes their eyes fell upon me i could see their cock bouncing up to 90 degree they just could not believe that a hot ravishing shemale standing in front of them. I gave a naughty smile…the other guy told Shahid in Hindi..kamaal ki randi pakad laya hai tu…aur mai sharma gayi..Shahid introduced me with his friend Shoaib ..Shahid told me ..aaj puri rat tu hamari randi ban ke rhegi..i roka kisne h as Shoaib heard this..he randi ki gand ki aag aaj bujha dete h..dekh to kaise machal rhi h.

Shahid started kissing my lips and Shoaib kissing my butt cheeks…i was arousing responding to his kiss he was sucking my tongue and Shoaib trying to get into my butt sniffing it….i got hold on Shahids was huge ..i got on my knees as i faced towards Shahids cock his pre cum smell right went through my nose. This was the first time i was going to suck a real cock; i pulled his foreskin and took the purple head in mouth. It tasted like cum and sweats. Next moment took out his cock off mouth and started licking entire cock before actual thing…meanwhile Shoaib freed my g string. And my cock fell down…as he saw my cock he said…bhot cute lund h..aur chusna suru kr diya.

I was sucking Shahid hard he was moaning loud. I tried to take whole cock up mouth but gagged..Shoaib stood up and turn his cock towards my mouth. And i started sucking two cocks at same time. I was in heaven. I am such a cock slut.. They were saying..randi aur jor se chus na….i sucked their cock for 15 mins..Shoaib told me to get in doggy style in bed. I came on my all fours. Still sucking Shahid cock..Shoaib was obsessed about my ass. I lift my ass up to give shaoib better look of my butt…Shoaib said…kitni badi gand hai teri ..aaj chod chod ke ise aur chaudi kr dunga .and started spreading my ass cheeks. To get the smell of my musky butthole…i was horny as hell he said..teri gand ki khushbu to mujhe mar hi dalegi…Shoaib was rubbing his nose on my shithole…and suddenly started licking my hole furiously. I thought this guy is under possession of my butt…here Shahid came in my mouth his cum was drooling out of my mouth. I drank it all…as he saw Shoaib licking my hole he also got behind in attempt to get a bit of my hole. I was in seventh heaven. I could feel two tongues around my hole. I was moaning hard .aaaaaaaaaahhhhhmmmmmmmmm..mmmmmmmmuhhhh.

I could feel my hole dilating and shaoib got his tongue in my gand ki chhed..i was  like..mmmmmmmm….while Shahid.licking around hole..Shoaib was tounge fucking me hard in and out of ma hole then i said Shoaib..plz fuck me .fuck me plz..Shahid came in front and insert his limp cock in my mouth..and Shoaib got on his knee pointed his cock right at my hole and slide in gently half way.. I felt like a thick snake going up my hole…he gave a second thrust and it was all in.. I screamed like..aaaaggghhhhhhhhhh…

Still sucking on Shahid cock….with Shoaib in me.. The feeling of fullness in my rectum was something i had been missing for long time i thanked god for such pleasure Shahid was getting hard. And Shoaib had started moving to and fro with this noises coming out of my hole was like..fuchh..fuchhhh…gradually Shoaib was increasing the speed on the other side Shahid fucking my mouth really fast…it was pure pleasure only an anal slut can understand. Now they exchanged their position. As Shoaib removed his cock off my hole…he showed me my own hole in mirror..meri gand ki chhed 3.5 inch wide ho gyi thi i could easily take 3 fingers Shahid laid me on my back with holding my both legs together and slide in his cock. His cock was even thicker i could feel it and Shoaib put his cock in my mouth from top .when Shahid was in me. I was squeezing his cock and he said…saali randi mera lund kha jayegi kya…he started fucking me even more faster….he kept fucking me like this for 15 min.. Then Shoaib asked me to sit on his lap…i did and start bouncing on his cock like a bitch and he came in my ass, as i stood up his cum was leaking out of my hole..Shahid brought a cup and put it beneath my hole. I pushed all Shoaibs cum in that cup. After that..Shahid is still hard. He spreads my ass and put his cock in i wrapped my leg around his waist. And he lifted me up and started fucking me while standing…it was such a great pleasure. He was bouncing me on his cock up and down. And finally cum in my ass… He took out his cock and gave it in my mouth. I licked his cock clean while holding his cum in my ass…Shoaib brought the cup and i shit all Shahid cum in cup…i was completely exhausted my hole had become almost as big as size of lemon. I wanted to cum so Shahid cam and started sucking my cock while Shoaib fucking my ass with 4 finger…i released thick ropes of cum in the end we all slept on each other smeared in each others cum.. When i woke up in morning it was paining in my ass.