Bus Mate Came To Gay Partner

Hi Friends I am Krishna am 28 years, 6 ft. height and medium color am regular reader of this site, am very poor in English please adjust and understand, I am not a gay but I like both, this is happen in 3 year back, It started in bus, it is really happen in my life it is not a story.

I am staying in hostel in Hyderabad on that time am working some small company and am looking s/w sob, one day as usual I got bus it is very rush it has a place to stand only every day am traveling 1/2 hour to reach my hostel, one day one boy cam and stand before me his age like 22 years and his color is white and he is handsome when I see him I Thought in my mind how many girls he fuck already I think like that because he is very handsome I don’t think to a gay sex to him on that time and I never do sex with man before, after 5 min his ass touch my cook when bus is jerking in traffic I don’t think anything like that he try to touch my cook 4th time then I feel it in my mind he want to touch my cook to his ass when that thought came to my mind I just give a little bit space to his ass and my dick, after 2 sec he move back and touch my cook with his ass then I know he want touch my dick, when I think like that in my mind he is touching hardly on that time again when I know my dick also reacting automatically, he is also give some little space and touching my dick hardly he is doing like that and he is increasing the force and he is giving message to me like that to fuck my ass, on that time my dick also reacting slowly it is a strange and amazing felling.

My dick reacting fully am not control myself am out of control, the I am staring to touching his ass to my dick and slowly pressing my dick to his ass I think he understood after that he rubbing to his ass to my dick slowly little bit up and down like that and am putting some presser on his ass with my dick ,then he give his ass to me like he sleep on my dick like that he stand in my front then am feeling very good am applying some force to fuck on his ass on that mount if it is room I remove his pant & my pant and I need to fuck very badly in doggy position like that am felling on that time it was a great felling I never felt like that type of sweet pain before, am slowly fucking on his genes pant in bus, In bus there is rod in front of him he struck into that rod am applying force in back am giving little bit space b/w his ass and my dick and am fucking him nobody don’t now because bus was crowed like that 20 min I fuck him in bus, like straight and down upper side like different angles I fucked on that time after some time crowed is decreasing after few min he is also get down the bus after that I went to my room when I am going to room I though what happened in bus like that then I went to my room, in my room no one is not there on that time in my room then I remove my dress and went to bath room when I remove my underwear it is little bit wet it is my cum cam little bit outside and my dick fully rising position then I starting masturbating on that time, am imaging his face and fucking his mouth and I am fucking his ass like that am imaging and masturbating in 10 min after that I completed my bathing and chit chat with my friend when I am sleeping on that time I am thinking about that what happened in but I slept that night very late after few days I forgot that and as usual my daily things going on.

After 4 days am traveling in bus as usual, on that day he entered into bus I noticed him but am stand like that and am watching him he didn’t see me after 2 min he see me and give a small smile and I gave a small smile not full half smile on that day bus was not that much rush but little bit rush when he see me he came to my front slowly his ass facing my dick and he turn back little bit and smile me like he give signal to fuck me, am trying but I feel shy because bus not that much crowd but sometimes am touching his ass and sometimes he touch my dick but not continually like that happened 5min then he turn to crossly I thing he not interested because it is not convenient so that way he turns like that am thinking but he put his thumb finger in his pocket and reaming fingers are outside and he touching my dick with his hand, I am surprising to his idea like that when it is possible he touching my dick , my dick is rising slowly and fully on that time my side seat is empty because the passenger get down, then I sit on that seat because there is no option to me, I sit on my seat but I feel bad luck what can I do, he came and stand in nearby my seat, still bus also little bit rush he put his one hand on my front seat rod and another hand on my seat rod he stand my beside like that I am thinking what he can do now then he started to rubbing his dick to my solder slowly then he started sex with me like that, his dick first I feel like very smooth then he touching and rubbing and fucking my solder the his dick became rod I feel it on that time I didn’t say anything and cooperating him.

