Gay Seduction, Foreplay And Defloration

Hi! Reading everyones stories here I am more aroused to present my own experience.

This dates back to junior college days.

So we are at the 4nd week of school and I am sitting at the corner row. He is next to me. Since there is a wall on my other side it is a bit shady. His legs and our bags are covering all what is underneath. We are sitting on the same bench; he on the left, I on the right. Right of me is the wall. Our legs are brushing against each other every now and then, but I am just ignoring it and so is he, or so I think. Until now I am absolutely indifferent about my sexuality.

Though I know puberty has set in me.Then one day I see that my partner is sitting such that he is blocking the entire view from the outside and today is our turn to sit on the last bench. In one of the more relaxed hours he slowly unzips and pulls out his penis. Starts shaking it vigorously and after about 5 mins. this white liquid shoots out in his hanky. This is all new to me! I am seeing this all from the corner of my eye and pretending do some work and ignore. He thinks I am too straight forward to turn and look down directly so just shy away.

I try shaking my penis at home… nothing happens!…Only a transparent sticky liquid keeps oozing out and it feels good!

This continues for 2 weeks. Then one day when we are doing silent reading and slowly his Right hand goes down, I know what is going to follow. It’s the usual now. However it lands on my leg. Mixed reactions flow through me. He starts to gently sway his hand on my thigh. Slowly approaching the inner soft thigh and with more finger movements. It tickles! All this within about a minute. I dont know what to do? Should I tell him to stop? Then in a low husky whisper he asks ‘Are you liking it? A spontaneous reply I make, ‘Stop it! I Take his hand and kept it aside. Silence for some time. I may be doing silent reading but a tornado of thoughts is creating a havoc in my mind at this point. It’s the monsoons and its pouring, it is like 23 degrees now. A bit cool.

I notice he is rubbing his hand and keeping himself warm, but it makes no sense. Its not so chilling cold , why is he doing that. All of a sudden the hand goes down and straight in my inner thigh. A sudden warm wave leaves all my hair standing through my entire body and erect ‘it becomes with such girth as never before. ‘ Do you like it? and the reply is evident. I dont want to admit it though, so just a miniscule nod affirms my decision. The message is clear. He owns my thighs and gentle rub In the inner thigh is what I get for the next two days Ah, What Pleasure!

By now he is an expert at it. I want to take this a step further. A bold move I make. Taking my right hand down I put my hand over his hand and intermingle our fingers. My hand now directs it and starts to fiddle with my shorts. (Yes it is our uniform). Going deeper between my legs. The more in it goes the more it tickles, sometimes enough to make my entire body twitch. He grins at this and can feel the tension in my shorts due to the erection. I don’t need to direct him anymore. He knows where his hand is supposed to be. All this time our legs are rubbing against each other. He has beautiful legs which I cant resist anymore.

I take a dive for his legs and for the first time my hand goes and tickles is inner thigh making my way through the edge of his shorts, but still away from the crotch. I can feel his penis rise through the tension created in the shorts. Tickling just the right areas he twitches and whispers ‘So you are getting good at this!. I cannot resist any longer. I ask ‘do you want a surprise?. Reply comes ‘Ok. I smile and grab his hand and take his middle finger and run it over my zip so that he can feel my throbbing penis. Over my shorts he instantly grabs it and presses it.

I feel nervous and tell him to stop. But he doesnt. I over power him. That is all for the day. Weekend approaches. No one is at home and I invite him to my house for the first time and decide to do complete all Home Work at my place, and then may be relax a bit till evening. So he comes over on Saturday morning and we sit on the dining table and complete all work in 1.15 hrs. which is followed by lunch and later sit on my bed. The hormones are now fully charged and ready to release. He gives a grinning smile and rubs my shorts near my penis. For the first time I too start to gently rub my hand over his pant on the zip. It is rock hard. Spontaneously mine becomes harder, trying to desperately escape out of my underwear. All feelings escalate to a new level. He slowly starts to unbuckle me. I keep playing with his crotch and tickle his thigh. I spread my legs more to consent to his moves. He only unzips me and plays with my underwear near my penis.

He: ‘Do you know what does cock mean?
Me: No.
He: It’s the euphemism to penis.
He: Yours sure is going to be a huge cock!
I am a bit embarrassed at this as I detest vulgar language. He removes his hand and asks:

He: Do you want more?
Me: Yes, put you hand back on my penis.
He: Say cock, looking into my eyes.
I hesitate and look very blushed,
He: Look at me and say cock.
Me: I want your hand on my …

He: Say the word or else I am stop
Me: I want your hand on my … … … (whisper)cock.
He: Louder, babe!
Me: I want your hand on my … … cock.
He: Once more, this time looking into my eyes.
Gathering huge courage but still looking down I say it. He holds my chin and pushes my face up.
He: In my eyes, cutiepie,
Me: I want your hand on my … … cock.

