My Sex Life With My Gay School Buddy

It all started when I was in my 12th standard. It was at me when all our hormones were gushing and masturbation at its peak. Im a tall guy well built with a 7 inch monster cock in my pants. When I masturbate I cum so much semen that it creates a pond on my crotch. Moving onto the story my friend Aaron was also a well built sexy guy with a mammoth cock which couldnt fit in your mouth. His cum is so sweet that youll drink it till the last drop. His balls were so huge and his testicles were yummy. We started when he became horny one day in class. He kept his hand on my lap and I thought he was getting comfy.

Later his hand started moving up every minute. Suddenly he grabbed my flubber cock and started pressing. Immediately it became steel and I started feeling good. He started pressing my cock and I started to feel good . He asked me to grab his and when I reached he put his hand into his pants and took out his cock. I was surprised that he kept it out and the smell of fresh precum lingered in the back bench. I got hold of his penis head n started stroking.

He cummed on the floor and it was a small pond. After class we went to the toilet and he asked me to stroke his cock. This was our daily job in school and continued till 12th. We used to masturbate in alleys and at friends home during combine studies. After our school days we had lot of free time after the exams. We used to masturbate daily but we havent seen each other naked yet. Once at my house I invited him to my room. I closed the curtains and asked him to strip. He kissed on my lips and said “anything you say my love”.

He did it slow and steady just enough to make me fuck him. It was so awesome to see him in his underwear. He turned n started to show me his delicious ass. He opened his ass-crack and showed me his asshole which was ready to be fucked. He turned and he was completely naked. I asked him to come closer and we kissed and sucked our tongue. I told him that I always wanted to feel how a cock felt in ones mouth. He agreed and woke up his pet. It had shiny precum on it and his crotch has the smell of ball sweat and cum which made me horny.

I started licking the head and started to swallow his enormous cock . I did a deep throat and had a nasty gag reflex. His cock was filled with my saliva. He gave his balls to be eaten. The feeling of cock in mouth was awesome and it felt like a meaty banana. He offered to undress me and he started eating my cock. The feeling of teeth rubbing my cock was heavenly and I had to cum in his mouth. He drank some and kept some for swapping into my mouth. We did a 69. He said he wants to fuck me and I agreed. He did an awesome rimjob to lube my asshole. He took his monster and put it in my shit-hole. Some shiny juices oozed and he drank it. He creampied my anus and licked the cum. I fucked him so hard he took a shit after sex. We kissed and did some more cock eating. The smell of our body lingered in my room. Im a bisexual and we have fucked girls together.

We had a crush on two girls in our class and weve seen them finger each other during class hours. After our masturbation from the toilet we were walking back when suddenly we heard noises from the girls bathroom. We decided to take a peek and saw Natalie peeing on sreelakshmi. She was drinking the pee and swapped some in Nats mouth also. They were licking each other and squirting on each other. They did an immense kiss that made us grab each others cocks. We came on the wall. When they came out they saw us masturbating. We couldnt let go as we were in immense orgasm and she saw our cocks cumming. They didnt hesitate to watch and cMe near us. She took some cum with he finger and tasted it. She liked our flavor and asked whether we were interested on girls also. Natalie was home alone as her parents were abroad and he grandparents were at a relative’s place for a few days.

She asked us to go on the top room. We all entered and sat on the bed. The girls offered to do a striptease and a small show of their lesbian skills. They removed their underwear and gave us to smell though we were all 16 they had immense boobs and tight pussy. Their panties had the. Smell of urine and squirt mixed it really raised our cocks. They came near us and started to undress us. They said they were virgins and wanted their first one to be special . We demonstrated our skills and offered to teach then how to suck cock. Their sweet lady fingers held our cock and we were in heaven. They started with small strokes and made the precum juice come out. They licked it and liked it.

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