I sat like nothing is happening here like that, I sit and enjoying the gay sex like that in few seconds his stop is coming I am thinking he is getting down here like this today is ending like that am thinking his stop is came and bus is moving but he is not get down I think he want sex some time like this so that’s way he can’t get down he fucked some time like that we enjoying like that after some time my bus stop is coming am ready get down am standing on the bus and walk to door and I stand in footboard I saw him on that time he is seeing to me and I get down in my stop and walking to my hostel bus is starting he get down there in running then I feel little bit fear what happening I don’t know I am thinking he came to me and fuck to on nearby road or kiss me like that am afraid he came to me and gently intruded his self and asking my details am afraid this is first time like this happened in my life am afraid to tell him then he sad don’t be afraid like am u r friend am not a bad boy fell free with me Then I tell him to some of my details, then he asked me to u r staying in hostel , u r single or u r staying in room r with friends ,I sad am in hostel with friends then he sad in u r room I is not possible I asked him what is it not possible he sad I like u I want to sex with u I said no, then he sad I know u like that u don’t wary I will tack care u like that we r talking on road it’s like dark not fully he is asking to me come to my room am staying single in my room u don’t worry u can try once u don’t like that u can go please please like that he is asking me and he put his hands on my dick slowly I removed his hand because am afraid again he put his hand on my dick I try to remove but I like that then he stop my hand and he sad I know u like that type of sex please please like that he is asking he is pressing my dick on road there is no streetlights he is pressing my dick I take my cell and call my friend what he think I don’t know he remove his hand & asking please please come to my room like that I sad in phone with roommates am not coming today night am going to my friend room they sad ok then he sad thank u very much we got some bus we r going to his room but am nerves I never do before that what we can do how to enjoy both I don’t know I am thinking in my mind on that time he is saying something to me about his self I said ok yeah like that his stop cam and get down we reached his room it is looking good.

We both entered in his room it is looking good one single bed is there 2 r sleep good on that bed, he switch on the fan and open the window he said please sit on bed I sit on bed he went and took water bottle he give the bottle I drink some water put the bottle in down, then he went and close the Window and door and he remove his dress and he is in underwear I see him and I afraid and shy his body is very nice and crazy I like that it’s like girls body he sit my beside and sad remove u r dress I feel shy he starting to remove my buttons he remove my shirt and he start remove my jeans button and remove zip am stopping him then he stop and getup and stop the light and switch on the small 0- volt light and he came and sit and sad don’t fell shy, in that light it can visible normally and he stating removing my jeans I am stopping him again he stopped and start kissing on my neck gently it like some strange felling my dick is rising my body temperature is increasing he slowly starting kissing my neck and chicks like that, my hands still on bed he remove my top and sucking my neck where he likes on that he is kissing and he said I like u r body and u r body smell he state kissing on my lips am not open my lips he said please open u r lips I opened slowly little bit he use that little gap and he occupied my lips giving French kiss he is sucking my lover lip I like that kiss slowly I am trying to kissing him then his tong touch my tong I like that kiss taste very much my hands moves on his solders automatically my dick is rising hardly. He is kissing very hardly touching tong I am also sucking his tong on that time am grabbing him he his fall on me I fall on bed he is on my top and he used another hand to touch my hip and slowly move his hand into my underwear and he hold my dick with his hand; that time I felt i am in heaven.

No one can touch my dick before than me, this is the first time, one man touch my dick in my life am almost in haven he is playing with my dick on that time my body temperature is increasing like 108 degrees fever like that, he is sucking my neck and slowly he getting down and he is suck my nipples like ice-cream he sucks my right side nipple and take my hand and put that into his bobs and pressing he have a signal to press that I use my both hands and pressing his boobs, he is suck my another nipple and he came and suck my lips and my tong am pressing his back hardly it is very smooth like girls, he came down and suck my chest and slowly he is kissing and going down and he touch my hip and kissing and slowly remove my jean am not object this time, I need to remove my underwear but he remove my underwear half part only and kissing my dick but it is not cam outside fully and he remove my underwear and his underwear also my dick cam like cricket bat and he is kiss on top part of my dick on that time am out of control I hold his head with my both hands and I put my dick into his mouth my dick and I fell his mouth temperature and wet it was amazing mount I never felt like that type of happiest mount in my life in that time if he ask anything I don’t say no like that am in that moment, he is suck my dick like ice-cream he moves his head up and down he suck like lollipop after that he remove his mouth outside and he sad suck my dick.