I smile he gives and continues.

And then he pounces me flat on the bed giving a deep kiss. It is my first kiss… and also his. A bit rough at first, then we get really good at it. Playing with each others tongues and slurping and sucking it with our lips. After a few seconds I want to stop. Trying to push him away he holds my head in position and continues on for may be … 5 minutes or 10? I lose track of time. I give in and just let him decide when to stop. Eyes closed I feel like in paradise!

Meanwhile he is moving his pelvis over mine and rubbing his ‘cock on me albeit with cloths still on. My hands touch and start sliding on his hips and sides of his belly. Then go on to feel his butt. Ah! The perfect round butt. So tight and so sharp cleavage which could be felt even through his tight denims. I finger his butt cleavage, each time getting stronger, trying to feel his hole. He spreads his legs, easing it for me. I finally feel a deep point on the cleavage. Try to finger in. A moan comes out. Thats it. I try to get in my finger and his pant and underwear in his hole as deep as possible. But his denim is thick. It just goes a notch. That is complete satisfaction for now.

I continue to doodle and play around his butt cleavage and feel its firmness. Wow! Its really round and good! Then he stops the kiss. We exchange so much saliva that both our cheeks and chins are completely wet and the sticky saliva does not separate even when he goes apart! He has to cut it with his finger.

He: Did you like the kiss?
Me: ahh! … … Yes.
Me: And you like me fingering your butt?
He: Say ‘Ass
Me: Ok, ok… How did you like me fingering your ass?
He: Good! Its horny to see a good innocent boy dirt talking.
I am blushed, I am embarrassed, but my hormones are giving anaesthesia to these feelings!

He slowly lowers his face to me and starts kissing. This time I am well prepared. We go on for at least 15 minutes. Occasionally coming apart to regain ourselves. His hands now no more holding my face, start to explore my virgin body. It tickles, I gag in the locked kissing position. He explores my chest and belly, but since he is over me not much can he do. I feel in paradise with my hands cleaving his perfect, tight and round ass. We finally seize the kiss.

He looks into my eyes and says ‘I love you.

I look sideways and say ‘I love you too

He: in my eyes, please.

After a lot of embarrassing hesitation I look into his eyes, but can’t seem to say it.

He: Im waiting
Few seconds of silence.
Me: I love you too.
And I look sideways immediately.
He: once more and this time keep looking at me.
Me: I cant.

He: You have too, Else we stop.
Me: (looking straight into him) I love you too.
He: Say ‘You are my man and I want you to fuck my virginity out
Me: (feeling helpless, but pleasuring it) You are my man, and I want you to … do it.
He: The entire thing, please.
Me: You are my man, and I want you to fuck my virginity out. (not blushed anymore. It is the first time I use the F-word on someone.)
He: Make it more dirty.

I hesitate and debate in my mind. My hormones win.

Me: (Feeling extremely dirty and killing all guilt) I want you to fuck my virginity out with you fucking hot throbbing cock by putting it in my ass hole and fucking me like theres no tomorrow. Also you are not completely my man, ‘coz you have suck beautiful legs and such a tight ass, I want to really fuck you too… real hard and real deep and real nasty!

He: (completely dumb-struck, at this dirty reply) Wow, you sexy whore, you are getting good at it.

And starts to now kiss my neck and lick my Adams apple. It tickles a bit, but I enjoy it.And we kiss mouth to mouth again for some time.

He: Its time.

I just gaze at him.Unbuttons my top button. I am not wearing any vest. Kisses and licks all exposed area wet. Pulls out my neatly tucked shirt and unbuttons all buttons. But I don’t get up to remove my shirt. It Still is on me. Somehow a half removed shirt seems more sexy than a fully removed shirt! For the first time he sees my belly.

He: Sweet babe, what a nice belly you have. Though it is very manly. And this chest hair… so masculine.

It is an irony that I am at the bottom and he is at the top. But anyway judging from his perfect round tight ass and slim figure he will soon be bottom. For now let him dominate me. I am all his and I am loving it.

He goes for my nipples. Licks, slurps, sucks… very hard. A gentle bite every now and then makes me twitch. With each deep suck I give a spontaneous moan… Mmm!

