The Day I Came To Know My Metrosexuality

Hi..I am Rahul and I stay in Mumbai.. .I am a straight guy and very much like to enjoy with girls and ladies. but this time i had an experience which i had never expected… and i must say i enjoyed it. if only i saw it coming i would have enjoyed more… but was still amazing!

I am average looking guy and am neither fat nor too athletic…I can say that I have an average body. Everyday I use local trains for going to and coming from office. Usually after office I go to gym, which is next to my office and then after that I travel back home

Anyways I wont waste more time in those details. Like any other day, I finished my office and went to gym. Usually after gym i change back to my formals, but that day, I thought that it does not mater and anyways I was wearing 3/4th bermudas so I decided to go like that only. So i reached VT and boarded a fast train to ghatkopar. Usually fast trains are fully loaded at around 8 pm and so was the case that day. Anyways i stood close to gate and by the time train started it was fully packed already. In such situations it is usual if someone\s hand is at your ass or even touching your cock.

the guy behind me was carrying a briefcase and i could tell that as i could feel the briefcase close to him. as train started to move..i could feel the briefcase pressing against my ass. With a few jerks of train I could feel that the briefcase is almost between my legs…till that time i was not sure if it was intentional or not…but then slowly i could feel the briefcase coming up and by that time the guy behind me also kept his hand on my ass. By this time train had already crossed dadar and that guy was now practically sticking to me. he made sure that no one got between us. By this time i was sure that this guy is up to something.

I had no idea how to react and what to do…frankly i was in total shock. But then i thought that lets see what happens as thinking about it was actually turning me i decided to enjoy the moment. By this time that guy had already grabbed my ass and was rubbing his briefcase between my thighs. with other hand he was feeling crack of my ass and was trying to reach my ass hole. i was totally turned on by then and was hard like a rock. i was pretty sure if anyone could see down…they would have seen a pretty big tent.

The run from VT to ghatkopar is only 25 minutes and for first 12 minutes that guy did not do any thing much. I was silently praying that he should at least touch my cock and feel it. But i guess the guy was also a little afraid to go for the cock. Frankly even i was not having courage of holding his hand and keeping it on my bulging giant. So as he was feeling my ass crack i decided to spread my legs as much as possible so as to signal to him that i am ok with it and he should move ahead. and then as his hand reached bottom of my crack..i opened my legs further so that his hand touches my balls. As soon as his hand touched my balls i moved my hips behind so that my cock touches his hands and it sure did. I am sure I heard a moan from that guy as he touched my rock hard dick

He was a bit confused and wasted a couple of more minutes but then he understood the signal and grabbed my cock. Even though I am a straight guy, but it felt like heaven. it was a mixture of doing such a thing in a crowded train which was too exciting.

He further raised his briefcase and now my balls were literally resting on briefcase. This even pushed my cock up and he started stroking my cock with his other hand. I also lowered my bag which was in front of that no one could see what I was enjoying ;). the guy tried to slip his hands in my shorts but those were tightly tied…that is when i cursed my luck for not wearing only elastic shorts. But still he continued stroking and pressing my cock hard… the guy had also started moaning continuously and i was a bit scared that someone might hear his moans. I could also feel his heavy breathing on my neck.

But by then my train reached ghatkopar and I had to get down. i was curious to see what the guy looks like and was a bit excited as he was also getting down at ghatkopar. when i got down, i turned to look and was disappointed to look at an uncle aged about 55-60. i was hoping to see some cute guy and was thinking that i would go to his place and let him give me a hand job or even a blow job. !!! although that guy tried to follow me for quite long, but then i just did not bother and he went somewhere else…

As i reached my home first thing i did was go to my room and searched for groping porns on internet..and as i removed my clothes..i could see a wet spot on my underwear as my dick was soaking with pre cum. I laid down and masturbated three times in a row that night!!

this was the time i realized that even if i am straight, in a certain ways i can also enjoy company of another guy.

Any lovely ladies or girls or aunties who might like to enjoy with me…can reach me at / /

Also this is the first time i am publishing my experience as a story. Would be really nice to know the reviews and I would love to share a few more experiences and also have more experiences to write about. ;)