I said no then he stand before me he is visible very clearly in that light I saw his dick it like iron rod his dick is near 6 inch or more very thick he shaved clearly and his ties like white poles it like lades ties his body is very attractive when I see him it is amazing am not control myself on that time he sad try it once if u don’t like that leave it ok please try few mints he asked me but in mind I need to taste once when I see his dick it attract to me and he is also sad try once please then I slowly moved his dick side he stand in front of me first I kiss his ties slowly his dick touching my chic and I went and kissing his hip slowly he forcing to put is dick into my lips I close my lips I smell his dick it very nice I kiss his dick slowly and I open my mouth little bit then he push his dick hardly it touch my thought I remove my mouth and I open his dick skin on his top there like little bit cum around I smell it, it is good and I put my tong slowly taste it little bit it so good again I put my tong and remove slowly the cum cam like thread between my tong and his dick swallow the cum slowly I clean that cum with my tong I fell like an ice cream I like that, I take his dick into my mouth deeply how much it is possible and I can move my head front and back and suck hardly, he slowly started fucking my mouth I enjoy it, he is fucking my mouth he is increasing his speed slowly I enjoying very much (on that time am thinking in my mind I need more fast and hard like that I want to fuck my mouth and I need to come his dick into my ass like that am thinking ) on that time am enjoying a lot to sucking his dick, he is fucking hardly am trying to hold his dick in mouth.

I put my both hands in his back and garbing him to my side very hardly hid dick touch my through I can’t breathe I remove one second and again he is fucking my mouth few seconds, like that type of dick suck am enjoying I don’t know before that in my life like this way also I can enjoy with boy that type of fuck, he fuck like 5 min very hardly and he remove his dick and stand in my front & turn back and sit in my dick he give a massage to my dick with his ass like that he do few seconds may dick came to like iron rod and he apply some oil on my dick and he can also apply to his ass little bit and he sleep on the bed his ass is visible to me clearly and he sad please fuck me then I stand and I sleep on his body and I kiss his body and am putting my dick into his ass slowly I am putting presser on that it will going slowly into his ass then he started common puss harder puss like that I am putting slowly it gives little bit pain to me because I never fuck before that’s way so I remove little bit and I puss some more like that I put my dick on his ass totally he said please fuck me, am starting to fucking slowly am moving my dick little bit back and front like that am doing slowly on that time I got little bit pain also but am enjoying his ass and soft skin.

I am kissing his back side like that my dick became like rod it was amazing felling am increasing the speed automatically he saying faster please faster yaa.. haaa fuck me fuck me ohoo yaaa like that he is mooning and am putting my hole dick into his ass as much it is possible and I removing my dick half and fucking again hardly and he said yaa.. haa like that please fuck me harder fuck me don’t stop like that he is mooning and am also giving the jerks in between that like that I fucked and I feel pain in my body so I remove and stand and I sad sit on doggy position use the bad he stand and bend in my front I hold my dick in my hand and put in his ass again my dick moving slowly I put hole dick in to his ass I use my both hands and hold his both sides and start fucking n doggy style like that I fuck some time he is still in doggy style I sleep on him (because his body on bed legs are in Flore ) and fucking some time and I came in standing position and hold his solders with my hands and starting fucking this time I am giving him more presser and jerks he said yes yaa.. Like that yaa..hooo.. yaa.. like that he is mooning I enjoying this type of fucking like that I fucked in 5 min my cum coming out side on that time I am applying more force I cannot handle on that time I sleep on his body my cum enter into his ass and I remove my dick little bit cum on his back he clean with cloth, and I sleep other side on the bed 2 min like that.