Now he is over my upper belly. Licks it all the way through.Comes near my face and we kiss again. His clothes are rubbing over my naked belly. A feeling so good and horny!

He: Your tits are cute!
Me: What?
He: Tits mean Nipples.
Me: Sweetie, suck my tits will you? You make me feel so horny!
He: You sure are learning to be dirty real quick!
Sucks and slurps my tits. No more licks though.

Now at my belly button. It slurps and deposits a lot of saliva there. I try to push him but he stays put. I move and twitch vigorously. It only makes him more horny and just does more. I am not even able to get immune to the sensation. Every slurp makes me twitch and giggle even more. I am almost his slave. He pauses. Looks at me.

He: Want more?
Me: Noooo!
He: Sorry my babe, but love seeing you so helpless and twitch and giggle at me discretion.

And he plunges into my belly button. The so called nemesis continues. I finally start loving it and my twitching turns into more rhythmic gestures accompanying his slurps and my giggles into deep moans.

Me: Fuck! … … …Its so good. Can you go more deeper and press my belly harder.

He just makes it more vigorous. And my hands play with his hair completely messing it up.By now there is so much saliva on my belly, that it start to drool on the sensitive sides of my belly and wets my shirt. He cares a damn. Neither do I. It makes us want more instead. He continues till his mouth feels exhausted!

He sit back and looks over me.
He: Fuck you! What a sexy look. Your belly is so damn wet.
Me: I love it.

And I take my hand and with my fingers start massaging all the saliva accumulated near my belly button throughout my entire torso. He joins me by fingering my belly button.

He: So much sexy now… your belly is shining!

I feel so horny that all the transparent liquid that has been oozing from my cock is now visibly wetting my underwear. He sees it and now moves to completely remove my shorts. I lift my legs up and he pulls it out. And then I get up and remove my shirt off and lay back again. I am only underwear now and my almost nude body is lying at his disposal and he is fully clothed!

He spreads my legs and sits between them. Now my crotch rests on his lap. Not sure what he is going to next. Tickles my thighs with finger tips. Occasionally poking my belly-sides so that I get tickled and really twitch hard. Slowly approaches my crotch. I feel completely surrendered to him. Then his fingers go in my underwear. His hand for the first time holds my naked cock. So good it feels!

In a moment me pulls out my underwear and I move my legs accordingly and completely get it off me. I am now lying completely naked in front of my fully clothed partner.

He: so you are finally nude in front of me.
Me: I am all yours!

He starts to play with me cock and discovers that it is uncut.Anyway it is huge and very strong.By now all saliva on my belly has dried and its absolutely cool.

We resume kissing.

He: I want to see your asshole
So I turn over and he spreads my legs. And starts to rub his crotch at my rear. I can feel his throbbing cock through his thick denims.
He: So how do you feel?
Me: Fuck me! It’s so good.
He: Just lie like this. Let me remove my cock.

So I just lie nude with my legs spread waiting for his cock.Those few seconds of wait are the height of his dominance over me. I feel completely surrendered and still pleasuring the helplessness!Then suddenly a hard hot thing touched my hole.

He: Thats my cock!
Me: Wow! It is so good.

I try to turn to see it. But before I can turn he comes over me.

He: No you can’t see it as yet. Let me take your virginity first.
He has overpowered me.
He places firmly and starts to push it in. (All this is without lubes which I learn later are essential for a less painful experience). I scream.
Me: No it hurts.
He: It has to.
Me: No, you are doing something wrong.
He: Ok, let me slow it down.

He does slowly. Then an occasional sudden burst and I scream out in pain. He pauses and wait there till my hole stretches and then gives the next thrust. Out comes another scream; this time more louder.Me: (Almost in tears) How much has it gone, lets stop.

He: Its only the head, 5 more inches sweetheart!
He: I have seen these in videos. There is less pain after the head enters.
So I believe him and just hope that I survive. Automatically I start crying.
He sympathises and waits for a minute.
He: Ok, I am starting.
Me: Slowly…

A small thrust. Both of us felt it was smoother but still very painful for me. I gave a scream now fully crying.

He: Babe wasnt it better.
Me: But it still pains.
He: Off course it will, pleasure it!
Me: What? (And I cry)
He: You will like it.

He gives another thrust before I could regain from the last thrust. I scream and cry. And another and another and another and a big one. I couldnt feel anything for 2 seconds. Then came the pain. He did not budge but just kept kissing me profusely. I cried.
He: Dont worry, it’s in. I have taken virginity away…