The Three Way Dirty Gamble

Hi this is Chris here again with my second story, as before I am 21 yr old staying in Mumbai, I am not gay just bi-curious, my semester came to an end and we as a group of friends 6 boys Vicky, Jai, Sangeet, Smith and Hugh and myself decided to go to Goa, and do something wild get drunk, do some dope, bang some chicks and visit an underground gay bar was on the to do list of things.

As the last exam came to an end we rented out a car and started a drive out to Goa, as it was too late we decided to stay over at a hotel instead of driving through, we booked a single deluxe room all the boys in one room as most of us were drunk we decided to play some cards and as an interesting part the looser at the end of every round would have to do a dare. The games begun and Hugh lost the 1st round after a lot of banter it was decided that Hugh would have to sit shirtless, it was decide that thereafter the loser losses a piece of cloth every time he loses. In the next round I lost my shirt, followed by Vicky, Smith and then Sangeet loosing in quick succession was only in his pants now. Sangeet being the gym guy was well toned and the least shy to show off his body the ac had made his nipples stiff and we kept teasing him about it asking him if he was aroused with so many semi nude guys around he abused and the game continued after 12 fun filled rounds most of us were on our last piece of cloth i.e. our underwear the atmosphere became a bit hot contours of semi erect dicks could be seen around all of us were well endowed with Jai being the big guy Vicky & Smith were still in their pants and in the coming rounds they lost that too.

Now the game became tensed and interesting the next guy loosing was going to lose his modesty, and as it was written in the fate I lost and everyone turned towards me with bathed breath especially Vicky he had a gleam in his eyes and his mouth was slightly open like a horny gal for a dick. I knew he had a slight experimenting gay streak in him though he had a gf I had caught him browsing gay porn and erotica’s more than once and I knew he had an eye on me. So I decided to give them a show especially him I turned around as a stripper would do put hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled my underwear all the way down and bend as I did so all the guys gasped with my exhibition and when I turned Vicky sneered at me and I winked back at him. I am well endowed with a 6 incher and was not ashamed of showing it off. I had a taut ass due to playing a lot of basketball everyone appreciated what they saw and I sat among them asking for the next round to be played. As they snapped out of their trance Vicky kept giving me lusty looks as if he wanted to touch me grope me and get laid after another 7 rounds Vicky finally lost too and he took off his underwear too and too my surprise he had a very fair soft gal like curvy ass and I smacked it hard as everyone got naked till the end we decided to sleep most of the guys wore their undies but me, Vicky & Sangeet just slept nude on the same bed.

So I slept on one side followed by Vicky and then Sangeet the lights were turned off the room was chilled our nipples were erect and dicks aroused in anticipation as time passed I felt Vicky’s hand over my stomach I knew this was coming and I pushed back into him he got the signal he turned around and kissed me rough and wild started shagging my dick licked my nipples bit my neck being disturb by our activities Sangeet woke up. I thought he would be surprised but what happened next stunned me, he looked at Vicky and they smiled at each other Sangeet got behind Vicky as he was all over me and shoved his face up his ass and Vicky moaned loudly I was too stunned to react I didnt expect Sangeet to be into men and what he did wasnt a sign of this being his 1st time unlike me Vicky’s tongue on dick help me snap out of my amusement after a min I felt one more tongue on my balls and it happened to be of Sangeet I was in heaven and I whimpered and moaned like a woman; it was amazing Vicky took my dick in his mouth and gobbled up and down over it, while Sangeet sucked on my balls I could feel his saliva dripping to my asshole I was on the verge of an orgasm. I stopped both of them and turned Vicky below me I kissed him sucked on his tongue while Sangeet ate his asshole Vicky moaned into my mouth I tweaked his nipples while I played with his dick Sangeet came up and kissed me it felt like a three-way dance all three of us were kneeling on the bed and kissing each other fighting with our tongues our hands hitting each other’s pleasure spots our erect dicks touching each other’s bellies finally Vicky lay down face 1st rose up on all his fours and asked me to fuck his ass I declined saying I don’t know how to do it. Sangeet cupped my balls from behind and said, “don’t worry, I will show you I have fucked him before.” This again left me shocked Sangeet kissed me on my mouth and took hold of my dick and took me near the dog style posed Vicky he spat on his asshole spread it out nicely put his fingers in Vicky’s ass then as he surprised me again he took my dick in his mouth one of the most manly guy in the group sucking on my dick made me feel so powerful and dominating I was drunk with the power of lust I excused Sangeet went to Vicky spanked his ass and in one powerful stroke shoved all my 6 inches in him he bellowed I fucked him very fast I was drugged by a sense of domination I ordered Sangeet to lay below me and suck on my balls. As obedient he was he lay between my knees and sucked on my balls as I fucked Vicky and at the same time he gave Vicky a hand job while Vicky sucked on his dick.

Just picturing this gets my dick awake now I kept on fucking him for 15 mins this way we all 3 were moaning and sweating even though we were in an ac room Vicky signaled Sangeet that he is going to cum so did Sangeet I paced my strokes so that I could time my orgasm with theirs after some more strokes I cummed in his with a loud moan and a huge load so did Sangeet cum in Vicky’s mouth and vice-verse I removed my dick out of Vicky’s ass and saw all my cum dripping down into Sangeet’s mouth we all 3 looked at each other Sangeet and Vicky kissed each other and shared the cum . I turned around to go to the bathroom and was shocked as I what I witnessed there.
Jai, Floyd and Smith were sitting on the sofa with their dicks in their hand and cum oozing out of each dick all of the looked at us with a wicked smile and what followed was much more adventurous. Thank you.