Then he stand and sad sit on the floor then I sit on the Flore he hold my face in his both hands and he put his dick into my mouth and fucking and applying force I can’t hold his dick I stopped him and sad give me a pillow and I tack pillow support I put the pillow between bad and my head because I sit on the Flore I hold the pillow with my hands but it is not good so I asked him another pillow I use both pillows and I put my head on that know I feel comparable and I put my legs straight and I Open my mouth and sad fuck me then he came front and he put his legs on both sides am middle of his legs then he put his dick into my mouth then he started fucking his dick cam little bit cool in that gap I use my mouth and give a hard low job then it became Iron pole he starting fucking and slowly increasing the speed I am very computable because pillows are there he is putting his hole dick into my through it going to throw my trough he removing and fucking very deeply, sometimes he is pushing his dick very deep like that he is fucking after some time he is sleeping on my face and he put his hands on bad and put his legs straight and his dick it came to directly into my mouth his dick going very deeply on that position I am crying little bit in my eyes little bit tears coming out side because he is using the presser like that and fucking like that he is removing again he is fucking.

Sometime he is brushing my mouth like that, sometime very harder and deeper into my mouth some time he is pushing his dick he is taking support the bed with hands and he is putting presser into my mouth his legs almost in air only thumb fingers touching the ground like that he is fucking my mouth like that, am enjoying so much this type of fucking some time am using my hands on his back and garbing him to deeper some time I feel I need one more dick at the same time like that am enjoying his fucking like that 15 20 min he is fucking my mouth, after that he sad it is coming and he cum on my mouth on that time he used very force almost his body on my face his not touching the ground like that he hold it the cum directly going to my through then he removed I like that cum because I tasted before little bit(before that I sucked his dick) that way I drink it, but it is little bit deference test and reaming cum also he put in my mouth and I suck his dick and drink the cum I like that I don’t waste single drop also and I try to suck his dick again he can’t hold it, he sad I can’t I asked him to fuck my mouth he said no, if you touch my dick with your tong I feel like electrical shock then I stop and taste cum and feel that after that we both go to bath room and clean, we both trying to sleep on that time I fell it my dick it is paining after 5-10 min I went to deep sleep.

I hear that Cell phone is ringing I sad him to that is u yours he sad I put alarm after 3 hours before we sleep he said we need more fun this is our first night, I see him and I gave a smile and I said ok then he starting kissing aging we both kiss again after few seconds he sad fuck me and he hold my dick with his hand I fell pain very heavily I said no I can’t because my dick is paining this is my first time that way it is paining may be I can’t 3 more days he sad ok no problem I can understand it will be ok 2 -3 days no problem ok and he sad please suck my dick I agree then I am kissing every ware then he put his dick in mouth I am in his top I sucked his dick like mango my head moving up and down like that am tacking the hole dick in to my mouth like that I give a good suck, he said no one can’t suck like this before u r best sucker, after that I drink hole cum and we sleep again.

Again the alarm is ringing this time I put the alarm early Morning 4:00 Am and I started sucking his dick and drink the cum again, then Morning he sad wake up the time is 7:30 Am on that time we both in bed naked then he says one last time please suck me then he lay and sit on my neck and put his dick into my mouth he fucked my mouth rapid fast I sucked his dick but the cum came very faster and he release his cum few drops in few minutes the cum he release in my mouth then I wake and give a kiss to him he says no but I put his cum in his mouth on that time am in his top but he can’t open the mouth the cum on his lips he don’t open the lips I tried then I drink that cum then he give French kiss deep and hard kiss, like that we enjoy that night.

After that we meet 2- 3 times, I tell that story later, this is really happen in my life, this is not a story, anybody like this story please give me your comments.