Hidden Desire Fulfilled

Hello readers, let me introduce myself. I am Rishi aged 30 from Guwahati, Assam. I am an engineer by profession working in state PWD department. I am single as of now and had a break up with my earlier girlfriend around Jan this year. I am around 5 ft. 6 inch fair and a bit plump physique with 78 kg weight. I am straight until this incident, but whenever I watch porn and seeing the girls moaning out loud while getting fucked at times I wished if I could ever moan like that while getting fucked. After this incident only I have realized that I am basically a bisexual.  The incident I am going to narrate here happened around six months ago.

Now coming to the story, it was around April this year and I was out of sex for quite a sometime since I broke up with my girlfriend.  I had put on some weight that time and my tummy was coming out. My friends suggested that I should join a Gym to lose some weight.  I joined a Gym near to my home and was attending the Gym from morning 7 am to 8:30 am.  It was not a very big gym and 10-12 people were there during my time slot with one instructor.  In my group there were around 4-5 senior people who were doing gym since a long time and 6-7 new comers like me. There I first saw this guy named Sanjib Goswami who was among the senior lot. He was about 5 ft. 10 inch with a broad chest and a well-built physique and around 74 Kg. First day I met him when the instructor asked him to help me with some program.  I had a bit chit chat with him after that and came to know that he was 37yrs of age married with one daughter. He was working with a PSU oil refinery and was gym since his college days.

It was starting of Bihu Holiday in Assam that day and I reached gym around 7 am. Attendance was poor that day may be due to starting of Bihu festivities. I was around 10 days old in that Gym and the instructor asked me to do a program where I need to raise a set of dumbbells in my both hand from my hip level to above my head. He asked me to do a ten count of 3 sets of that program. I have just finished around 5 counts when Sanjib entered the Gym. On seeing me doing that program he told me that I was doing it wrongly, as my hands getting bent. He came near to help me. He was standing just behind me holding my both hands and helping me with upward movement of my hands.  By the time of 8 count of the first set I realized something hard was pressing on my buts over my shorts.  I instantly realized that it was his tool and shiver ran through my body.  By the time of starting the second set his tool was getting harder.  At this time I decided to respond and squeezed my buts to press his hard tool.  On seeing my response he pressed his tool harder and I realized that he was not wearing anything under his shorts at that time. This went on till the end of third set after which he moved away to do his own routine sets.

I could not concentrate on my programs any further that day and was only fantasizing about his tool whole the time.  I was imagining if I could take his tool inside my virgin ass and moan like the sluts in the porn movies.  While I came out of the locker room after finishing my workouts for the day again I met him.

`Hi. . How was your day?’ – He said

`Excellent’- I said

`Hey. . You have a holiday today I suppose.  My family was not there as they went to my native place in upper Assam for Bihu Holidays. I have some fine Scotch collection back home.  Why don’t you come to my place and join me for some drinks’- he said.

Now this is the offer for which I was like waiting for ages and readily agreed.  I left my bike there in the Gym parking and boarded his car.  While driving back to his home he suddenly placed his left hand on my naked thighs and started caressing them.  I was feeling very shy like a girl and lowered my head while biting my leaps out of ecstasy.  I saw him smiling lustily from the corner of my eyes.  He continued caressing my thighs and tool over my shorts till we reached his home.  On entering his home he locked the door and said `welcome darling’ and again smiled lustily.  I could not control any further and immediately pushed him to the door and knelt down to pull his shorts.  I lowered his shorts and underwear and there came out the 7 inches rock hard monster.  I pushed his shaft back and tasted the head of the lollipop with my tongue.  The sweet aroma of his cock drove me crazy.  I was licking it vigorously while swallowing as much as I could.  After 10 minutes I moved to licking his balls and inner thighs.  He was moaning out of pleasure and complimenting me by saying ` wow darling you are doing it like a true professional. ’ Then he suddenly started pushing his cock deep inside my throat.  I was gagging but still enjoying the mouth fuck.  After fucking me like that for next 10 minutes he came with a huge load.  I swallowed every drop of it.

He sat on the nearby sofa and told me- `wow darling you are an expert cock sucker.  You are just too good.  You must be very experienced in this. ’ Then I explained my situation to him and told him that all this good work can only be attributed to my long career in porn watching.  In Gay sex I am still a virgin.  I also told him about my fantasies regarding the moaning thing.  He was very happy and told me that he will treat me like a women today and will make me to moan like a whore.  Saying so, he brought me closer and smooch me.  We continued smooching till next 10 minutes.

Then he lifted me and carried me by his arms to his bedroom and thrown me on the huge spongy bed.  Then he jumped over me and again started smooching.  While smooching he removed my T shirt and shorts.  So I was only in my jockey at that time.  Then he started to press my plump white man boobs and biting my areola.  I was on cloud 9 and started moaning loudly.  Then he removed my jockey too and made me total nude.  He removed all his clothes too.  Then he reached for a drawer by the bedside and took out some Vaseline.  He applied some to his middle finger and started inserting it in my anus.  I was started enjoying it as his middle finger was probing inside my anus.  Then he told me to get ready for the real action.  I was ready on my all fours and he slowly started penetrating from the back.  But it was paining hell while just tip of his cock entered in my anus.  He waited for some time as tears rolled down my cheeks.  Then he started pushing further and next 3- 4 inches of his cock entered inside my anus.  By this time pain subsided a bit and I was filling full inside my anus and a shiver ran down my body.  Then he slowly started fucking me.  But my knees get weaker and I fell down on the bed.

At once he embraced me and I was I was sobbing while pressing my face on his chest.  While slowly caressing my nipples and smooch me again he said- ` don’t worry baby I will not hurt you. ’ His words worked like a magic and I was ready for the next action.  This time he laid me on the bed facing the ceiling and placed a pillow under my waist while spreading my legs.  Then he lifted my legs over his shoulder and started penetrating.  This time pain was less and he inserted his whole length.  I was feeling a heavenly sensation in my anus as well as in my soft cock.  Gradually he started the to and fro motion and started gaining momentum.  I was enjoying this position most and started moaning like a whore.  While fucking in that position he kept on biting my boobs and make them read with his bite marks.  After 10 minutes of getting fucked like this I have realized that an orgasm was building inside me.  In no time I came heavily with my soft cock.  Oh! What a feeling that was, I just could not find any words to explain that feeling.  He kept on ramming my ass like that for 10 minutes more and came inside my ass.  Both of us were exhausted and rested on the bed cuddling each other body.

This was just a beginning and we kept on enjoying ourselves for next five months and whenever we get the opportunity.  After that he got transferred to Duliajan and our relationship ends.  I hope you have enjoyed this first ever story of mine.  Please share your comments so that I am encouraged to share more of my experiences with you.