Sex With A Taxi Driver In Mumbai

It was pretty late in the night when I and my friends had finished boozing in a bar in Mumbai. We had boozed enough to lose our senses but have a boosted self-confidence. I am a versatile gay, but prefer to be bottom for matured males above 30s. I am young(23yrs) chubby with fair complexion and having those man boobies which are quite soft and enjoyed by quite a few men in their bed sessions and also in crowded trains and buses. My ass is also soft as cushion which is also pretty much explored by men in bed and trains n buses etc. So coming back to the story, i was drunk but pretty much in my senses. I have kept my gay side a secret from my friends and family hence i was silently observing my friends and not much involved in the conversation. I bid good byes to my friends and boarded a taxi from there towards my place. I always had a fantasy to have a session in a cab, and since i had boozed i got that confidence to approach this cab driver. Now let me describe you the cab driver. He was strong, his hands were strong as he kept the hands on the wheels, he must be in the late forties and his hair were on the verge of becoming grey. He had little beard the ones which gives you a sturdy kind off rusty look. He was driving with at most concentration.

I now started looking at him with curiosity as he was fitting the person i like to have sex with. I was observing him for quite some time and even he saw that i was looking at him constantly. I initiated topics as from where does this cab belong and how much does he earn and all. Every time he was talking i looked him in the eye with lust and smile a deadly combination. I saw that he even had bit hair on his chest as his top button was open. Looking at his open chest i got a plan, i was wearing a zipper and especially for him i slightly pulled it down to make him visible my man boobs. I was enjoying this flirting and hell it was making me horny. He looked at it with small glances. I noticed that he liked it. He smiled at me. We were now some 15 mins away from my place. I had to take initiative as i would lose this guy’s suck.. I thought to myself. I looked at him and the booze in me gave me confidence and i slipped my hand on his thighs. He looked at me with shock, i gave a more clam expression and made him comfortable. I told him to park the car on the side way. He stopped and my hand was still on his thighs. They were quite strong, i was feeling them. I caressed his thighs and then looked at him. I told him that he looks amazing and i would want to have him. To this he gave me a confused reaction. I then explained him that i like men and i have liked him. I now moved my hand to his crotch and felt his dick which was inside. It started to erect as i caressed it for some seconds. I told him that he doesnt have to worry and that he will enjoy. I took his silence as his yes and went forward and inserted my hand in his inner wear. I felt his dick which was almost on the verge of getting fully erect. I told him to slip his pants down and he did exactly that, without uttering any words and just observing what i was up to. I brought out his dick out and man it was 6 inch long, it was not shaved, but it was decent and strong. I stroked it for some time and then bent down towards it. I took the top and felt it with my tongue. I was in heaven and so was he, i looked at him and he had closed his eyes and dropped his neck backwards on the seat. I sucked on it hungrily, i was enjoying and moaning with every suck, i had my saliva all over his dick.

Suddenly i felt his hands moving on my back and one on my head he was now mouth fucking me with utmost ease, i was happily sucking his cock. The other hand on my back came towards my chest and he pulled the zipper down. My milky white boobs were visible to him. He pulled my hair and made me sit back on the seat. He pressed my boobs now with both hands, i was now leaning back with head dropping backwards and still having my right hand on his dick. He now moved closer to my chest and then he started licking my boobs with his tongue i loved the way he did that, he then increased the speed and his licking was now converted to biting as he simultaneously pressed one and sucked one after another. He then stopped and indicated me to come back on his dick. I hungry bent down once again and started sucking him once again. He was now enjoying my boobs with one hand and pushing my head on his dick in one hand. Within some time he held my hair tightly and blasted his cum in my mouth and i hungrily gulped it down. I was now in heaven. He lay down satisfied on his seat and i was still licking his dick clean. I finally sat up back to my seat.

I smiled at him and he smiled back an indication that even he enjoyed. I was happy that i had completed and lived my fantasy. He dropped me at my place and gave a smile and moved away. I looked at the cab as it moved away from me, some people come once in your life for one instance, and this was one of the instance. I dint took his number neither he gave, sometimes it’s not necessary for number, hopefully destiny once again makes us both meet up.